Master of the End Times - Chapter 331

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Chapter 331: Table Trade

Chapter 331: Exposing an Under-the-Table Trade

“Let’s go, this must be the place where the Sand Lizardfolk live! Take some of them down to complete the mission!”

As Qin Feng had already taken down twenty of them, and he was uncertain whether the others had already been alerted or not . As such, in order to prevent the others from escaping from his pursuit, Qin Feng began to set up dark runes in the surrounding area while both Bai Li and himself were shrouded within .

With that, they would be temporarily hidden from the detection of the Sand Lizardfolk .

Qin Feng extended his conscious energy and swept across the entire underground tunnel .

Being beasts of the wisdom tribe, the Sand Lizardfolk had set up their underground living space to be spacious, there were a lot of secondary paths that were branching out from the main tunnel that was about three meters in width .

Furthermore, the secondary paths were connected with rooms of different sizes, many miscellaneous items were being stored within those rooms, unsurprisingly, most of them were Fiery Diamond Cores that had been exploited from the underground .

Those valuable items were everywhere .

At that moment, it seemed that some of the Sand Lizardfolk were alerted by the noise from Qin Feng’s battle and all of them began to rush out from the rooms .

Qin Feng stood silently behind one of them and attacked with his punches .

“Dragon Slam!”

Overcast Dragon Kill exploded .


Instantly, the Sand Lizardfolk fell onto the ground, his backbone was completely shattered while every nerve connecting to his brain functions were completely destroyed .


Qin Feng halved out the skull of the Sand Lizardfolk and dug away the earth ability core .

Some others were alerted by the dead body and rushed forward, and Bai Li had taken care of every one of them .

“I need fire!”

Corpses of the Sand Lizardfolk were being instantly destroyed by flames to leave no traces behind .

With the same skill, Qin Feng had taken down another five of them, and the old lair of the unmanned territory was being emptied out .

As more corpses were being taken care of, it had ensured that there would be no traces of Bai Li and Qin Feng left behind, and as if they had disappeared completely from the place .

It was at that moment, there was another Sand Lizardfolk lying on top of more than twenty corpses that were piled up earlier . She lifted her head up with an exotic fiery diamond core on the centre of her forehead, her neck and her arms were equipped with jewelleries made from fiery diamond cores, while the scales on her chest clearly indicated that she was a female .

She was wearing a leather dress that seemed to be more human-like, while her waist was equipped with a silver whip that would put others in immense fear .

Tribe leader of the Sand Lizardfolk .

D3-tier beast king!

She could also be addressed as the Sand Lizardfolk Queen!

“Hiss hiss hiss!”

An ear-piercing sound from the Sand Lizardfolk Queen was heard by every single one of the Sand Lizardfolk in the surroundings, without any hesitation, and with immense reverence, every one of them lay down on the ground and were highly alert .


“Yes, leader!”

“Are they here for the person that came earlier? He should have died during that time!” The Sand Lizardfolk Queen spoke in a cold voice .

One of the Sand Lizardfolk beast generals hesitated for a moment and gave the answer . “No, he is not here yet . ”

It was at that moment, the shadow of a Sand Lizardfolk appeared among the walls and came out from it .

“Leader, the merchants have arrived!”

“If I were to find out that they are here because of them, I would spare no mercy to them!”

The Sand Lizardfolk Queen rushed toward a different direction before completing the sentence .

There were more than thirty Sand Lizardfolk that came along with the Sand Lizardfolk Queen, with more than twenty of them following along, the remaining ten of them had to bury the decomposed corpses and transfer them to the underground garden of the queen to be used as fertilizers .

At that moment, Qin Feng had already circled around the lair of the Sand Lizardfolk, and with his sudden attack, he had already taken down a hundred Sand Lizardfolk within two hours .

The number that Qin Feng had taken down was equivalent to one third or one fourth of the entire population of the Sand Lizardfolk .

“Something exciting is going on in front!”

Qin Feng targeted his conscious energy toward a direction .

Suddenly, Qin Feng frowned as he was alerted by something .

Surprisingly, he was able to sense the presence of human beings .

Qin Feng grabbed onto Bai Li’s waist and covered themselves with dark runes as they moved forward quickly .

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Despite moving at high speed, he remained undetected under the dark rune barrier .

Soon, Qin Feng had arrived at a hall that was even larger than the previous one .

The surrounding space extended further and it was about four meters in height, there were more than fifty Sand Lizardfolk at one end, an E-tier aptitude user and eight F-tier aptitude users were at another end, and there were also five metal cages in the hall .

There were about five female human beings that were trapped within the cages, surprisingly, one of them was an aptitude user that was being tied up .

For sure, they were merely aptitude users with slightly stronger conscious energy and not enhanced with any runes or physical strength, they would most probably be gunners!

“Deng Gong, just kill me now, or else, if I were to get out, I will torture you in ways that you could never imagine!” The woman was enraged .

She was referring to a man that had no emotions on his face, he was about thirty five years old, an E-tier ancient warrior that was holding onto a fiery diamond core that was given by the Sand Lizardfolk Queen .

Although it might just be a small bag of it, however, it would most probably be worth up to hundreds of millions .

However, Deng Gong only needed to spend about ten thousand to purchase the woman, and of course, some were even kidnapped by him, and no cost was incurred!

“Han Nuan, you have always been in the way, is it because you are a bounty hunter? Or are you here to take me down? With the support from the Sand Eagle Clan, do you really think that you can just simply take me down? Unfortunately, you have quite some conscious energy that has prohibited me from getting close to you, or else, I would have allowed every brother from the clan to have a taste of you!”

“B*stard, Deng Gong, you b*stard devoid of conscience! Wait until I am out, I will definitely take your life!”

“Kekeke, stop dreaming, where do you think you can go? Why not just stay here and lay eggs for the Sand Lizardfolk?”

Qin Feng had witnessed the entire scene, Deng Gong who was being complacent, and also Han Nuan that felt the despair .

‘Sand Eagle Clan?’ Qin Feng instantly perked up .

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Could it be the dark organization that was roaming around the North Sea, and also known as Guo Geng’s dark clan?

It was also the same person that had ties with the Z Organization .

“Hiss!” The Sand Lizardfolk Queen was annoyed by the quarrelling between the both of them and let out a deep growl, Deng Gong immediately turned his attention to her and tried to please the queen with a smile .

“Leader, they are all yours, with such a strong physical body, this woman would definitely be able to breed the next generation!”

The numbers had been decreasing within the Sand Lizardfolk population, however, with their powerful genes, they had opted for a clear-cut choice to breed their offspring by using females from other tribes .

The Sand Lizardfolk Queen despised the humans as they were merely food to be feasted on, however, there were no other wisdom tribes that were left on the earth!

Therefore, human beings appeared to be the best choice for them to continue their breeding .

Although their genetic attributes might be reduced by human beings, however, growth in numbers was the only way for them to expand their territories, obtain more resources, empower the next generation, and repeat the cycle .

“Take her away!” The Sand Lizardfolk Queen commanded and immediately turned her head around . “Who is it!”

Sand Lizardfolk would release their voice purely from conscious energy that had a far reach, and it could also allow human beings to understand the message .

Two shadows appeared from an exit of a tunnel .

It was Qin Feng and Bai Li .

Qin Feng remained calm and was not fearful of being exposed, after all, he had chosen to show himself!

“Did I interrupt your dealings here?” Qin Feng let out a cold sneer .

Everyone was shocked by their appearance .