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Master of the End Times - Chapter 311

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:31:56 AM

Chapter 311: Type Ability

Chapter 311: Beast Emperor Legacy; Dual-Type Ability

The rest of the group had reached the mountain peak as well .

Qin Feng had already gotten his hands on the beast core when they arrived .


Qin Feng did not hesitate and smashed the core with his punch .

Vicious energy gushed out from the core and inflamed the area .


Energy waves radiated out from the core, which almost surpassed that of the Blue Flame Phoenix .

A miniature sun gradually descended onto Qin Feng’s palm .

“The seed of the beast emperor!” Lei Chen envied it and wished he was in Qin Feng’s position .

But the vicious force from the core pinned him flat on the ground . He could not bring himself to advance no matter how hard he tried .

The two beast kings were the least affected on the scene .

Roar! Cold Gaze Tiger howled angrily and called upon a blizzard .

Crimson Gorilla also gibbered furiously and swung both its arms . Two green vines lashed out from its palm aiming to entangle Qin Feng, or even better if it could directly penetrate Qin Feng’s chest .

Qin Feng’s internal force was still shielding his body but he had no confidence that it could withstand the attack from the two beast kings .

This was when a lady in white cloth suddenly appeared in front of Qin Feng .

It was Bai Li .

A light shield formed from runes appeared around them . The silver-colored force field looked extremely unique .

Blizzard landed first and covered the entire area, making it hard to see clearly . On the other hand, the vines whipped through the air but suddenly went silent .

This was because the vine had come in contact with the silver shield .

The shield was made using her spatial ability . Any attack that passes through it would be directed into a different dimension .

Qin Feng acted fearlessly with such tight protection .


Qin Feng raised his head and a vortex appeared on his nasal bridge .

The energy from the core was assimilated by Qin Feng . The miniature sun gradually dimmed as its energy flowed into Qin Feng’s consciousness .

The light ball entered Qin Feng’s mind like a meteor . It flew across the mental realm like a shooting star and collided with the giant diamond planet in it .


A giant peacock totem abruptly appeared on the planet after the impact .

That was the emperor’s legacy .

Qin Feng had just inherited the Blue Flame Peacock’s tremendous power—A type of mutated flame, Blue Flame .

If Hellfire was created by Qin Feng through contaminating the fire runes with his dark force, then the blue flame was considered an entirely different entity . It had become Qin Feng’s second ability and made him an actual dual-type ability user now .

That was not the end of it .

Qin Feng’s consciousness was still expanding thanks to the peacock’s power . He could tell that the potential of his conscious level had just improved slightly . The ceiling had been elevated beyond SS tier, just slightly short of the SSS tier .

This was what made the beast emperor core a remarkable resource . The ability core of a beast emperor could easily transform a mediocre ability user into a prodigy with endless potential .

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There was another type known as the emperor power core, which naturally helped to strengthen one’s physicality .

The core from the Blue Flame Peacock was obviously the former, which suited Qin Feng best .

Qin Feng’s absorption ability completely digested the miniature sun in the blink of an eye . The burst of new energy upgraded his conscious energy rapidly .

His consciousness had long reached the king level with the aid of Godwill Atlas coupled with his innate talent .

Now, after devouring the emperor’s ability core, Qin Feng’s consciousness had evolved into the D-tier emperor level .

A horrifying aura soon overran the area .

“Xiao Bai, that’s enough . ” Qin Feng leveled his head and saw that Bai Li was resisting the assaults by the two beast kings . The peak had turned into a snowy mountain while multiple spikes on the vines were trying to crack open their defense .

“Hubby, you seem to have grown even stronger . ” Bai Li grinned .

“Of course . Now it’s my turn to protect you, wifey,” Qin Feng said and pulled Bai Li close to his chest .

With his consciousness, Qin Feng raised a blue-colored flame around him . The flame felt exactly like the one from the Blue Flame Peacock earlier .

Bai Li had fought hard against the two D-tier beast kings alone . If not because of her unique ability as a spatial beast, she might have already succumbed to the pressure . She looked paler than usual and sweat could be seen perspiring on her forehead . It was easy to tell how exhaustive the battle was .

After Qin Feng had completed the absorption of the core, Bai Li finally removed the shield .

Almost simultaneously, the spiky vines proliferated wildly after the barrier was gone, and it struck at Qin Feng like numerous swords .


A greater blue flame exploded around Qin Feng .

The combustion instantaneously burned the vines and melted the snow around them .

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Peacock Feather!

In the next moment, two blue wings appeared on Qin Feng’s back . He used the wing as a glider and shot to the air carried by the heatwaves .

On top of the Tangshan Mountain, the eleven D-tier users watched motionlessly .

The nest at the peak was now ravaged by blizzards and covered up by vines . They could not sense any living human being in it .

“Are they dead?” Hou Yangsheng broke the silence and asked .

“What a pity for the beauty to die at such a young age . ” Xue Yumang giggled creepily .

As they were prepared to contest for the emperor’s core with the expectation that the two must have died in the hands of the beast kings, the thick snow suddenly cracked from the middle .

Blue light emerged from within and once again lit up the night sky .

“It’s out!”

“Where’s the core?”

“The core is mine! I will kill anyone who dares to get in my way!”

They were on high alert . But something unexpected once again unfolded in front of their eyes .

The emperor’s core did not appear . It was instead a man .

Qin Feng .

Qin Feng flew out from the snow and blue flames instantly erupted around him . The flames spread out a few hundred meters and melted every inch of snow, turning them into streams that flowed down the mountain .

“Awoo!!” The Cold Gaze Tiger king bellowed in fear .

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It felt the pressure that was supposed to be found only in the old beast emperor .

The aura of a sovereign .

Qin Feng put down Bai Li and soared to the sky once again .

“Die!” Qin Feng unsheathed the Verdant Emperor Saber, which carried a shade of blue now .

“Burning Sword Glare!”

The attack instantly chopped the Cold Gaze Tiger king into half .


Blood splashed out from the cut body .

The two parts were caught by Qin Feng effortlessly and he wasted no time to put them into his spatial equipment .

Qin Feng changed direction in mid-air and dove toward the Crimson Gorilla king .

The beast king had long fled with its tail in between its legs .

The mountain was surrounded by dense forest . The Crimson Gorilla king sprinted in the forest frantically and crossed a hilltop within seconds .

‘It’s useless . I will give you a swift death . ”

Qin Feng crashed rapidly onto the land like a blue shooting star .