Master of the End Times - Chapter 323

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Chapter 323: Newborn Calf Fears No Tiger

Chapter 323: Newborn Calf Fears No Tiger


The window shattered instantly . The bomb landed inside the room .


A loud explosion occurred, followed by a cloud of dense, dark smoke .

The thick smoke was created from dark runes .

It was a reinforced smoke bomb .

In the darkness, a few aptitude users rose and rushed toward Qin Feng .

Qin Feng did not recognize all of them!

Within moments, there were at least three swords that had locked on to Qin Feng’s arm . His hand would be severed if he did not pull back .

“Be careful!” warned Chen Siang the moment he felt the killing intent within the thick smoke .

However, he too was being manipulated by the dark runes and could not see his surroundings clearly .

“Trying to kill me? I’d sure like to see if you’re capable!”

Boom! An intense aura spread out from Qin Feng .

In the blink of an eye, Qin Feng was surrounded by a layer of internal strength .

They pierced their swords against the latter’s internal strength .

Naturally, internal strength also existed within their swords . However, they were unable to penetrate Qin Feng’s internal strength when they came into contact with it!

Their internal strength was lacking .

Qin Feng inserted the beast emperor crystal core into his spatial rune equipment without any fuss .

The people around him panicked .

“Men, we must charge together!”

“It’s not possible, how could he be this strong!”

“He ain’t got even a D-tier badge on him and he looks like he just came back from the frontline . Could he be from some great family?”

“There’s no other great family here!”

“We’ll kill him and get the beast emperor crystal core!”

These people’s words incited many others .

With the thick cloud of black smoke, all of them were trying to approach Qin Feng with bad intentions .

But they would have never guessed that Qin Feng could see through the black fog as clear as day . It did not impair his sights and senses in the slightest .

Within the darkness, Hou Yangjiao’s amusement, Tieh Lei’s silence, as well as Lei Chang’s delight were exposed for all to see .

Chen Siang who was standing right beside Qin Feng furrowed his brows . He was getting nervous as the attacks against Qin Feng were affecting himself .

“Get out! Don’t push your luck!” Chen Siang was enraged .

Although they had only met for a short moment, Chen Siang did not want the young man to die here .

In the next moment, through intentions alone, Chen Siang manifested a piece of sharp rock in midair .

He was an earth-elemental ability user!

No wonder he was so modest previously . Even the mention of a C-tier aptitude user did not shake him .

Ability users were a rare occurrence . They were naturally proud races .

The rock turned into half a sphere and shielded Qin Feng from enemies to his right . He had helped Qin Feng unknowingly!

Yet, Chen Siang did not speak in the darkness .

“Mind your own business!”

A deep voice came through!

The person who spoke had used internal energy to change his voice . He still kept his attacks up however and crushed through Chen Siang’s attack .

The battleground was chaotic . Chen Siang was dripping sweat from his forehead . His consciousness was wavering .

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Qin Feng understood now that Chen Siang was trying to help him .

Not everyone was a bad guy in the end times . There were still people who stood by their principles .

“Thanks, Brother Chen!” Qin Feng passed his message through internal energy to Chen Siang .

Chen Siang was surprised . Sending voice through internal energy would require Qin Feng to know his position . On the other hand, Chen Siang could scan the whole place with his conscious energy .

“What are you waiting for? Make your escape now!” Chen Siang sent out his voice using his consciousness .

“Haha, Brother Chen, you go on ahead, I’ll follow soon!”

As he spoke, Qin Feng pushed out with both his hands . A gentle yet unnerving internal strength enveloped Chen Siang and pushed him away!


The windows were shattered . Chen Siang was sent out the window .

Looking around, three other people were still harassing Qin Feng . Even though they were still surrounded by the dark fog, they were too close to him and knew his position .

“Hand over the beast emperor crystal core and you might still live . ”

“Why don’t you stop now and I’ll spare your lives!”

Too bad nobody did .

After hearing Qin Feng’s words, they were able to confirm his position and charged head-on .

Qin Feng sneered when he saw what was happening . His internal strength shot up .

In his hand, a sword burning in blue flames appeared from thin air .

“Blooming Flame!”

A mesmerizingly beautiful blue flame spread out in an instant .

The dark runic fog was abruptly washed away by the huge aura .

The three unknown ancient warriors were now exposed .

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The chilling edge of the blade was like a silver flower .


Wounds began appearing on all three of them . Gushes of blood streamed out!


Thus, the wailings began .

The three men fell to the ground . But there were still more charging in from behind . Qin Feng was like a piece of fat meat to them . Their eyes were lit up .

Qin Feng sneered again, setting his intent in motion .

“Fire Dragon!”


The scarlet fire dragon’s eyes set its sights upon the hall, sweeping all of them to the ground .

Now that Qin Feng had obtained the beast emperor crystal core of the Blue Flame Peacock, his consciousness was at the same level as an emperor . His fire dragon became even more scorching, sending fear into others .

These D-tier aptitude users were trying to resist using their internal strength or conscious energy .

They were struggling beneath the fire dragon’s howl .

Qin Feng, on the other hand, seemed like he was beyond everyone .

“Merely such strength? And yet you dare to attack me?”

Qin Feng mocked them before triggering his Phantom Motion Steps and vanishing into thin air .

The fire dragon’s appearance had swept away the dark fog . Qin Feng appeared in front of Lei Chang . Naturally, Lei Chang was able to see him .

“Qin Feng, how dare you!”

Lei Chang shouted at him with a quivering voice .

He thought he was about to be killed .

But Qin Feng did not plan to kill Lei Chang . He did not, however, plan to let him go as well .

“Fiery Peacock!”

In the next moment, a blue-colored peacock flew toward Lei Chang and shattered his ancient internal strength barrier .


The fiery peacock charged at Lei Chang, launching him to one of the hall’s pillars .

Qin Feng turned around and raised his hand . He was pointing at Tieh Lei’s position .

“Magma Rush!”

A large pile of flames gathered on the ground . The floor began to melt and turned into lava .


The magma ejected from the ground and blew Tieh Lei to the ceiling .


It tore a hole in the roof . The dark, starry sky outside was now visible .

Qin Feng scanned his surroundings . Within the auction aisles, all twenty-over people who tried to ambush Qin Feng had been defeated .

He pointed at the fire dragon . The dragon shot up into the clouds, making another hole in the roof .

“I’ll spare you guys since it’s my first time to Shadong Town . I won’t go easy on you guys next time!”

After his speech, the peacock’s feathers fanned out behind Qin Feng . They turned into two blue wings that carried him into the skies .

As he was being carried through the crowd, he snatched a person up and flew through the hole in the roof, disappearing from within their sights .

In a building outside the Wanzong Auction House, a group of people had gathered around . They were the people who were smart enough to save themselves when the chaos broke out .

The one at the lead was Chen Siang .

Scarlet-blue flames that lit up the tallest floor of the auction house were reflecting off their eyes .

“The newborn calf sure fears no tiger!”