Master of the End Times - Chapter 309

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Chapter 309: You Get as Much as You Give

Chapter 309: You Get as Much as You Give

The others did not have time to idle around and talk, they were all heavily wounded!

Right at this moment, the Golden-scaled Python King turned its head abruptly and slithered away!

It was an intelligent being, knowing that it would die if it did not escape .

Qin Feng scanned the five people around him and realized that they were too weak to continue the fight .

Was this their attempt to fish in murky waters?

Did they really think it was that easy to take advantage of Qin Feng?

But to put it in another way, assuming that the old beast emperor were to die and its energy crystal was scavenged from its corpse, they might still be able to scavenge the leftover feathers . Besides that, it was possible that more than one beast king would die, and their journey would not be a waste .

Unfortunately, Qin Feng had messed up all of their plans!

Qin Feng did not bat an eye at them . He pursued after the Golden-scaled Python King instead .


Qin Feng stepped on top of the python king’s head .

The python king could only feel a tremendous force pushing from the top of its head, pressing it against the ground . No matter how much it struggled, it was unable to shake the force off .

Without the other half of its body, the python king was incredibly weak . Before this, it was no match for Qin Feng, let alone now!

“Overcast Dragon, Dragon Slam!”

Qin Feng’s powerful slap landed on top of the python king’s head .

His internal force changed his hand into a giant claw that pierced through the python king’s head .


The top of the python king’s head was torn apart, painting its surroundings with flesh and blood .

The python king’s huge body twisted and convulsed, crushing the ground and destroying the trees around it .

But its head was still firmly pressed onto the ground and it was unable to move it .

In the end, the struggle lasted for almost ten minutes before it stopped moving .

The Golden-scaled Python King was finally dead .

Qin Feng felt a sudden rush of tremendous energy surging into his body, nourishing his flesh .

In an instant, Qin Feng’s physique was strengthened again .

After all, this was a D-tier beast king he had slain, and killing one D-tier beast king was as good as killing ten C-tier ordinary ultra beasts .

Before this, Qin Feng’s body was at E9-tier, comparable to that of a beast king tier . Now, his body had finally advanced to D-tier!

He unleashed his enhanced aura, which startled everyone around him .

“Wasn’t he a D-tier before? Cough!” Zhai Ping got up from the ground with one hand supporting his chest .

“Impossible! If he doesn’t have the ability to liquify his internal strength, how was he able to resist the python king’s attacks?” Lei Chen was the first to retort, he refused to believe that Qin Feng had godly strength .

He was strong enough to have single-handedly defeated the beast king, but if he were to defeat another one, would not that make him a demon?

“Lei Chen, you know him? Who the hell is he? I’ve never heard of such an ungodly person from the Three Cities along the Sun!” Meng Lin, the lord of Niumeng City who had been knocked out before, walked out from the bushes . He was now a mess, with charred skin and burnt hair, and the supernatural energy from earlier almost roasted him alive .

Hou Yangsheng and Tieh Xin also got up on their feet . The five of them gathered around this time and laughed bitterly .

Right at this moment, Qin Feng walked back toward them .

Qin Feng’s hands were dragging the python king’s head toward them .

The Golden-scaled Python King was already humongous, and now it was even more so when they could envy it from such close distance .

They were also confused as to why Qin Feng had dragged the python’s head to them .

“Like I said earlier, you get how much you give, now let me see!”

Qin Feng put down the python king’s head . He grabbed a handful of golden scales and ripped them off the python king’s forehead .

The scales located on the snake’s head were smaller, unlike the ones located on the snake’s abdomen which were at least the size of plates .

Qin Feng grabbed the scales while pointing at a thin slit on its head .

“This is yours!”

He scattered the scales and Zhai Ping rushed forward to pick them up, the expression on his face turned ugly .

The slit was indeed inflicted by Zhai Ping’s giant axe earlier .

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Zhai Ping was feeling utter shame after being pointed out by others on how little damage he had caused!

However, Qin Feng had no intention of stopping and circled around the python king’s head .

“These are scratched, and they belong to this gentleman!” They were small scratches on five of the scales . Qin Feng plucked them out and tossed them at Tieh Xin .

“Oh, and these ones were caused by strangulation, so they belong to this gentleman!” Seven to eight deformed scales were given to Hou Yangsheng .

“There are flesh wounds on this side, although I was the one who caused the trauma first, I’ll still give this piece of meat to Lei Chen because I’m generous!”

Qin Feng said it in a serious manner . He divided out the loot that was deformed to them fair and square .

He had incredible memory and acute senses . Having just watched the battle from the side for half a day, he naturally knew the kind of damage they had inflicted to the python king .

To be exact, the damage they had caused was not as heavy as they should have been since they spent so much time fighting it . The heaviest blow which caused the python king to bleed profusely was inflicted by Qin Feng!

“I’m sorry my friend, I couldn’t find the damage you’ve caused at the moment . I’ll give you three scales as a friendship gift, and thank you for holding back!”

Qin Feng took out three scales and handed them to Meng Lin . In fact, he either knew some of these people or had guessed their identities . Other than Lei Chen, he pretended to not know them .

Qin Feng distributed their fair share of loot in a circle, none of them was left empty-handed .

It was just that these people’s faces were twisted with hatred and resentment .

After all, there were still so many golden scales left on the python king’s body, yet they only received four or five scales . As for Lei Chen, he only obtained snake meat, which was the most useless part of the python king’s body .

No matter how angry they were, they had no way to fight back .

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Looking at the scratch marks on the scales, they were really the ones who caused them .

Meng Lin was the only person who was not angry . After all, he did not dare to act recklessly after seeing how powerful the python king was when Zhai Ping went after it .

Only now, Meng Lin was at a loss as he looked at the three largest scales in his hand . After melting the scales, he could make it into a breastplate .

“Let me introduce myself, I’m Meng Lin, Lord of Niumeng City! May I know who you are? I’ve never seen you before . ” Meng Lin kept the scales in his spatial rune equipment and extended his hand at Qin Feng for a handshake .

Qin Feng’s eyebrows were raised, but he did not refuse the other party’s courtesy .

He waved his hand and the front half of the python king’s body disappeared from his hands .

“Pleasure to meet you, I’m Qin Feng, the mayor of the colony around Chengyang City!”

Meng Lin was a little surprised, and he found it odd . He never expected Qin Feng to be a city mayor .

For such a person to be the mayor of a large colony was not all that surprising to him, at the very least he should be a troop general .

But these were just thoughts and doubts that flashed in Meng Lin’s head . He changed his tone in an instant .

“Such a capable young man!”

“Ah, you’re too kind!”

“Mayor Qin, it was I, who was a bit out of my depth earlier . I just wanted to come over to test the waters, I hope you wouldn’t take it as an offense!”

From the start, Meng Lin thought that he could also easily defeat the python king after seeing that Qin Feng had slain it with ease, but he was wrong and it was quite humiliating for him to say it out loud!

Qin Feng did not expect Meng Lin to admit it so quickly, and for a moment he also changed his mind about Meng Lin .