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Master of the End Times - Chapter 308

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:32:02 AM

Chapter 308: : Qin Feng Watches the Battle

Chapter 308: Qin Feng Watches the Battle

Qin Feng had obtained quite a number of spatial buttons during his expedition on the Drakocroc island . Among the spatial buttons was one that was a hundred cubic meters in size . Although the Golden-scaled Python King’s body was huge, it could still fit inside the spatial button!

The others were instantly dumbfounded . They were hiding in the shadows and had plans to divide the materials amongst themselves once they had gotten their hands on it .

They did not expect Qin Feng to have such a large space . He loaded up the back half of python king’s remains away without leaving any leftovers behind for them .

They also knew that their chances here were zero and turned around to chase after the Golden-scaled Python King that was attempting to escape .

At this point, the python king was fleeing madly . Little did it know that Zhai Ping was only a few dozen meters away from it!

Zhai Ping was a D3-tier ancient warrior and was quite strong . Now, the python king was slithering toward him . Even though the python king’s body was huge, it had lost the other half of its body . In Zhai Ping’s eyes, it was bound to die and was just making its final struggle for survival .


Zhai Ping filled his entire body with internal strength and his aura erupted . He used qing gong to float in the air, and he swung his giant axe at the python king’s head .

His internal force had doubled the size of his axe and it violently struck the top of the python king’s head .


The axe let out a muffled sound, then Zhai Ping felt the impact as his giant axe landed the blow .

But the impact was not from the power he had unleashed . Precisely speaking, it was the impact from the python king’s speed as it did not stop and collided with the axe .

The tremendous force from the impact flowed from the axe to his hands, and it did not seem to stop at all .


The python king’s gigantic head crashed onto Zhai Ping’s internal force, causing a powerful blast .

Zhai Ping was instantly blasted away!

Only a small ten centimeter crack appeared on top of the python’s head, which was hardly visible under the golden shimmery scales . A strike that seemed powerful to Zhai Ping was no threat to the beast king at all .

This was something that Zhai Ping would have never imagined .


Zhai Ping was knocked ten meters away, the internal energy shielding him was crushed . His body did multiple flips and crashed into some trees before finally coming to a stop when his body landed on an ancient tree . Blood spurted out of his mouth .

The python king had no time for Zhai Ping as he sensed that the death reaper was coming after him!

However, more people were hidden in the dark and were ready to surround the python king .

In the blink of an eye, four people had appeared out of the dark .

Qin Feng only recognized two of them, the other two were strangers to him, but looking at the fact that one of them was holding a heavy sword and the other was holding an iron cable, he could guess their identities .

The Tieh family was very famous for their heavy swords, and one of them was the direct descendant of the Tieh family . His name was Tieh Xin, a D2-tier ancient warrior .

On the other hand, the other person was holding the Hou family’s signature weapon . Since he was a guy, he did not use the kind of iron whip that Hou Yangjiao used, but a heavier iron cable . He was Hou Yangsheng, a D1-tier ancient warrior .

There was also Meng Lin, the mayor of Niumeng City, and Lei Chen of Sea City .

The four of them attacked all at once .

Qin Feng slowed down his footsteps and stood beside Zhai Ping .


Qin Feng sneered coldly at him . He threw his gaze over at Zhai Ping for a moment and focused on the battlefield .

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Zhai Ping wanted to get up . After all, he was in such a mess that his mind was still in a blur, and after being sneered at so coldly by Qin Feng, he felt utterly ashamed of himself .

The other four people were engaged in a battle with the python king and were constantly pestering it .

The python king was trying to escape, but it soon realized that these people were weaklings compared to Qin Feng’s strength!

Qin Feng had the physique of a beast king, but his attack was slightly weaker than the python king itself . During their previous battle, he still managed to put up a good fight .

Qin Feng had an internal strength that was several times that of the others, he was able to use his strength at will and was able to recover his stamina quickly . He was able to inflict painful attacks on the python king .

But these people had joined forces to try and take it down, and the injuries they had inflicted were no more than what Zhai Ping had inflicted . Even if the other two were from ancient warrior families and were stronger, they could only cause slightly larger wounds .

They were in no way a threat to the Golden-scaled Python King .

The only thing they managed to do was anger the python king .

If their attacks were painful, the python king would naturally feel threatened and fear .

But if the attacks were ticklish, it would only annoy and enrage the python king .

A domineering beast king was not some creature that a puppy or kitten could try to bully .

The python king’s body was suddenly covered in golden lights .

The golden light was so blinding that the few ancient warriors that were attacking it had to cover their eyes, and even then, it made their eyes sting .


A ray of light shot at Meng Lin, the mayor of Niumeng City .

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Meng Lin sensed the danger and was instantly alarmed as he tried to resist the attack .

The python king’s golden light beam hit Meng Lin’s internal energy and caused it to instantly explode, knocking Meng Lin into the air .

The python king then dashed toward Tieh Xin and knocked him down, then it moved forward and tried to crush him into pieces . Tieh Xin used his spear to hold against the python king’s massive body .

Tieh Xin’s face was reddened as his spear was slowly bent by the python king’s weight!

“Brother Yangsheng, save me!” Tieh Xin shouted in fear .

Hou Yangsheng quickly swung his iron cable and lassoed the python king’s body, he then tried to drag the python away from Tieh Xin, but the python king did not budge at all .

“Thunderous Slash!”

Lei Chen’s eyes sparkled . He seized this moment and reached the back of the python king . He found a wound which had been previously cut off by Qin Feng, which left the exposed flesh with no scales to protect it .

Lei Chen channelled his internal strength into the long knife he was holding and pierced into the python king’s flesh .

This attack inflicted a heavy blow to the Golden-scale Python King!

The python king shrieked in pain .

It swung its massive body, and Tieh Xin’s spear slipped, creating sparks on the metal tip .

Now without a pressure point to resist the python’s massive body, the python king crashed on top of him .

“Argh!” Tieh Xin shrieked .

Although he was not completely crushed, both of Tieh Xin’s legs were pressed into the ground . His internal strength was protecting his legs from being crushed into mush, but it was still a painful blow .

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The python king whipped its head . Hou Yangsheng, who had wrapped his iron cable around it, was flung into the air, and even the cables came off .

The Golden-scaled Python King was now coming after Lei Chen .

Lei Chen did not dare to fight anymore when he saw the angered python king, he quickly ran away .

Initially, the python was surrounded by four people . Now that three had been defeated, only one was left, and the python king was playing a game of cat and mouse with Lei Chen .

Luckily, Lei Chen spotted Qin Feng . Knowing how powerful Qin Feng was earlier, he had to run toward Qin Feng for safety at this time .

“Mayor Qin, quick! Let’s fight hand in hand and kill this beast!” Lei Chen shouted .

“There’s no need for that, I’ll let you guys fight for a while . Otherwise the loot won’t be equally distributed later!”

“Pssh!” When the python king saw Qin Feng, it immediately stopped in its tracks . It turned around and quickly slithered backward .

It could still feel the pain of its broken tail . Although he hated Qin Feng, its fear overpowered its anger .

After this intense battle, it was possible that the python king’s powers would drop to D-tier!

Lei Chen let out a sigh of relief when he saw that the python king was no longer pursuing after him . He was both relieved and unhappy .

“Mayor Qin, it’s a bit early to say that, why don’t we just slay the python king first!” Lei Chen urged Qin Feng to go forward and fight .

However, Qin Feng did not make a single move . “I see that everyone was so pumped up to fight it, so I think I’ll join in the fight once all of you’re done . As the saying goes, you’ll get a fair share of price depending on how much you’ve contributed . So all of you will get your fair share of loot depending on how much you’ve fought . What’s the matter, are you thinking of giving up now?”