Master of the End Times - Chapter 312

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:31:55 AM

Chapter 312: Everybody Wants a Bite!

Chapter 312: Everybody Wants a Bite!

The Crimson Gorilla king was already horribly beaten up .

Qin Feng did not hesitate . He triggered his consciousness, and a rash of blue flames soon covered the sky .

The fire then slowly took the form of a peacock with its wings spanned out .

“Peacock Blaze!”

The fiery peacock dove and caught the Crimson Gorilla king in no time .


The blue flame exploded into energy waves and blasted onto the gorilla . The Crimson Gorilla king was sent flying by the impact and rolled down the mountain like a sliding rock .

Qin Feng made no delay and commanded his conscious energy once again .


Instantly, magma surged up from the ground and drowned the gorilla .

“Roar!” The Crimson Gorilla king shrieked in despair but that did not stop it from sinking into the burning lava .

Almost an entire side of the hill had turned into flowing lava . It showed just how powerful Qin Feng’s consciousness had become .

The Crimson Gorilla king was unable to free itself from the lava and sank deeper and deeper until it could no longer feel its body . Only its head was left on the outside now .


Qin Feng retracted the fire runes and ceased the magma . The scorched earth turned black with the Crimson Gorilla king still holding its struggling pose .

But the gorilla was no longer moving . Qin Feng walked up and lifted off its skull cap with the Verdant Emperor Saber .

Underneath the red fur on top of its head was a protruding knob that was a rare and valuable material, while inside his skull sat a basketball-sized green core .

Unlike the Cold Gaze Tiger king whereby most of its parts were useful, there was not much value in other body parts of the gorilla so Qin Feng saved himself the trouble of digging up the corpse .

Qin Feng once again garnered a great fortune by killing three beast kings and a beast emperor .

Schawff! Schawff! Schawff!

A few figures promptly appeared beside Qin Feng . They were the ability users that had come to hunt the beast kings and emperor in this mutated forest .

Qin Feng glared at them unapologetically .

“What’s the matter? Don’t tell me you come to ask for loot? The best I can offer is the gorilla’s fur . ”

There were only some red furs left on the monster’s amputated head .

Lei Chen and others, who had taken advantage of Qin Feng before, were embarrassed and appeared grim .

Those who did not, meanwhile, looked at Qin Feng solemnly .

“So you are the mayor of Fengli colony, Qin Feng!” Bo Tianyang stepped out and greeted Qin Feng .

Bo Tianyang was the mayor of Chengyang City . He was seldom involved directly in the city administration and spent most of the time in the field . It was only through constant training and combat that he could become powerful enough to protect his city .

This was actually the first time the two of them had come face to face with each other . But Bo Tianyang must have heard of Qin Feng before since he was the culprit behind the extermination of the Xin family in Chengyang .

“Nice to meet you, Mayor . ” Qin Feng nodded back .

Though Qin Feng’s colony was under Chengyang’s jurisdiction, his D-tier status meant that he was now on equal ground with Bo Tianyang .

“It’s hard to imagine your incredible spurt in such a short time . ” Bo Tianyang was full of astonishment . He had been following Qin Feng’s development closely .

Qin Feng started to make a name for himself roughly a year ago . Bo Tianyang just viewed him as a rather fortunate youngster when Qin Feng secured Fengli after only being awakened for one month .

In hindsight, luck was probably also part of a person’s true strength .

‘This young man has become D-tier now! Such an astronomical rise is unheard of . ’

“It is all thanks to your guidance . ” Qin Feng was simply being courteous . Both of them knew Bo Tianyang had little to do with Qin Feng’s success .

The Fourth Elder from the Xue family cared little about courtesy since his mind was filled only by greed and cruelty . He bemoaned sullenly, “We had been waiting for days, then you appeared out of the blue and ruined everything for us . You are not leaving if you don’t hand out something . ”

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Qin Feng turned to Xue Yumang with a sharp glare . He sneered . “This must be Xue Elder . May I ask which elder I am speaking to?”

It was easy to identify a member from the Xue family since they never bothered to conceal the scent of blood on them .

Xue Yumang thought Qin Feng would be frightened by the Xue family reputation so he quickly announced, “I am the fourth elder, Xue Yumang!”

Qin Feng nodded and said, “I wonder if you have heard about what happened to your family after staying in this forest for so many days . The other elders from the Xue family had been killed, and you are the last man standing . Are you sure you want to stir up a conflict with me here and now?”

Xue Yumang’s face turned horrendous .

Who did not know about what had happened to the Xue family?

Xue Yumang stared at Qin Feng like an enraged cobra . He finally realized that Qin Feng was not afraid of the Xue family . Their family’s prestige as a frightful clan had been completely shattered by Bloodhunter . The Xue family was now everyone’s laughing stock .

“What do you mean? Do you dare to touch me?” Xue Yumang asked with a trembling voice .

Qin Feng’s gaze became colder . “Why can’t I? We are on opposing sides to begin with . Besides, you are the one who poked my patience first!”

“Stop your nonsense, brat . Don’t forget we still have a C-tier in the Xue family!”

Those around were startled by the claim .

That was true . No matter how low the Xue family might have fallen, they still had a C-tier user .

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The wealth of a C-tier user was not something they could grasp . A few emperor cores would be enough to re-establish the Xue family back into its past glory .

Xue Yumang wanted to remind them that the core of the Xue family had not crumbled yet .

“Alright . Let’s cool it off . ” Bo Tianyang chipped in and relieved the tension .

D-tiers were considered the strongest existence around the North Sea and the three cities . More so, those on the scene were mostly influential tycoons of their respective regions .

The rivalry between the tycoons was no longer as simple as that among low-tier aptitude users .

Too many things were at stake, and the price for an all-out battle was simply too huge .

Hence, they resolved conflicts by talking most of the time .

However, Xue Yumang would be too naïve if he thought that he could take a bite off Qin Feng through empty threats .

Qin Feng scoffed as he could see through the others’ intentions . They might not be as blatant as Xue Yumang, but Qin Feng knew that they had the same thought for showing up in front of him .

“So what if you all have been waiting here for more than half a month? It might sound like a lot of tedious work, but in reality, you guys have done nothing meaningful . I bet even your movement around this area has been greatly restricted . ”

After all, they were only general level at best . No one had reached the king level like Qin Feng .

Predictably, they would not dare to wander around freely when groups of beasts and several beast kings were roaming the mountain .

How thick was their face to ask for shares when they had almost zero contribution to the hunt?