Master of the End Times - Chapter 321

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Chapter 321: Beast King Crystal Core

Chapter 321: Beast King Crystal Core

The VIP trade fair hall was luxuriously furnished with exquisite meals laid out on both sides of the hall that seemed quite appetizing, but the people in the hall obviously did not come here for the food .

At the door, Qin Feng flipped through the registration form and realized that there were already seventy people in the hall ahead of him . Not to mention, he recognized some of the people in the hall .

Besides Lei Chang, there was also the Hou family’s Hou Yangjiao as well as the Tieh family’s Tieh Lei .

These people naturally would not have recognized the current Qin Feng, only glancing at him with little interest .

It had been almost half a month since Qin Feng left and these people seemed to have recovered from their last encounter . However, internal injuries were not so easily treated . They had a reason for their absence from the battlefield .

Yang Mao, the one who did not participate in their attack on Qin Feng, was not around, instead there was a person with leaves embroidered onto his suit’s cuffs who was from the Yang family .

“The ones who don’t go to the frontline at times like this are all here for the trade fair?”

If something unusual were to happen, it must be the force of devilry!

Qin Feng remained calm and was not bothered with those people, then he indifferently keyed in what he wanted to sell .

The uniformed service staff was respectful and cautious, afraid that one mistake would mean that their lives would be at stake .

After receiving the data from Qin Feng, they could not help but stare wide-eyed .

[ Golden-scaled Python King scales, D-Tier Beast King Level ]

[ Light Ability Energy Core, D-Tier Beast King Level ]

[ Cold Gaze Tiger King eyeballs and fur, D-Tier Beast King Level ]

[ Ice Ability Energy Core, D-Tier Beast King Level ]

[ Crimson Gorilla King scalp, diameter 1 . 5 meters, 30cm thickness, D-Tier Beast King Level ]

[ Scope of transaction: Auction, Exchange with equivalent items, D-tier Energy Cores are required ]

“Sir, there are other people selling materials here as well, please have a look and I hope you find what you are looking for!”


Qin Feng opened the registration form again and realized that out of the seventy people, only twenty people really wanted to exchange things .

When he reached number 14, he took a deep breath .

[Energy Crystal Core, D-Tier Beast Emperor Level!]

“No wonder these people came here!”

Beast emperors were not beings people could easily kill, neither were there many of them around . Even in Shadong Town’s frontline, there would probably be a beast king once every week but a beast emperor? One could wait for half a year and they would not even find one!

He got really lucky today!

Qin Feng made up his mind and decided that he wanted to buy this crystal core!

Hooking an arm around Bai Li’s, Qin Feng entered the trade fair hall and found a corner where he could first get a meal .

It was not just D-tiers that were present, there were some E-tier aptitude users who were stand-ins for some D-tiers . Qin Feng and Bai Li were not conspicuous .

Soon, it was 6pm in the evening and the trade fair officially began .

The people in front were all auctioning things that came from beast generals . Someone even brought things that nobody wanted and ended up being unsuccessful .

Everyone only had five minutes to be on stage and the auctioneer quickly reached number 14 .

A D-tier aptitude user walked on stage and Qin Feng soon discovered that there was a commotion happening among the people surrounding him .

“D3-tier, Mutant Steel Kylin Emperor, Emperor Level Crystal Core . ”

The person opened a box to reveal a huge, probably basketball sized, black translucent energy crystal core that was isolated from the surrounding air by a crystalline package .

“The starting price is at 80 billion! Only money is asked for this one, there’s no need for exchange with anything else!”

Everyone’s eyes widened, but that crystal barrier around the core shrouded its aura, making those around unable to figure out what makes the thing so fancy .

Qin Feng saw the seller’s name on the registration form, he knew he was known as Zhao Tianche* .

At this time, Zhao Tianche furrowed his brow and looked at the people in the audience . He found a lack of better options . This was not his first time here, but instead his second time .

The last time he came, the people that were present did not have enough money prepared . He did not say anything when he was not successful, and there were even some who had wanted to lower the price .

This time, while it looked like there were plenty of people, the people who wanted to buy this thing were not that many .

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At this moment, someone sneered .

“Zhao Tianche, your starting price is way too high . A beast emperor crystal core costs 80 billion at most! Don’t talk all high and mighty, set the lowest price at 60 billion like it should be then we’ll consider it!”

“Yeah! Why can’t it be exchanged with other materials? Who would have that kind of liquidity anyway?”

Zhao Tianche’s eyes reflected a hint of fury . “I’m helping my C-tier boss sell this! Boss only wants money!”

Hou Yangjiao’s mocking voice came over, “C-tier boss? I don’t know if there would be any C-tier strength left after their injuries have been treated!”

“Hou family, don’t you dare start!” Zhao Tianche was obviously angry .

Qin Feng also began to push forward . He found a D-tier person making a chuckling sound, as if lamenting .

He bowed his head and asked politely, “Sir, what’s the problem with Mr . Zhao’s auction? I remember that the value of a beast emperor crystal core doesn’t cost as much as 80 billion!”

The man who was being asked was a D-tier gunner with a rifle on his back . He gave Qin Feng a fleeting glance, noticing the E-tier aptitude user badge and obviously looked like he did not care .

“Are you standing in for your boss?” the man asked .

Qin Feng smiled and did not refute .

“It’s nothing to talk about, this Zhao Tianche is from a group called the Dacheng Organization . Small group, not very impressive . They have a C-tier aptitude user who met a D3 beast emperor in the past and got two of his buddies to help him take it down . ”

Qin Feng naturally knew what the Dacheng Organization was . Back when he was in the Chengbei colony, he and Zhou Hao were invited into the group when they were being certified for G-tier .

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At that time, Zhou Hao thought that the group was powerful but from the mouth of a D-tier, they were just a small group!

Even if the person in charge of the group was much stronger than the D-tier speaking!

The man next to Qin Feng continued, “The three teamed up and defeated the beast emperor after a very tough battle, but they ended up meeting Lei Ying, the Leitang Organization’s chairman, on their way home!”

Such a meeting in the wilderness, Qin Feng could already see what happened after that!

“Lei Ying took advantage of the situation and the Dacheng Organization’s people barely escaped by the skin of their teeth!”

“However, Cheng Dacheng of the Dacheng Group managed to steal the D3 beast emperor’s crystal core at the cost of serious injuries and now wants to sell it and heal his injuries with the money!”

“Ah, makes sense . So the Hou family’s just kicking someone who’s down and trying to lower the price . ”

The man nodded, a little sorrowful in his action but he did not have the money to buy the beast emperor crystal core even if he wanted to . Just looking at the thing told him that it probably would wind up in a treasury belonging to some big family .

Besides that, Lei Chang was also staring at the crystal core . In fact, he was thinking about a lot of things .

As time dragged on, Cheng Danheng’s injuries would no longer be sustainable and his power would drop . Then the Leitang Organization can take the lead and crush the Dacheng Organization once and for all .

And that would not even cost a penny .

*Translator’s Note 1: Also known as the Chinese Unicorn, it’s a mythical creature that is said to have the head of a dragon, the body of a deer and the tail of an ox .

*Translator’s Note 2: Different from Zhang Tianche