Master of the End Times - Chapter 325

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Chapter 325: tier Badge Trial

Chapter 325: The D-tier Badge Trial

After a round of practice, the black-colored Qirin vanished, unleashing energy that seeped into Qin Feng’s bones .

Qin Feng’s bones were enhanced by numerous items, including an S-tier skeletal arm of a wisdom tribe creature .

Now, Qin Feng’s bones were once again being concentrated and fortified!

Clack! Clack! Clack!

An odd noise crackled from his bones .

Qin Feng’s bones were fortified once .

It was by the Dark-Robed Ripper during his time at the Zimu Mountains .

But now, the fortification was more complete .

The metallic hue on top of his bones was more condensed than before . It was absolutely dark in color .

He had even learned a new, secret way of strengthening his bones .


Qin Feng exhaled .

His bones made a crackling sound as he rose up . There was a strange satisfaction to it .

He had finally broken through the chains of limitations of his physical body .

Only by becoming a D-tier could he become an emperor!

The beast emperor crystal core that was on his hands had vanished . Only the empty crystal case remained .

He started to inject some of his internal aura back into the Battlegod Token . The spatial rune moved slightly . He left the Battlegod Tomb .

It was almost dawn in the outside world . Bai Li was in deep sleep with her tiny lips pouting .

Qin Feng breathed a sigh of relief . He proceeded to take a shower in the bathroom before lying down on the bed . It was only his first night in Shadong Town and it had been an eventful one . Things could only get more interesting from now onward!

He was looking forward to it!

He slept until noon time . He then scrounged around for something to eat after waking up . Qin Feng turned on his communicator . There was a message from the Wanzong Auction Hall .

After pondering for a while, he decided to call them back .

The line was soon established . A slightly chubby man appeared . He was a D-tier!

“Good day Mr . Qin, I am the general manager of the Wanzong Organisation in Shadong, Lu Wanbao!” he said while chuckling .

Qin Feng was stunned .

Lu Wanbao would become one of the top businessmen in the world .

In terms of business acumen, he was very different from Xue Xingfu . Lu Wanbao would spend all his money on blades and build on his skills . In ten years’ time, he would be an A-tier!

“It’s a pleasure Mr . Lu, I saw your fines . I’ll be sure to compensate you!” said Qin Feng .

A chaotic battle erupted last night . Although Lu Wanbao was a D-tier, he did not dare to join in the fight .

But none could escape the fines . Messing around with Wanzong had its costs .

In the end, Qin Feng had to pay more than five hundred thousand . The twenty over people last night had to fork out over ten million .

“You sure are an understanding man, Mr . Qin . But I don’t really need the money . I’ve purposely left my communication number for you to make a trade!”

“For the materials on me?” replied Qin Feng .

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“A smart man like you sure makes it easy to talk to!” Lu Wanbao nodded smilingly .

Qin Feng smiled gently as well . He said, “You’re going to ask me to auction them, aren’t you?”

Lu Wanbao quickly replied,” Don’t you think it’s better? Those are some great materials . ”

Yes, they were great materials, but the commission for the auction was high . There would not be much profit left .

Qin Feng smiled gently . “Why don’t we make a deal!”

Lu Wanbao hesitated for a moment .

“What deal?”

Qin Feng continued, “You can get these off my hand for something of equal value . You can even auction them off, I won’t even ask about the price!”

Lu Wanbao’s eyes lit up . “How so!”

Qin Feng’s two D-tier beast king crystal cores were worth about thirty billion . The other stuff was about thirty billion as well .

Fengli colony could only procure thirty energy cores for Bai Li . She was leveling up slowly as well . But if things continue as they were, it would take too much time .

“Thirty E-tier beast king crystal core and ten D-tier beast king crystal core!” Qin Feng replied .

That would cost around sixty five billion yuan . Still, the Wanzong Organisation had their own channels to procure items at cost price . Qin Feng was confident that the Wanzong Organisation could have it covered .

He would even make a profit .

Furthermore, it was not a bother!

Lu Wanbao only thought about it for a while before nodding in agreement .

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“Alright, give me an hour!”

Qin Feng knew that there was a secret place in the Wanzong Organisation known as the Treasure Chamber . The Wanzong Organisation kept its most prized possession inside . Only a D-tier manager was able to enter and move its goods . That was how they earned their business through arbitrage in different lands .

For Qin Feng, an hour was worth waiting for!

“Let’s go, we’ll be reporting to the Aptitude Certification Hall today to get an assignment from them!”

Qin Feng left the hotel and drove toward Shadong Town’s Aptitude Certification Hall .

The hall was very busy . The town was closest to the frontlines where war could break out at any moment . There were many missions and they were always changing .

Once Qin Feng stepped into the hall, he could see the map of the North Sea Desert . It was densely plotted with red dots .

Ultra beasts, wisdom tribes, they were all there!

Qin Feng went to the first floor where it was much quieter . There were only four or five people .

They were all D-tiers .

They were sitting on a sofa in the first-floor lounge, drinking water, and discussing something .

“Do you require any assistance?” the attendant went up to ask .

“We’re here to ask for a D-tier badge trial!”

The attendant was relieved .

Although the first floor was reserved for D-tiers, the attendants were just mere mortals . They would have a hard time chasing out an E-tier aptitude user .

“Over here, please! Please send us your details . ”

Qin Feng sent out his information . The attendant was stunned for a moment . He raised his head and looked toward Qin Feng a few times .

“Sir, your mission has been sent . Other than this mission, there’s a daily mission that lasts for three months . Remember to hand them in on time every day . ”


Qin Feng’s communicator rang . Not only that, but a bunch of other things were also loaded up as well, such as the Shadong territory’s area-wide network and updated map as well .

However, when he saw the mission, Qin Feng furrowed his brows .

Bai Li’s communicator made a beeping sound as well .

“I’m supposed to kill one hundred sand lizardfolk, what’s yours?” Bai Li asked .

“Mine as well!” replied Qin Feng . He looked at the attendant . It was just a simple glance, but it made the attendant break out in cold sweat .

“Let’s go!” Qin Feng said nothing more and left with Bai Li .

The attendant’s leg gave out . He fell down to the ground on his knees .

But soon enough, he sent out a message with his trembling hands . “Master Lei, I have done exactly as you have told me to . ”

On the other side, in a luxurious condominium .

Lei Chang, who was wrapped up in a bandage, was looking grim .

“Qin Feng, you may be able to defeat humans, but can you defeat ultra beasts? I’d sure like to see how you are gonna die!”