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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:36:29 PM

Chapter 32

By beast rankings, Xiaobai was born an ordinary beast soldier . After evolution, it would become a beast general . Qin Feng could also feel that Xiaobai’s personal storage space had increased to ten meters . Initially, it was only about a meter long . In other words, it was equivalent to a cubic meter . And now it had transformed into 1,000 cubic meters . That was as big as a house .

 9Even Qin Feng himself felt that Xiaobai’s ability of rapid expansion was grossly overpowered . Inside Xiaobai’s space, Qin Feng could spot some other things lying around . There were two front teeth, nails from paws, and a pile of fur . All these belonged to the giant rats . Of course, some flesh had been left there as well .

 Qin Feng came across an idea when he saw all the unused materials . Undeniably, a T3 uniform was really tough and practical . It was made with skin and fur with the latest technology . It could be used to keep someone warm or cool them down, not to mention that they almost always came at reasonable prices . However, Qin Feng would not forget when Lu Meng got attacked by the jackals . A swipe from the jackal was powerful enough to tear apart her T3 battle suit . Luckily, she had inner armor, which protected her from the lethal attack .

 Inner armor of this kind was known as Rune Equipments . This type of Rune Equipment was made of the beast’s skin and fur as well, each which required different techniques to craft them . For example, Rune Equipments with silver rays were made of a beast king’s fur and skin . One would usually put on this kind of Rune Equipment with an outer armor . The armor type could be concealed with light-emitting paint, masking its real color .

 Beast soldiers would emit blue light .

 Beast generals would emit purple light .

 Beast kings would emit silver light .

 Beast emperors would emit golden light!

 1“I think all these materials here are enough to craft a Rune Equipment!” he thought to himself .

 Qin Feng then glanced at his communicator . He had earned around 1 . 2 million . After the rat tsunami fight, he was rewarded with 6 . 73 million . Add that up with the 900,000 that he made from the bet, he now had a total of 8 . 8 million yuan in his account . That stash of money was almost enough to buy an entire Rune Equipment .

 After pondering over some thoughts, he decided he could significantly lower its cost if he provided the blacksmith with materials . And so, he decided that it would be the first thing he would do in the morning .

 …… . .

 The second day, at the center of Chengbei Colony .

 Half a month ago, Qin Feng had bought a T3 battle suit in this very place . The moment he entered the shop, the staff swiftly approached him . After all, Qin Feng had gone through a huge transformation . This time, he was tightly equipped with a battlesuit, no longer the messy urchin that entered his shop half a month ago .

 3Qin Feng realized that the one who welcomed him was the same employee that had sold him the battlesuit half a month ago . His name was Sun Yu .

 7“Hi sir, it’s you again . How may I be of service?”

 He was surprised that Sun Yu could still recognize him .

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 “Erm… I want to craft some equipment, but you’ll have to keep it a secret . Do you think you can do it for me?” asked Qin Feng with a raised eyebrow .

 Crafting a piece of Rune Equipment was extremely expensive . Seeing the opportunity for a handsome profit, Sun Yu was extremely excited .

 “Yes . I can do it . Please follow me!”

 Sun Yu then brought Qin Feng to the guest room, where they both could be alone . Scanning around for a bit, Qin Feng did not find any camera around him and was eventually satisfied . Finally, he took out the materials that he had in his backpack and showed them to Sun Yu .

 “Take a look at all these materials!” said Qin Feng .

 Sun Yu’s heart was thumping in his chest . Though he was still young, he was an enthusiast and had delved deep into crafting equipment after landing himself this job . There was a total of three floors at Wanzong Organization . Considering most of the people from Chengbei Colony could afford them, the battlesuits could be easily found on the first floor .

 The second and third floor was where the good stuff was . Here, a large amount of high-tier equipment could be found . That included Rune Equipment and G-tier equipment . They had at least 100,000 pieces of equipment lying around .

 “Sir, if I’m not mistaken, this is the skin and fur of a beast king . Judging by its size, it should be sufficient to make a shirt . If there’s material left, we can craft them into gloves, arm guards, and knee pads . ”

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 Sun Yu was ecstatic, being his first time getting such a big business opportunity .

 “Prioritize the shirt! I want to craft combat sabers with those tusks . Of course, I know I have limited materials here . The dagger doesn’t have to be big . Just make sure that the quality is top-notch!”

 3“No problem, sir! The total for both items comes up to three million yuan . You’ll need to pay 10% upfront, and you can come and collect the product in ten days . ”


 Qin Feng then signed a contract with Sun Yu and paid 300,000 yuan .

 After that, Sun Yu brought over a safe that resembled a box with a password secured lock and stored all the materials in front of Qin Feng . It would then be sent to Wanzong Factory where a camera would record the entire process of crafting the equipment . This ensured that every piece of material could be traced and would be accounted for .

 2Having gotten himself a deal, he opened the door and exited with a smile .

 Upon leaving the shop, a car advertisement that was playing on the big screen on a building caught Qin Feng’s attention . All the while, he had no intention to purchase one . However, Xiaobai’s storage space had grown exponentially all of a sudden . Now seemed like the right time .

 5“Let’s go take a look!” he grinned while rubbing his hands together .

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 Immediately, he walked towards the showroom conveniently located below the giant billboard . Before he was reborn, all the cars around here were luxurious sedans . After all, he was an A-tier ability user . He would need to drive to dangerous areas from time to time, which was why he skipped all the cars that were not practical . Due to his limited funds, Qin Feng did not have many options to choose from .

 Soon, he found his target .

 Hovering Phantom Series .

 This one was a looker . It had the sexy curves of a supercar and was so low it almost scraped the ground . Its wheels were concealed, with only part of them visible from the outside . One look would tell such a car wasn’t equipped for the off-road ruggedness of the wilderness .

 What made it so in-demand was that it was powered by a wind attribute energy rune, allowing it to float at least three meters from the ground . With this technology, the car could actually drive over whatever terrain it encountered

 And of course, the latest in technology did come with a hefty price . Carrying a ridiculous price tag of eight million yuan, it was almost impossible for ordinary people to procure . To the ability users and Ancient Warriors, on the other hand, this car severely lacked in defense .

 1Driving around with it was like a deathtrap, with little to no protective elements . In other words, it was a dud, something that was brawn over brain . Worse, it was usually driven by rich brats as a status symbol .

 3Qin Feng weighed his options . It wasn’t all negative . With the space that Qin Feng had right now, getting a less than stellar vehicle wouldn’t be much of a problem . Besides, the Hovering Phantom was the cheapest hovercar he could find in the market right now .