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Master of the End Times - Chapter 314

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:31:51 AM

Chapter 314: The Exotic Verdant Emperor Saber

Chapter 314: The Exotic Verdant Emperor Saber

Qin Feng was used to taking care of those who were close to him, but not outsiders .

Being a beast king herself, Bai Li had extremely high defensive capabilities, and Qin Feng knew very well that adding protective tools for her would be totally unnecessary .

However, Qin Feng did not stop Bai Li from using those precious materials for the sake of her own satisfaction .

It would only require less than five peacock feathers to complete a dress for her, while Qin Feng could easily obtain hundreds of them from a single trip . Would it not be reasonable to reward Bai Li as she had been helping him in collecting items, keeping Qin Feng secure during their escape, and protecting him while he was absorbing beast emperor cores?

Everyone else was not aware of all these .

None of them would know that every man who had succeeded would often be supported by a successful woman from behind the scenes .

All three men that were on the hover copter did not have much interaction with each other, and Fu Qi was extremely exhausted from the battle that continued throughout the entire night .

Although the battle was not that intense for Qin Feng, he did not want to bring up any further conversation with Ke Xiangzuo, and he chose to close his eyes as he began to organize his conscious energy that had spiked tremendously .

Qin Feng’s physical capabilities had now achieved that of a D-tier emperor, and it was equivalent to a D-tier beast king .

While his conscious energy was of D-tier emperor level, and it was equivalent to a D-tier beast emperor .

His internal strength was at ten pools of liquid, and it was ten times higher than a D-tier ancient warrior .

Qin Feng had now completely discarded his identity as a low-level aptitude user!

If E, F and G-tiers were to be considered as low-level aptitude users, D and C-tiers would be middle-level aptitude users, A and B-tiers would be high-level, while S-tier would already be at master-level!

Low-level aptitude users could only provide rear protection and were not allowed to participate in battles at the frontline .

‘As soon as I get back, I would need to first obtain the certification as a D-tier aptitude user!’

“I would have to reorganize my assets to exchange for resources at the frontline, the Three Cities along the Sun are lacking in resources!’

‘Before that, there are still things that need to be taken care of!’

Time passed by as these thoughts ran through Qin Feng’s mind, the hover copter took the first landing to send Fu Qi off, only then it arrived at Fengli colony .

“Mayor Qin, if you are thinking about going to the frontline, I can get you there!” Ke Xiangzuo uttered .

Ke Xiangzuo was already able to confirm that Qin Feng had now achieved D-tier!

“Alright, be safe, thank you!” Qin Feng bid farewell as he waved his hand .

Ke Xiangzuo took off with the hover copter as Qin Feng led Bai Li into the manor .

Only then, they were left to their own private space .

“Take a look at this dress, what do you think?” Bai LI immediately took out a dress, it was incorporated with a design of bright coloured peacock feathers that faded from the waist down, like the tail of a fish that seemed to light up the entire dress .

It looked very beautiful indeed .

“Try it on!” Qin Fen replied .

Bai Li changed into it while Qin Feng silently checked on his nose to confirm that his nose was not bleeding from the excitement .

Soon, Bai Li had put on the dress and looked as if she was the princess of the jungle .

“Gorgeous!” Qin Feng gave his compliment as he nodded .

“You should also have a matching one!” Bai Li suggested .

Qin Feng was caught between laughter and tears . “Not for me, wouldn’t I turn into a peacock showcasing its tail if I were to put on the peacock attire? I am a man!”

“Hmph, poor beauty judgement!”

“As long as it suits you well!”

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Qin Feng had a short squabble with Bai Li and took out the Magical Tesseract to allow her to take out the peacock feathers .

Qin Feng immediately put his Verdant Emperor Saber back into the Magical Tesseract .

“Now that I have put Sky Burning Sword Style into often use, it has been adapting very well, and both hellfire and the blue flames are functioning well too, with the higher temperature of the blue flames, greater efficiency would definitely be achievable by modifying the Verdant Emperor Saber!”

Qin Feng was planning to insert the peacock feathers one after another .

The required number was rather low, as only thirty of the longest and most luxurious feathers were required .

As soon as the feathers had been infused into the Verdant Emperor Saber, blue light began to emit from the surface, and as it combined with the materials from before, the saber had undergone another round of transformation .


Within the manufacturing space of the Magical Tesseract, the required amplification and merging of the conscious energy was performed .

As the same amount of volume underwent higher compression, the more effective it would be .

Soon, the saber went through rapid changes as it was being modified from a broad saber into a slim and elongated katana .

Along with its length, the sparkle was also being amplified .

The entire saber was lit up with burning flames .


Qin Feng triggered his conscious energy and the Verdant Emperor Saber appeared again .

Dynamic changes took place on the Verdant Emperor Saber along with Qin Feng’s energy, capability, and combat style .

Now, the Verdant Emperor Saber had become a beast emperor tier rune equipment, and it could even be classified as an ability rune equipment!

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The appearance of the saber itself was already horrifyingly intimidating .

Unexpectedly, it was a saber that was lit up with blue flames!

The saber was measured at 158 centimetres in length, 23 centimetres from its handle, 135 centimetres from its edge, 5 centimetres in width and approximately 1 centimetre thick .

Compared with the previous appearance, the saber had shrunk for about five times from its original size .

The fish scales had faded from the saber and it was replaced with peacock feather stripes that were blurred by the flames that circle around .

The saber was definitely unique to have a greenish-blue glow on it!

There was no other rune equipment that had taken this form .

“Unfortunately, there were no more cores that were left from the beast emperor, if not, would it just replace the rune equipment?”

However, the beast emperor tier Verdant Emperor Saber would already be sufficient to replace the Scarlet Fire Claw .

“I do not need any of the remaining materials, why not exchange all of them with money at the frontline!” Qin Feng had that thought as he was sorting out the rewards .

There were one hundred and eight peacock feathers in total, and its length ranged from three meters to more than ten meters . Bai Li had used three of the shorter ones for her dress, and Qin Feng had used thirty from the longer ones, the value of the remaining seventy five would definitely be overwhelming!

The fire ability-type ultra beast emperor material would most probably only be able to be traded with items that were of the same value!

Next, there were other beast king materials .

Scales of the Golden-scaled Python King, D-tier beast king tier, and a light ability core .

Crown of the Crimson Gorilla King, one and a half metre in diameter, and thirty centimetres in thickness .

Qin Feng was rewarded with several king tier materials that were extremely precious and valuable .

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Without any doubt, Qin Feng would also be a wealthy person as soon as he had arrived at the frontline!

However, he would first need to take care of Fengli colony as the trip there would mean that he would be gone for three months .


In Fengli colony, in a hidden basement, an area that was completely silvery-white in color, not even a speck of dust in sight .


“How is the information decryption going?

“We had a major breakthrough and it was reorganized successfully! Mayor Qin, take a look, allow me to brief you through it!”

Qin Feng was accompanied by a few people who were wearing white lab coats as he entered the laboratory that was filled with machineries and computers .

It was filled with all sorts of materials .

Qin Feng had been funding the operation of the laboratory .

The relevant information was referring to those that were obtained by Professor Wang from the laboratory located outside Fu City .

As there were no findings from the superficial clues, Qin Feng had decided to locate the Z Organization from a different approach .

In order to sustain the experiments that were operated by the Z Organization, it would require a huge amount of financial funding, therefore, it must be backed by a solid profitability, or else, who would be willing to finance such a laboratory experiment?

From both of the laboratories that were found by Qin Feng, they were all managed by those that were holding insignificant positions in their organizations .

Would Qin Feng be satisfied with that?

Know your enemy well, and you shall triumph in every battle .