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Master of the End Times - Chapter 310

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:31:57 AM

Chapter 310: Beast Emperor’s Crystal Core

Chapter 310: Beast Emperor’s Crystal Core

“Don’t be . We are just helping each other out . Ultimately, our goal is the same, which is to exterminate the beasts . Otherwise, human civilization would be pushed to the brink of extinction,” Qin Feng answered with a standard answer . He was not going to tell these people honestly that his objective of killing the beast was to absorb their energy for his own use .

Well, they hunted the beast for its materials as well . Qin Feng was guilt-free telling the blatant lie .

Lei Chen scoffed . “Since you have said so, why don’t you share the beast body with everyone? What’s the good of hoarding it? We will have a better chance of surviving if everyone is strengthened . There’s strength in numbers . ”

Qin Feng turned to Lei Chen and smirked . “Strength in numbers? You sure?” He scanned them and mocked, “Unfortunately, that’s not how I see it . ”

That was such a sarcastic remark .

These people could not even lay a finger on the Golden-scaled Python king just now despite the number . More so, some of them were beaten hard by the beast king .

‘Strength in numbers my a*s! These guys are just a bunch of trash!’

Cough . Even Meng Lin, who had treated Qin Feng courteously, felt a slap in the face .

Suddenly, an explosion was heard from the far side .

They gazed up and saw a mushroom cloud rise at the peak of Tangshan Ridge . They immediately figured out what had just happened though nobody saw it .

“It must be Han Yuanzheng . What an opportunist,” Meng Lin chided . Undoubtedly, the gunner was having an advantage in such a situation .

The beast king and emperor were busy fighting each other at the moment . They would not care who had just released the less threatening missile from afar .

The fierce battle on the peak was nearing its closure .

The fire surrounding the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor was less than a meter high now . Without the flame, the body of the peacock was left exposed .

It looked like a giant bird without its feathers . The peacock had been pushed to its limit .

The other two beasts were not in good shape either .

One of the Cold Gaze Tiger’s eyes had been pecked off, leaving behind a large hole in its socket . Crimson Gorilla, on the other hand, faltered after being heavily burned .

Seizing the opportunity where the three beasts were heavily wounded, Han Yuanzheng called the shot decisively .

This was the exact moment those lurking around wished to see .

Lei Chen did not say another word and was first to dash out . Hou Yangsheng, Tieh Xin, and Zhai Ping quickly followed suit .

“Mayor Qin, let’s move too . We should kill these D-tier beasts for the safety of the two nearby cities . Otherwise, any of the three monsters would instantly demolish the cities along the sun or the North Sea if they get out from here . ”

There was hardly anyone who could resist the destructive force of a D-tier beast king .

Though the battle against the Golden-scaled Python king seemed relaxed, the impact of the battle did collapse the trees and rocks within a kilometer radius .

Imagine if the fight had taken place in a city center . No skyscraper or building could withstand such a colossal battle .

That was the true terror of D-tier beasts .

The people hiding in the dark finally revealed themselves .

Mayor of Fu City, Fu Qi; fourth-elder of the Xue family, Xue Yumang; Ye Qun from Qin City; and Po Tiangyang from Chengyang City .

Han Yuanzheng, who had been staying at the perimeter all this while, was also rushing frantically toward the mountain top .

They knew this was the best time to carve up the loot since the beast kings and emperor were heavily injured

“Quick, kill the beast kings first!”

“The emperor is dying anyway . The real threat lies in the beast kings!”

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“Give it your best!”

The human team split into two groups to finish off the two beast kings first .

In fact, Han Yuanzheng had actually used his missile to stop the Crimson Gorilla king from landing the final blow on the aged emperor .

After all, if the gorilla killed the emperor and took its core, then there was a high possibility that it would become the next emperor .

The emperor was going to be killed either way, but it cannot die in the hands of another beast .

However, one man never played by the rule . This person was none other than Qin Feng, who thought differently from the rest of them .

To him, this was a golden opportunity to assault the weaker emperor when others were concentrating on the stronger beast kings .

‘I owe you guys a big thank you!’

Everyone else was consumed by the battle and no one noticed Qin Feng’s intention .

Qin Feng ignited his internal force and dashed toward the peak covered in flames .

In the blink of an eye, Qin Feng had reached the peak of the mountain . The nest was of the size of two football fields . Giant trees around fell on each other and formed a natural barricade . But such hindrance was nothing to a veteran ancient warrior like Qin Feng . He leaped lightly and hopped over the fallen trees without breaking a sweat .

Soon, Qin Feng came to face the old emperor .

The scorching aura of the beast emperor had still not deserted it completely but Qin Feng could tell that the emperor was nearing its end, judging by its weaker and weaker breath .

“Goodbye, emperor!” Qin Feng triggered his conscious energy as he spoke

A dark light abruptly emerged from under his legs . The light sipped through the giant wooden nest and spread right up to the abdomen of the beast emperor .

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The dark light then penetrated the beast’s skin and infiltrated its rotting organs .

Dark rune released by Qin Feng had accelerated the beast emperor’s death .

The peacock slowly shut its lifeless eyes, and its head hung lifelessly . The flame on its body had been extinguished as well!

Qin Feng could feel that a massive pool of conscious energy was flowing into his mind through the dark thread . His absorption ability had begun to take effect .

Consciousness level up!

D-tier aptitude user!

Qin Feng could now grasp all the tiny movements in his surroundings .

In the next moment, he pointed his finger at the beast emperor’s head .


The emperor’s body was too fragile at this stage . Its skull was instantly shattered and a burning orb soon ascended from inside .

The orb burned so brightly that it lit the sky blue .

Perhaps no one at the scene, including the city mayor or ancient warriors from renowned families, had witnessed such a spectacle before .

The amount of energy stored within the core was undoubtedly catastrophic .

Those in the battle were distracted by the massive energy source and turned to look for it .


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“Ability core?”

“The emperor is dead? How?”

It happened all too quickly when no one was paying attention .

“Who did that?”

“Qin Feng! It’s him again!” Lei Chen’s face twitched in anger .

“What’s with him! Damn!”

The others did not know what to say .

However, their actions were unexpectedly consistent . They were rushing toward Qin Feng all at the same time .

The allure of the emperor’s core was simply too huge to resist .

Inside that core, there was one thing that could not be found in an ordinary beast core .

The root of power .

Beast emperor crystal cores could significantly elevate the potential of an aptitude user of the same tier .

Simply put, the ceiling of an ordinary D-tier aptitude user would be much higher after absorbing the power of an emperor core .

This was a life-changing opportunity . It was safe to say the gaining of an emperor core could instantly launch an aptitude user to the pinnacle of power in this world .

That was why the core was so tempting .

Even a beast king yearned for such power to evolve into an emperor .