Master of the End Times - Chapter 313

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Chapter 313: ero Tolerance

Chapter 313: Zero Tolerance

Qin Feng had zero tolerance for such bullsh*t .

“Though I have only been here since yesterday, I am the one who put things into action . It was me who sneaked into the Golden-scaled Python king’s lair . I was the one who stole its eggs . I was, again, the one who left an egg inside the emperor’s nest!”

Qin Feng pointed at the mountain top where Blue Flame Peacock Emperor once resided .

Some of them were unaware of the details . They were baffled after hearing the chain of events for the first time .

How did Qin Feng manage such outrageous acts?

“If not because of my actions, the fight between the three kings and the emperor would never have happened . In the end, I was the one who slew all four of them too!”

Qin Feng’s burning gaze could almost roast everyone’s face .

“I believe none of you would defy my supremacy after what had happened . My strength speaks for itself . Wouldn’t you all fear that I might seek revenge in the future after bullying me to hand out the materials today?”

Their eyes began to flutter rapidly .

Undoubtedly, Qin Feng’s potential was beyond imagination .

If potential were all Qin Feng had, then they would not mind killing him now and robbing his possession . The problem was, Qin Feng did have the ability, evident by how he had finished off four superior beasts single-handedly .

It would not be easy to kill Qin Feng even if they were willing to work together .

Qin Feng spoke again . “This place belongs to the beast kings . Useful herbs and fruits can be found everywhere . Instead of arguing pointlessly with me here, why not spend your time harvesting useful materials around these hills? Who knows when the next time we are allowed to set foot on Tangshan Ridge would be?”

The resources here would soon be conquered by other species after the beast kings were gone . Nobody knew what kind of beast would migrate here in the future .

The others had no choice after what Qin Feng said . They gave in bitterly because Qin Feng was simply too overwhelming . None of them would stand a chance against him .

Besides, they clearly grasped the hidden message in Qin Feng’s words—Know your place and don’t cross the line .

“I agree with Mr . Qin . Let’s take this opportunity while the mountains are still vacant . We should move at once and collect as many materials as we can . We will not enjoy such leisure once the beasts have returned to these peaks . ” Meng Lin, the mayor of Niumeng city said .

That was their only option left . Most of them turned and looked at Qin Feng .

“No need to look at me like that . I am leaving now . ” Qin Feng claimed . He did not have the slightest interest in harvesting herbs .

Those rare ones most probably would have been consumed by the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor to lengthen its dwindling life .

Even if there were some left, Qin Feng would not invest his effort in looking, which was time-consuming and had little return .

Moreover, high-tier herbs would usually morph to hide from herbivores or humans . It would take days to plow through the entire Tangshan mountain .

“Great! In that case, we will look for the herbs peacefully . The herbs would belong to its first discoverer . I hope there will be no further conflict among us today . ” Meng Lin spoke with a smile and cleverly laid down the ground rule .

Everyone else nodded in agreement .

Except for Xue Yumang . He was still peering resentfully at Qin Feng, probably plotting on a plan to take him down when no one was watching .

Nevertheless, he left with everyone in the end to search for herbs . One man stayed behind and he walked up to Qin Feng .

“Mr . Qin, I have heard a lot about you . Your E-tier badge was given out by my city if I remember correctly . ” It was the mayor of Fu City, Fu Qi, who tried to be friendly .

“That’s right . Didn’t expect to see you here, Mr . Fu . ” Qin Feng shook his hand .

“I will cut straight to the point . Are you willing to let go of the core of the Crimson Gorilla king?”

The Crimson Gorilla king was a wood-type ultra beast, and Fu Qi happened to be a wood-type ability user .

“Are you interested?” Qin Feng asked .

“Yes . My offer is sixteen billion . What’s your call?” Fu Qi gritted his teeth and offered .

This amount was almost his entire possession . But a D-tier beast king core was indeed worth that much money .

Qin Feng nodded and agreed to the deal . “Good enough . ”

“Thank you, Mr . Qin!”

They traded on the spot and Qin Feng earned yet another huge profit .

“I have called the hover copter from Zhongcheng and plan to return immediately . I can give you a ride home if you don’t mind . ” Qin Feng kindly offered . Fu Qi would not be entirely safe in the wild now . He was not particularly strong and might be targeted by people with ill-intent like Xue Yumang after they had openly traded the core .

Now, it depended on whether Fu Qi would trust Qin Feng .

“That would be wonderful! I can’t thank you enough . ”

Fu Qi accepted it without hesitation . He had heard of Qin Feng’s conduct and believed that he was a trustworthy person .

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Two hours later, the first light of dawn broke the darkness .

A hover copter was seen hovering above Tangshan Ridge . It was the same chopper that had fetched Qin Feng over the day before .

The helicopter landed safely . Not a single beast dared to approach the flying machine as they were daunted by Qin Feng’s emperor aura .

“You first, Mr . Fu . ”

“Alright!” The vines under Fu Qi’s legs helped him to board the hover copter effortlessly . With Bai Li in his arms, Qin Feng kicked lightly and landed graciously on the cabin floor afterward .

“Mayor Qin!” Ke Xiangzuo greeted them and asked curiously, “You are going back with Mayor Fu? Has the battle here ended?”

Fu Qi was a gentle person and he was still in a great mood after gaining the ability core . He laughed lightheartedly . “That’s right! We had been camping here for ten days for nothing . Mr . Qin was only here for a day and every beast king was done for!”

Ke Xiangzhuo was even more intrigued .

After all, he had experienced the immense trepidation of this area first-hand before . He was willing to answer the call this time only because Qin Feng had permitted him to land in a much safer zone .

Otherwise, Ke Xiangzuo would not have come near this place again . The money would be meaningless if he were to die earning it .

“I just prefer action more than waiting . Nothing is going to happen if we don’t do something . ”

“Even so, very few can do what you did!” Fu Qi lamented . Who else would have enough courage to infiltrate Golden-scaled Python king’s lair?

When he thought about it, Fu Qi realized that Qin Feng must have taken a few eggs with him . Unfortunately, the embryo inside was probably dead by now .

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Anyhow, the eggs would still serve as a good nutritious source to boost one’s strength .

This was when Bai Li leaned toward Qin Feng and muttered, “I like the peacock feathers’ color . Can I use them to make a dress?”

Those feathers were, after all, materials from a beast emperor . Bai Li had learned enough to know that they should not be used lavishly .

“Hmm… How many feathers are there?” Qin Feng had no intention to hide it from others . He did plan to put them up for sale in the black market .

“About a hundred, I think . ”

The feathers came in different lengths . It would have been a tremendous sight if the Blue Flame Peacock emperor were to fan its gigantic tail . Sadly, they would never have the chance to see it now that the beast emperor was killed .

A hundred was actually not a lot .

“There’s a lot . Just use them as you please,” Qin Feng said and passed over the Magical Tesseract to Bai Li . “It’s easier to make the dress with this . ”

“Thanks, hubby!” Bai Li blew Qin Feng a kiss and moved to the other side of the cabin .

The materials she took out subsequently made both the E-tier pilot and D-tier city mayor extremely jealous .

‘These two are sumptuously rich!’