Master of the End Times - Chapter 318

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:31:41 AM

Chapter 318: The Water is Deep, the Stakes are High

Chapter 318: The Water is Deep, the Stakes are High

A look of regret flashed in Liang Kan’s eyes, but he still straightened his back and said, “What would I be running for, I haven’t been exposed!”

Liang Kan had not left, naturally he wanted to maintain his identity and also to monitor Qin Feng .

“However, it seems that I’ve actually been exposed . Mayor Qin, let me stay as someone in the know!” Liang Kan said .

Qin Feng nodded casually and said, “Do you still remember someone called Chen Ming?”

“Chen Ming?”

Naturally, Liang Kan initially could not remember!

After all, that person only played a small role . What was more, Chen Ming was dispatched by Liang Kan to Lin Kai’s side to monitor him or Lin Zheng . As a result, after Qin Feng destroyed the Xin family, Lin Kai was also killed .

As such, Chen Ming’s limited value had also disappeared .

But the memory of an aptitude user was an impressive thing, even after all this time, Liang Kan eventually recalled the name Chen Ming .

Seeing that Liang Kan seemed to know who that was, Qin Feng continued, “That’s my classmate, someone who grew up with me in the orphanage, but he was destroyed by you!”

Regardless if it were before his rebirth or after it, these people provoked the greed and evil in Chen Ming’s heart .

The victims were naturally Qin Feng and a classmate who lost her legs in this life .

“You destroyed our laboratory for this reason?” Liang Kan’s eyes widened .

Qin Feng sneered, “You violated the laws of the Human Alliance and reached an all time low in morality . You’re saying that I can’t destroy that?”

Liang Kan had nothing to say . He was different from the researchers in the laboratory .

Essentially, Liang Kan believed that the Z Organization was part of the Dark Coalition’s forces, if not there would not be the event of destroying the space stabilizing device and kidnapping newly-awakened teenagers from Chengbei colony .

“So, now, Mayor Qin . What are you going to do? Kill me?” Liang Kan asked, his body trembling slightly .

Nobody was not afraid to die .

Qin Feng’s eyes narrowed, hiding his intention as he thought about it .

“You suspect that I destroyed the laboratory? Then did you or did you not report it to your bosses?”

Liang Kan sneered, “Of course I did!”

“Look at me!”

Bai Li’s voice suddenly rang out, Liang Kan could not resist and looked in her direction . Soon, his vision began to blur .

“Who is the leader of the Z Organization?”

“I don’t know!”

Qin Feng and Bai Li were not surprised . Communication in that organization was done in unilateral liaison, the low level laboratories did not know what went on in the high level laboratories .

They were adept in keeping it all a secret, but time had passed and they were constantly working to develop dark forces . As this progressed, they would naturally be exposed as well .

Nobody knew just how many teens were in those labs, how many laboratories existed or how big they were .

“Your superior, who is it?” Qin Feng asked and Bai Li repeated it .

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Liang Kan spoke, but with a name that surprised Qin Feng .

“Guo Geng!”

Qin Feng waved his hand and Bai Li took back her mental force, causing Liang Kan to come to his senses .

“What… What kind of power did you use? This… this is consciousness-induced hypnosis!” Liang Kan said with shock

He was an E-tier ancient warrior but he could still be hypnotized . One could only imagine just how powerful Bai Li’s consciousness was .

Qin Feng smiled coldly, “Guo Geng huh? If I remember correctly, that should be a Dark Coalition person in the North Sea Desert!”

A D-tier aptitude user, and he had around twenty more aptitude users in his private army . What a difficult character .

The deeper these waters went, the higher the stakes!

Would the next step be to start digging up this group?

“I promised Bai Tianyang I wouldn’t kill you, so pack up and leave Chengyang City!”

Qin Feng said before he turned and was already walking in the direction of the fortress gate with Bai Li following closely behind him . They drove away the moment they got out of the fortress .

Liang Kan’s body was almost drenched in sweat! He had to wait to compose himself before quickly packing up his things, spending all the military exploits he had accumulated over many years in Chengyang City and taking all of his possessions before fleeing the city overnight .

The news immediately reached Bai Tianyang’s ears .

“This… Liang Kan really was a Dark Coalition member?” He thought that it was inconceivable that it would be one of the subordinates that had worked under him for so many years .

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“Yes Mayor, should we chase after him?”

“No, no need . Let him go!” Bai Tianyang did not seem to care, “Next time, don’t bother me with trivial things like these!”

“Yes, Mayor!”

Bai Tianyang currently could not return to the city to handle these things because he was still looking for spirit herbs in Tangshan Ridge!

When it came to these kinds of mayors, once they had reached D-tier they hardly cared about their cities . Most of the time, they were not even in their cities!

So naturally, there would be many things that they were too lazy to manage . This was also why Qin Feng got Fengli colony in the first place, it was only just a small spatial rift and space stabilizing device, and people wanted to fight to the death over it . That was an embarrassing waste of time in his eyes .


During the night, a hover car could be seen speeding down the main road north of Chengyang City . It looked like it was heading toward Pingyun .

Pingyung had transportation that extended in all directions, connecting to the Western region . As long as one could find a route, they could easily just leave the Three Cities along the Sun behind .

And in this car was Liang Kan .

Under the car’s headlights, a black figure suddenly emerged on the road . The lights swept around, but it was hovering about two meters in the air . Even if there was someone standing on the road, the car would not have stopped .

Only this time, Liang Kan’s heart jumped . In the next moment, his vision was filled with blue fire!

This was the most dazzling fire that he had ever seen!


Flames enveloped the entire hover car .

Suddenly, the vehicle was split in half, being cut off from the middle . The energy tank was instantly cut open and contact with the fire resulted in a huge explosion!


“Aah!” Liang Kan screamed as he raced out of the fire, and the figure shrouded the light of the blue flames!

In the next moment, a ray of scorching hot energy shot into him, and amidst the flame he saw internal force that could only be released by a D-tier ancient warrior and a face he had only just seen today .

Qin Feng!

“Wh…” Liang Kan died with his eyes still open!

“Just because I didn’t kill you today doesn’t mean I won’t kill you in the future . I am standing on the side of good, there doesn’t need to be another reason!”

Qin Feng was no longer that confused teen from before!

When to kill and when not to kill was once unclear to him .

He had not killed him before because he had an agreement with Bai Tianyang .

Now that Liang Kan was escaping and Bai Tianyang did not care, naturally he would just kill him off!

The next day, the news that Qin Feng was promoted to D-tier had also spread throughout Fengli colony . It had not been a few days since the hover copter had flown over the colony, and the people in it were excited .

It seemed that Qin Feng reaching D-tier was not just expected, but also something that they took great pride in!