Master of the End Times - Chapter 316

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Chapter 316: tier Aptitude User

Chapter 316: Certification of a D-tier Aptitude User

Chengyang City, at the outer hall of the aptitude certification hall .

A luxurious hover car was parked outside the entrance .

The presence of such a car shocked many of those who were there to obtain their certification .

After all, most of them who were at the aptitude certification hall were those who were G-tier aptitude users that had been awakened .

F-tier was a rare encounter there, while presence of an E-tier would be extremely rare!

Any F-tier aptitude users that could afford such hover cars would most probably be either the elite or the rich .

Soon, the door of the car opened from the passenger’s side, and a girl with silver hair exited from the car with her fading blue dress, and she was an extremely gorgeous looking girl .

All eyes were attracted to her, and as soon as she walked toward another man and held onto his arm, all of the attention followed suit and landed onto her partner .

Undoubtedly, the attraction had drawn in jealousy and hatred as all of them had no chance in getting close to the girl that was already taken by someone who had lady luck on his side .

Everyone was shocked as soon as they saw her partner .

“Wait a minute, why does he look familiar!”

“An E-tier? Is he here to be certified as E1?”

“Isn’t, isn’t this Qin Feng, the mayor from Fengli colony?”

“Ah, no wonder the beautiful girl looks familiar!”

The crowd sank into an outcry .

The beauty of Bai Li could even charm the others in forgetting about her true identity .

They only realized who they were as soon as they had noticed the presence of Qin Feng .

The Mayor of Fengli colony who had a remarkable past history, accompanied by his gorgeous partner, the girlfriend that would often stay close to him, Bai Li!

Both of them entered into the aptitude certification hall together .

E-tier aptitude users were able to proceed to the second floor for direct testing, therefore, both Qin Feng and Bai Li did not need to wait .

“Mayor Qin, are both of you planning to advance to E-tier? This way please!” The servicing crew immediately reached out to greet them!

“No, we are here for the D-tier aptitude user testing!” Qin Feng replied .

“What?” The servicing crew member was instantly shocked and her eyes were wide opened .

“You heard it right!” Qin Feng reassured the crew about his intention, and he was immediately provided with a new form to be filled in, then, he was brought to go through the testing .

“This machine is capable of testing your capabilities as a D-tier aptitude user, would you prefer conscious energy testing, or energy testing?”

“Energy testing will do!”

“Alright, all set, after you!”

Instantly, the person stepped back to more than ten meters away, knowing that the attack from a D-tier aptitude user would be extremely shocking .

However, the servicing crew member soon realized that she had been worried for nothing .

Qin Feng had only let out a casual punch!

“Pardon me, Mayor Qin, was there any confusion? Or were you merely trying it out? The crew member was puzzled, but she remained silent and her smile did not falter .


Qin Feng landed a heavy punch that had impacted the detecting material that was on the testing machine .

The detecting material was instantly deformed, and it sank inward upon the impact .

At the same time, numbers went wild on the machine .

10,000, 20,000, 30,000, 40,000, 50,000!

“Attacking force testing: 50,001, testing passed!”

The servicing crew member who was standing at the side was left speechless .

Indeed, the testing was completed successfully!

“Bai Li, your turn!” Qin Feng spoke . “You may also go for conscious energy testing!”

Qin Feng was afraid that Bai Li might destroy the machine with her punch .

“Alright, this is fine, it would be a more convenient choice!” Bai Li moved forward and let out a punch, the final attacking force was at 50,102, although it was not as precise as Qin Feng’s, however, it was also a pass!

The first round of testing was the only difficult test that they needed to go through, and the others were rather simple and straightforward, as soon as all of the testing was completed, the servicing crew member immediately showcased her respect and reverence toward both Qin Feng and Bai Li .

“Mayor Qin, Ms . Bai Li, you have now fulfilled every requirement of a D-tier aptitude user, and in order for you to obtain the D-tier aptitude user badge, both of you will need to be present at the frontline to complete dedicated missions, and three months later, you will then be able to obtain your D-tier aptitude user badge!”

“Expenses incurred during the trip to the frontline will be covered by the Human Alliance, and we will arrange for a hover copter transport provided by the Zhongcheng Organization for your travels, the entire journey will only take four hours!”

“The suggested frontline by us would be the North Sea Desert battle line, and you may gather at Shadong Town!”

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“If you are agreeable to this, you may now inform us on the time of your departure!”

The servicing crew member had listed out rules that were already known by Qin Feng .

“We will leave in a week to the North Sea Desert battle line . ” Qin Feng replied .

“Alright! I will get it sorted out right away!”


The completed test was another item that was crossed out from the list of tasks, however, as soon as Qin Feng had left, the news began spreading across the entire Chengyang City .

Qin Feng had drawn all of the attention to himself when he annihilated the Xin family, to be more precise, the Xin family was taken down completely . However, Qin Feng was not behind it .

Qin Feng had only taken down the leader of the family, and it was the other three major families that had devoured the Xin family simultaneously .

Everyone was shocked by the news of Qin Feng achieving D-tier!

“Beep beep beep beep!”

Qin Feng was alerted by his communicator .

He lowered his head to check, it was Cheng Zhou, the only direct disciple left from the three major families of Chengyang City .

Cheng Zhou had a battle with Qin Feng in the arena, as time passed by, he had already advanced to E-tier .

Obviously, there must be something that had prompted him to look for Qin Feng .

Qin Feng paused for a short moment before he accepted the call, and Cheng Zhou’s face appeared before him .

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“Cheng Zhou, what’s the matter?”

“Mayor Qin, I missed the opportunity to meet you before this, since you are back in Chengyang City, I would like to invite you for a meal!”

“A meal?” Qin Feng raised his eyebrows and spoke calmly . “Thank you for your invite, but there is still another matter that needs to be taken care of, and I would need to make a move soon!”

“No, please don’t, the meal has already been prepared!”

“I really don’t have time to spare!” Qin Feng rejected the invite as he had already achieved D-tier, hence, he was no longer interested in keeping close contact with others .

Qin Feng was already capable of recruiting his own people and not being involved with the older families that had been around Chengyang City for years .

Furthermore, it would be difficult for him to handle any situation that might arise when he was away from the Fengli colony .

Meanwhile, Cheng Zhou, who had been rejected by Qin Feng, instantly felt nervous .

“Mayor Qin, allow me to say a few words, there is still something else that I need to tell you!” Cheng Zhou seemed to be at a loss for words, after all, before this, he was a young genius that had some arguments with his own family . However, he was forced to take up the responsibility to sort those issues out, would this not put him into a difficult situation?

“Something else? What is it?” Qin Feng asked .

“Mayor Qin, let me put it this way, as you took down the vexatious Xin family that had been conquering Chengyang City with their ruthless ruling, the three major families of the city would like to express their gratitude to you, and there are also some of the leftover assets that require your restructuring!”

“Hah!” Qin Feng burst into laughter .

He had finally figured out what Cheng Zhou wanted .

No wonder he had been cautious all the time .

He was worried that Qin Feng might get even with them!

Back then, Qin Feng was satisfied and left after he had extorted a sum of money, however, was that really all that the Xin family had?