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Chapter 33

Being the symbol of ultimate luxury, the hovercar was coveted and lusted by throngs of people, a very desirable item indeed . One of these was occupied by two men, enjoying every last bit of comfort the vehicle had to offer .

 2“Guess what cousin, this car is awesome! I’m going to make damn sure I’ll get myself one when I graduate!” said the young man at the driver’s seat . He even started to imagine the attention that he would get when he drove around with this car .

 “It’s really awesome, but it’s too damn expensive! Eight freaking million! Luckily, you have acquired the Ancient Warrior disposition; if not, it would have been impossible for us to get this car!”

 “You are right!”

 “Hey, I think you’ve just gotten yourself a chance to get one . I heard Ms . Lui, and you are in the same class . She is the daughter of the richest person in Chengbei Colony! All you need to do is woo her . If you succeed, you can even get yourself a heavy machine!”

 1“Are you really going to let your girl buy you a car? If it were to be me, I’d be damn embarrassed to even drive it . Keep in mind the word freedom will cease to exist once you rely on her financially! I would rather work hard until I can afford it myself!”

 2Inside his heart, he was actually boiling with anger . The thought of wooing Lady Lui had its consequences . Grave consequences that might dictate his future . With that thought in his mind, the hovercar suddenly didn’t seem so attractive anymore . After what he had been through, he did not dare to venture into the wilderness anymore .

 At the same time, Qin Feng had his attention glued to the car . He could recognize one of them .  He was one of Lu Meng’s classmates named Wang Kai . Although he recognized the person, he decided not to greet him, considering they were simply acquaintances . Qin Feng blinked twice before he snapped out of his thoughts and summoned a salesman over .

 “What excellent taste you have, sir . The Phantom series hovercar is our most versatile off-road vehicle . It’s compact enough to pass through obstacles with the utmost confidence! Our double-seated model here is the more comfortable one! It features a large rear compartment, and we have even included a small chiller for you to store your loot!”

 “Not only that, but the Phantom series’ bespoke shell is also tough enough to endure attacks from F-tier beasts! We have incorporated a light-absorbing system that enables the vehicle to recycle used energy, giving it unprecedented range when compared to our competitors!”

 “We have even upgraded the regular safety features . Exclusive to our customers, we have incorporated an ultra-powerful signal transmitter for every Phantom grade . It scans for dangerous creatures within a 1,000-mile radius and alerts the driver . Our interactive user interface enables you to see a perfect 3D rendering of the discovered beast .

 1The salesman was well trained and eloquently spoken, not missing out on a single feature he thought would attract Qin Feng . Though Qin Feng did not have his ability user badge with him, his combat suit was enough to show others that he was someone to be reckoned with .

 In fact, the main reason why the salesperson was so eager to explain the car was that she saw the energy gun that he carried with him . Besides, he exuded a cold aura, making him more formidable . It would be hard for anyone not to notice it . Just as the salesperson was about to continue her sales-pitch, Wang Kai exited the car .

 WIth a quick persuasion, she asked Qin Feng, “Sir, you should experience sitting in the car!”


 Qing Feng nodded . At the same time, Wang Kai looked up and saw Qin Feng .

 “It’s you!”

 Wang Kai glared at Qin Feng with hostility . Initially, Qin Feng had no intention to bother Wang Kai . However, there he was, in between Qin Feng and the car, refusing him entry .

 1“Excuse me,” said Qin Feng .

 “Let you through? Why should I do that? It’s not even your car! I still need more time to experience this ride!”

 Immediately, Wang Kai entered the car again as a sign of defiance .


 He slammed the door in Qin Feng’s face and raised his eyebrows in scorn .

 Qin Feng was speechless .

 “Haha… leave this place if you don’t have the money! Who do you even think you are! You really thought you could afford this?” said Wang Kai .

 “Let’s go!” said Qin Feng to the salesperson, ignoring the provocation .

 “I’m really, really, sorry! Please, sir . Allow me to introduce another car to you!”

 In embarrassment, the salesperson apologized profusely to Qin Feng, secretly disgusted at Wang Kai’s childish antics . Wang Kai, on the other hand, was smug with the thought that he had managed to embarrass Qin Feng in front of a woman .

 1All it took was a few seconds for Wang Kai to immediately regret his impulsive actions .

 “I don’t need to look at other cars . Go get the paperwork settled . I’m buying this car now!”


 The salesperson’s jaw suddenly dropped .

 “This car will be mine soon . I want it clean . I’d hate for others to damage it!” said Qin Feng .

 Wang Kai instantly knew Qin Feng was referring to him . Truth was, he could never afford to repay Qin Feng if something terrible did happen to the car .

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 In a blur of rage and impulse, Wang Kai refused to believe that Qin Feng was about to purchase the car here and now .

 “F*ck! Are you trying to scare me off? ! I will eat the tires in front of you if you can afford to buy this car!” shouted Wang Kai .



This time, he managed to capture the entire showroom’s attention, albeit not the kind of attention that he wanted . Others would be jealous if he was the one who had bought the car . Instead, everyone was now silently tuning in for a drama to unfold before them .

 After a while, as Qin Feng did not return, he started to smile, relieved but at the same time, still wild and reckless .

 “F*ck! I think the bastard played us!

 1Wang Kai figured that Qin Feng would leave him there and let him embarrass himself . He smirked in a moment of victory . The moment he got down from the car, however, he saw a man in a black suit . The man turned out to be the security detail of the car gallery . Wang Kai also noticed that there was a G3 medal on him .

 An ability user!

 “Mister, I’m sorry, but this car belongs to someone now . Please stop fiddling with the vehicle! Your cooperation is most appreciated!”


 “Cousin, is that person your enemy? I checked him out just now and saw that he seriously just spent eight million yuan on the car!”

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 2Hoping that his little trick would bear fruit, Wang Kai sent his cousin in pursuit of Qin Feng, seeing if he had really purchased the hovercar . If so, the two of them would further embarrass him . After all, his family1 had to rely on Wang Kai’s family .

 “Qin Feng is the one that bought the car?” squealed Wang Kai in utter disbelief .

 “Sir, please exit the car!” the ability user security guard repeated, this time, in a louder and stern manner .

 Immediately, Wang Kai opened the car door and left the car with his palms sweating .

 “Let’s go!” he said, hoping for a quick exit . He was not about to wait for Qin Feng to come back to embarrass him . Unfortunately, time wasn’t on his side .

 “What? You are going to leave now? How about eating the tires?” asked Qin Feng .


 Everyone in the car gallery burst into roars of laughter .