Master of the End Times - Chapter 330

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Chapter 330: Sand Lizardfolk

Chapter 330: Sand Lizardfolk


The hover copter was instantly surrounded by an energy barrier that withstood the incoming attack!

Bai Li got down from the hover copter, she raised her hand and kept the hover copter that was worth six billion into her own massive space that was like an entirely separate world .

The hover copter disappeared along with the barriers, while gravels from the surrounding had instantly turned into two razor-sharp swords and pierced toward Qin Feng and Bai Li .

“Phantom Motion Steps!”

Qin Feng’s shadow disappeared instantly from his spot and pounced into the desert .

He was already holding onto his Verdant Emperor Saber that was drawn out from the spatial rune equipment .


The saber was instantly engulfed with Burning Sword Glare .


A wall of sand was instantly formed out of nowhere and restricted Qin Feng’s movements .


The wall was instantly destroyed by the exploding Burning Sword Glare casted from Qin Feng’s overwhelming internal strength!

Behind the wall, a human-like beast had half of his body on the ground, his body was densely filled with scales with his eyes wide open, while he was alerted by the formidable flames of the Verdant Emperor Saber that was drawn above his head .

His scales were all severely scorched .

“Sand Lizardfolk!”

Qin Feng had identified his opponent .


A hoarse hissing sound was heard from his mouth, and in the next moment, there were about five sand arrows drawn near Qin Feng .

At the same moment, a sinking whirlpool was forming below Bai Li and she was instantly buried in it .


Qin Feng let out an enraged roar as his internal strength gushed out from his body .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

Qin Feng’s exploding suction power had overpowered and controlled everything in the surroundings, sand and beasts alike were being swept up into the air .

All five of the Sand Lizardfolk were exposed .


Blue-colored flames exploded from Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber .

“Blooming Flame!”

Poof poof poof poof poof!

Instantly, all five of the Sand Lizardfolk were crushed into pieces!


The Sand Lizardfolk let out their miserable shrieks .

Within seconds, all of them had turned into diced flesh that crumbled together with the yellow sand and were buried into the ground .


Fifty meters away, a yellow burrow sank all of a sudden, Qin Feng immediately turned his head around and looked in that direction .

“Fiery Rampage!”

Qin Feng rushed forward, and a pit that was more than a meter in depth was left behind, however, conscious energy revealed that the ground within the pit had formed into solid soil!

Every Sand Lizardfolk were earth ability users that were capable of the earth evasion ability, it was indeed common for them!

If it were not for Qin Feng that had reacted fast enough, the Sand Lizardfolk might have survived and escaped from Qin Feng’s deadly attack .

“Bai Li, where are you?” Qin Feng asked with his conscious energy .


Bai Li appeared out of nowhere and she was right before Qin Feng .

“I was buried under the desert, and I found a tunnel!” Bai Li was delighted when she spoke . “There were a lot of nice-looking stones!”

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Bai Li raised her hand as a diamond that was refracting red light appeared within her palm .

“Fiery Diamond Core!”

Qin Feng was able to identify the item instantly .

Without any refining required, the magnificent features of the precious material were instantly revealed with its embedded fire runes that could be added into weapons, and it would have strengthening effects that would sharpen rune equipment and incorporate it with scorching attributes .

A unique and valuable produce from the North Sea Desert .

However, it was rather difficult to source for it .

“It should be the residing spot of the Sand Lizardfolk, let’s take a look while we complete the mission, the other Sand Lizardfolk might have already been alerted by the others that have escaped earlier!”

“Hmm! Let me get you there!”

Bai Li held onto Qin Feng’s hand, and instantly, both of them vanished without a trace .

Before Qin Feng could figure out the darkness that shrouded his vision, he had already arrived at a different location .

Surprisingly, there was a man-made tunnel that was hidden under the desert .

The tunnel was about two meters in height and three meters in width, within the restricted space, Qin Feng could easily bump his head if he were to jump about .

However, it was the optimum height for the Sand Lizardfolk to fit in .

After all, they crawled to move around!

At that moment, both sides of the wall were embedded with Fiery Diamond Cores that were dazzling with red glow .

“Turn on the recordings, there are too few Sand Lizardfolk, and without the recordings, the number would not be enough with just a few random killings!”

“True, the Sand Lizardfolk that I have encountered earlier were about to bury me alive! Hence, I stabbed him to death!”

Qin Feng . “…quick!”

Bai Li nodded and turned on the recording device, the image was clearly visible as it was being enhanced with red lights .

Also, the infrared lights could also light up spots that were too dark .

Sha sha sha!

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As if there were some creatures that were crawling in the dark, soon, Qin Feng was able to identify all of the Sand Lizardfolk with his vision .

Qin Feng stood within the tunnel while being surrounded by crawling Sand Lizardfolk from the front and back .

There were at least twenty of them there .


A hissing sound was heard from the surroundings, and within the next moment, the Sand Lizardfolk was already rushing toward Qin Feng .

They were all covered with extremely stiff grey scales that were similar to the color of stones .

A few of them had even crawled up to the top of the tunnel and wanted to surround Qin Feng from all directions .

“Ten for each!” Qin Feng commanded .

“Great!” Bai Li raised her slim and fine fingers, and waved slightly .

All of a sudden, a ray of white light appeared and expanded toward the surroundings .


A giant opening was instantly formed at the top of the tunnel with two meters in height, while another deep ditch was also formed at the bottom .

The white light ray that went through the centre of the tunnel swept across the body of a Sand Lizardfolk and sliced him into half .

Qin Feng was not being left out too, he held onto his Verdant Emperor Saber and waved around at high speed .


One slash would suffice to take down one Sand Lizardfolk and slice him into half .

Swoosh . Swoosh . Swoosh .

Three Sand Lizardfolk were beheaded .


An enraged roar was heard while a gigantic rock arm appeared from below and grabbed onto Qin Feng’s leg to trap him at his spot .

Qin Feng was instantly surrounded by rock fists .

The Sand Lizardfolk were attacking him from multiple directions .

Concurrent cooperation!

Qin Feng’s body was instantly surrounded by his overwhelming internal strength .

Boom boom boom boom!

Qin Feng’s internal strength experienced turbulence from the incoming attacks, however, it did not shatter into pieces .


Qin Feng pierced his Verdant Emperor Saber into the ground .

The right hand was instantly crushed into pieces, from Qin Feng’s conscious energy, he could sense that the Sand Lizardfolk under him had died .

“Fiery Rampage!”

Qin Feng moved around swiftly and began his slaughter of the Sand Lizardfolk, he was like a werewolf that had invaded a flock of sheep .

The extremely stiff outer shell of the Sand Lizardfolk stood zero chance against the continuous attacks from the Verdant Emperor Saber, every outer shell was being destroyed like they were bean curds that were extremely fragile .

All of the Sand Lizardfolk were annihilated by the dazzling glint and flash of cold steel .

In less than five minutes, Qin Feng and Bai Li had already taken down more than twenty Sand Lizardfolk!


Qin Feng threaded heavily onto the skull of a Sand Lizardfolk and crushed it into pieces, then, an earth ability core that was about the size of a cobblestone was taken out from it .

It was merely a beast soldier tier core, however, it could be worth about three million .

“For others, it would definitely be an unrewarding act to go up against the Sand Lizardfolk!”

Qin Feng uttered and let out a sarcastic smile .

Indeed, it was not an easy task to go up against the Sand Lizardfolk as they were all intelligent beast soldier tier creatures that knew how to escape whenever they faced any unfavourable situations .

The one who was responsible for setting up such a mission for Qin Feng had definitely found a great way to take him out .

However, it might not end the way it was planned out!