Master of the End Times - Chapter 328

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Chapter 328: Retrieving the Crystal Cores

Chapter 328: Retrieving the Crystal Cores

Qin Feng looked at the other person who had just made comments about him . He asked Hu Liang .

“May I know who this aptitude user is?”

Hu Liang knew that the individual that Qin Feng was referring too had offended Qin Feng with his words . “Mr Qin, don’t take his words to heart . This is Colonel Yang, a D-tier ancient warrior and Hou Yangjiao’s admirer . I’m afraid that you’ve caused some serious harm to the big mistress of the Hou family by causing a big commotion at the Wanzong Auction House yesterday,” Hu Liang said as he tried to appease Qin Feng .

Qin Feng was not surprised .

Hou Yangjiao was quite strong . Although she was in her thirties, ancient warriors generally lived long lives and she had the entire Hou family behind her back . Moreover, she was proud and arrogant, so that could mean that Tieh Lei might be interested in her too .

“Looks like I’ve offended quite a lot of people last night!”

Qin Feng laughed .

“Mr Qin, it’s easy to dodge the spear in the open but hard to avoid a stab in the dark . So, don’t act too impulsively . Oh right, you’re still staying in a hotel now, I’ll arrange an apartment for you since you’ll have to live here for another three months, no?”

“Yes, thank you General Hu!”

The battle was over and the people began to clean up the battlefield .

Qin Feng still had more important things to deal with than messing with Colonel Yang, so he simply just left . He informed an F-tier logistician to convert the rewards into money and transfer it to his account .

By the time he left, the expressions on those exhausted D-tier aptitude users had turned pale .

“This Qin Feng dude is too powerful! He single-handedly slayed the D-tier beast general . ”

“No wonder he was able to defeat so many people yesterday!”

“I won’t be surprised if it was because he absorbed the beast emperor crystal core and evolved into a general . What surprised me the most was… was how did he get so rich!”

“Isn’t he just a mayor of a small colony? He just popped out of nowhere!”

Qin Feng returned to Shadong Town . The current time had long passed the time he had agreed on with Lu Wanbao of the Wanzong Organization .

However, Lu Wanbao had received news from Shadong Town again, and he even got to observe the frontlines and listen to live reports sent from the battlefield .

“It’s better to not provoke Qin Feng!”

As legends turned into reality, they figured that they really did have to pay more attention to him now .

Soon, Lu Wanbao invited Qin Feng out for dinner at a high-class restaurant .

The interiors of the restaurant were splendidly covered in gold, and the dishes were all made from D-tier ultra beasts’ meat, which tasted scrumptious .

Bai Li only focused on dining, while Lu Wanbao and Qin Feng were exchanging goods .

“It’s all here, please tally up!”

Among the E and D-tier beast king energy crystals, there were both strong and weak ones . Since the beast king itself was a rare creature, he could not ask for crystals of the same tier .

However, Lu Wanbao was an honest merchant and had picked the E1 and E9 tier, the total value of both was similar .

Qin Feng nodded his head in satisfaction .

“Not bad . ”

Qin Feng raised his arm and took out the materials . Lu Wanbao’s heart skipped a few beats after seeing so many gorgeous materials .

At the same time, Lu Wanbao wondered why Qin Feng did not want to keep these materials to himself for making rune equipment, and why did he need so many energy crystal cores?

He knew that everyone had their own secrets, so he did not ask questions .

Both the guests and hosts were content with the meal .

Beep beep beep!

Qin Feng’s communicator rang . He received a message that Shadong Town had tallied up the results from the battle .

In that single battle, Qin Feng had killed over three hundred E-tier ultra beasts, over one hundred D-tier ultra beasts plus one beast general .

Nowadays, the materials of an ordinary E-tier ultra beast were worth more than thirty thousand, and the price of D-tier materials had reached one hundred thousand . As for the beast general material, that included the beast general crystal core which Qin Feng did not want, the price had reached thirteen million even after discount .

In one easy shot, he had earned himself thirty million .

The result of the battle shocked many people .

After all, today’s battle was a complete small-scale battle, and there was no telling how many times a day a battle like this would happen .

They finally figured out where all of Qin Feng’s wealth came from!

In addition to these, Qin Feng had also obtained a luxurious apartment which had a sunroom located in a small town . Qin Feng took a turn with his car and drove along the direction as stated on the address .

The hotel was quite good, but would it not be better to have the apartment?

As soon as he entered the small town, Qin Feng felt the aura of several D-tier aptitude users . Not only that, Qin Feng recognized a few of their auras .

Looking from the town’s garden, Chen Xiang was surprised to see the new visitor .

“Mr Qin, I didn’t expect you to be arranged to stay here as well!”

“Why’re you calling me sir today, didn’t you call me little brother yesterday? Anyways, I still have to thank you, Big Brother!” Qin Fend said as he extended his hand for a handshake . “Let me formally introduce myself, I’m Qin Feng, the mayor of a small colony near Chengyang Town . This is my girlfriend, Bai Li, who’s also a D-tier aptitude user!”

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Chen Xiang gave Bai Li a quick glance and laughed, “Haha, okay, then I’ll call you little bro from now on . I didn’t expect both of you to be so strong and powerful!”

“Of course I’m strong!” Bai Li replied proudly .

Qin Feng could not stand Bai Li’s cockiness and nudged her forehead . “Be humble!”

Bai Li knew nothing about modesty . With Chen Xiang’s strength, Bai Li might kill him with a single claw strike even though she had not advanced to D-tier .

Both men exchanged their communicator numbers and sort of got to know each other!

“Brother Chen, I still have some things to do . If you’ve any troubles in the future, you can look for me!”

“Sure thing, I’ve found myself a powerful brother here!”

“Well, I’ll go first then!”

“Alright, go on!”

Qin Feng left with Bai Li, and Chen Xiang could no longer sit still at this point .

In fact, there was something in his mind, but he did not know if he should tell Qin Feng . After all, it was not something he could decide on his own .


Inside the new apartment, Qin Feng inspected every nook and cranny and found that everything in the unit was new and did not need to be replaced . He was relieved that there was no surveillance system, and he then brought Bai Li into the Battlegod Tomb .

Inside the Battlegod Tomb, there was a sealed arena next to the cultivation area . The arena was huge, and now that Qin Feng and Bai Li were here, in front of them was a beast king crystal core .

“It’s been a long time since we had a big meal!”

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Silver lights began to form around Bai Li’s body . After the lights disappeared, she was lying on the ground with big wide eyes .

A three-meter tall huge snow-white fox had appeared .

It radiated a silvery glow around its body, and its eyes shone with a silver light that looked like stars in the night sky .

Qin Feng opened the crystal box and showed the ball-sized beast king crystal core inside .

Qin Feng tossed it at Bai Li, and the crystal core instantly fell into the fox’s mouth .

Crunch crunch .

The crystal core was extremely tough and could not be destroyed with force, but Bai Li was able to chew it up like a casual snack .


After swallowing the core, Bai Li licked the side of her mouth .

“Not bad, it tasted sweet and sour!”

“Stop teasing me with how crystal cores taste like!” Qin Feng exclaimed in frustration .

“Of course they have flavor! You’re just a human who can only absorb the core with your abilities, so you certainly wouldn’t know, but I’ve been eating these since I was a kid!”

Bai Li lifted her chin . “Give me that one!”