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Master of the End Times - Chapter 319

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:31:39 AM

Chapter 319: Shadong Town

Chapter 319: Shadong Town

A week later, at Fengli colony’s mother mountain manor .

Qin Feng was sitting on the couch and those sitting around him were all the people that he had gathered before .

This time, in addition to Lin Wuyi, Xue Xingfu had also reached E-tier .

Zhou Hao had reached F8-tier, but by the time Qin Feng came back again he would have become E-tier too!

The others naturally included people like Wang Chen, Liu Xue and so on .

“Mayor, a week ago some people from the three big families in Chengyang came over to give gifts . I followed your orders and decided to give them a discount . The 6 billion yuan has already arrived in our account!” Xue Xingfu said .

Last time, Cheng Zhou tried to invite Qin Feng over, naturally wanting to get some benefits out of him so that he would not be bothered by their previous negligence .

However, Qin Feng only wanted money, not shares . The things of the past were considered as write offs .

If he wanted shares, would that not turn him into a partner with those people? These people had never provided help to Qin Feng at all, only ever coming to curry favor, and Qin Feng had no intention of taking part in Chengyang City .

“Right, continue!”

“Other districts of Chengyang City, as well as some mayors and leaders in nearby colonies, had also sent gifts . Families from Sea City and Fu City had also sent some too! The final count of the funds is 5 . 3 billion!”

These people gave gifts that did not value up to over ten million, but that was no match with the number of gifts .

Not all of them were actually trying to gain favor . Some of them were worried that Qin Feng might try to go over and conquer them!

After all, Qin Feng’s rise into D-tier was really a dynamic event in history . Basically becoming a king in a short time and having the whole realm acknowledging the event .

Qin Feng nodded and Xue Xingfu continued .

“In the past few days, taking advantage of the E-tier aptitude users that came all over, a large number of materials has been quickly sold off and the auction went on for seven consecutive days with sales reaching a staggering 300 billion yuan! Our profits are at 300 billion dollars . ”

The people around him were shocked when they heard the news . They could hardly imagine all of this .

The amount of three hundred billion yuan for this little colony was something that ought to be completely beyond them .

Of course, Xue Xingfu had not mentioned that a large part of these transactions were done using the materials that Qin Feng personally took out!

Qin Feng gave a thumbs up . “Nice, not bad this time!”

“It’s all thanks to you, Mayor!”

After all, all of the good things came from Qin Feng’s battles .

He then motioned for the others below the hierarchy to speak and Liu Xue talked about the inventory in their base while Wang Chen talked about the deployment of their aptitude users, their welfare requests and so on .

He nodded from time to time as he listened on .

The people present, minus Xue Xingfu and Bai Li, would not have been able to imagine just how deep Qin Feng’s pockets were!

Just a few days ago, Qin Feng acting as ‘Bloodhunter’ had become a well-kept secret by Xue Xingfu .

After collecting money from the underground black market and seven days of frantically selling goods to E-tiers, Qin Feng’s total asset was a shocking number .

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The funds that could be brought to the frontline would reach one hundred thirty billion, and with what Xue Xingfu said before it would reach one hundred forty billion!

And this was just the result before Qin Feng decided to start selling D-tier items .

After everyone was done, they looked to Qin Feng and waited for instructions .

“I’ve said this before, we’ll change the shares once every three months . By now, I think it’s come to that time already . Of course, before we start making any changes, the dividends of the previous quarter should be allocated beforehand . ”

That made everyone smile .

Even if it was just one percent of the money, with how Fengli colony was currently doing, everyone would receive hundreds of millions of funds .

Little Fengli was like a money printing machine .

“Also, I want to announce another thing . Last time Bloodhunter came over, he sold to our colony a very precious item . A secret realm, a secret realm that you all actually know about . The Battlegod’s secret realm!”

Everyone’s eyes widened at the revelation!

They did not expect even Bloodhunter would come here to sell goods . However, it made sense . How would a killer that was being hunted by C-tier aptitude users have the time to defend the key to a secret realm?

The Legacy of the Battlegod had probably already been hollowed out!

That was not true however, the Legacy of the Battlegod had not been emptied just yet, it was just that everything stored in the back could only be used by Zhou Hao and Xue Xingfu .

“The first level, the Dragon Blood Enhancement Chamber, is open to all . We’re responsible for purchasing Dragon Blood and selling entry for at least 10,000 per day . We’ll be splitting 50% of the profits with Bloodhunter . As for future operations, Liu Xue, you’ll be the one managing it . ”

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“Yes, Sir!” Liu Xue nodded seriously .

“If anything happens in the colony, let me know . I have a waymark that lets me travel here at any moment!”

After he had announced a few more additional things, the sound of a combat hover copter could be heard coming from outside .

Obviously the hover copter from the Zhongcheng Organization had arrived!

“Keep working hard, I hope that once I step into Shadong Town, you people can open up a new underground black market!”

“Definitely!” Everyone present said in unison . They all knew the extent of how much money the underground black market could make, but it needed power, it needed the prestige of someone strong .

Right now, Qin Feng was that strong person, that prestige was something that the people who worked under him must work hard in order to keep up with .

Qin Feng took Bai Li along with him, boarded the combat hover copter and left Fengli colony again!


Four hours later, yellow sand gradually came into Qin Feng’s vision .

Bai Li looked out from the window and saw that the yellow sand seemed to be glowing with a golden shade under the sun’s light .

“It’s the desert!”

The desert was the only thing that could be detected on the communicators, from what it looked like, the place was truly desolate .

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“Well, this is the North Sea Desert!”

“It’s all desert . I don’t get why they added a North Sea into it!” Bai Li was puzzled .

Qin Feng chuckled, adding, “This place used to be close to the sea, before the end times, there was a city called North Sea City!”

Bai Li did not understand history before the end times, and actually even in the top grade academies in Chengyang City, they would have only provided knowledge up till the E-tier! Any information about the North Sea Desert would not be introduced .

“Back in the day, North Sea City was a coastal city . The climate was warm and all the seasons were like spring . It had a sprawling jungle and a lot of different kinds of birds . After the end times, when ultra beasts mutated and rifts began to appear, this became a habitat for mutant birds and ultra beasts!”

Bai Li peered at the sky and could not find any mutant birds .

“The remaining human beings in North Sea City simply cut down all the forests in order to survive . It only took them ten years to cut it all down, but when the birds were gone, even worse ultra beasts appeared!”

When Qin Feng reached D-tier, he had also come to experience what it was like here, naturally he knew how dangerous this place was .

Non stop battling, constantly living under artillery fire .

“A D-tier Plow Worm King destroyed all of North Sea City and everyone died overnight!”

“Not only that, as desertification expanded, the large number of insectoids and ultra beasts swarmed to the oases as the desert continued to grow . Eventually, it buried North Sea City . ”

“Humanity retreated, and retreated again . Eventually mimicking the Great Wall from the ancient world and built Niumeng City, Qihan City, Qingcheng City and Bahai City . Bahai City is slightly closer to the sea but the tides there aren’t very active!”

“The four cities formed an arc, and in the front of them was the North Sea Desert that covered over what used to be the North Sea—A huge desert battlefield!”

Finally, a huge fortress appeared in Bai Li and Qin Feng’s view . A huge fortress made entirely out of stone .

It was Shadong Town!