Master of the End Times - Chapter 333

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Chapter 333: Spatial Whip

Chapter 333: Spatial Whip

Space runes .

Qin Feng was equally surprised .

A black colored crack appeared in the air before it was sent flying toward him .



Qin Feng’s hands frantically sprayed out internal force . The Asteroid Assimilation’s internal force surged out and the huge wave of energy repelled the space runes .

Whoosh whoosh!

The crack that was headed toward Qin Feng closed up but there were two more cracks that slashed at the wall behind him . They bore the marks that looked like they had just been gouged by those void slashes!

“You’re fighting me!”

Bai Li roared, thinking that the Sand Lizardfolk Queen had just challenged her prestige as a beast emperor . Since they were being recorded, Bai Li did not dare use her spatial manipulation, but by relying on only her physical strength and claws, she felt that she could kill the Sand Lizardfolk Queen .

“Now die!”

Bai Li swung her hands forward and suddenly five pairs of white slashes interlocked into a large net-shape, flying toward the Sand Lizardfolk Queen .

The ultra beast no longer bothered with pursuing Qin Feng, turning to deal with Bai Li .

Qin Feng used this opportunity and landed on the sand lizardfolk general’s head before ripping out its beast general crystal core .


The Sand Lizardfolk Queen cried out in pain . Bai Li’s barrage of attacks landed some hits on her and caused a few deep gashes on her body .

Qin Feng quickly dashed in for an attack .


The Burning Sword Glare cut into the Sand Lizardfolk Queen’s body, causing her to abruptly scream as the scales on her body were charred black .

“You will die to me!!” She cried out in a fit of rage, violently stomping on the ground to cause the ground to shake and the entire hall to collapse .


Outside among the yellow sand, an area began to suddenly sink without warning and formed a huge sinkhole .

“Blazing Sky!”

A blade tip rose up into the sky, bursting out from the huge sinking hole in the desert .

Then, another hole appeared in the sands after an explosion . Qin Feng and Bai Li had just managed to dig their way out .


More than one hundred meters away, a figure appeared on a hill . It was Deng Gong .

“Come out! Hurry!”

At a distance of around fifty meters from him, Han Nuan had also appeared, along with the women who had been abducted or trafficked . All of them carefully moved out .

“Look! It’s the person who’s come to save us!”

“They really came!”

‘Everyone needs to stay together, that Sand Lizardfolk Queen definitely has more tricks up its sleeve!’ Han Nuan thought anxiously .

It was at this moment that something else burst out of the yellow sands, it was the Sand Lizardfolk Queen .

“You will all die, hahaha! Sandstorm!”

A strong wind swept across the desert, forming into a huge vortex that surrounded Qin Feng and Bai Li as they came out of the pothole .

The Sand Lizardfolk Queen also had the earth ability, which was even more powerful . It was just that the spatial whip it had was too rare to not use, which was why she had been using it this whole time .

Right now, the enraged Sand Lizardfolk Queen obviously wanted to use other methods to kill the two .

A sandstorm began to kick up in the middle of the desert, forming a tornado that was more than twenty meters tall .

Qin Feng could feel the wind’s rotation as it scoured at his internal force, trying to rip him apart .


A large rock that was picked up by the wind spiralled toward him in a direct course for collision .

Qin Feng swung the Verdant Emperor Saber and instantly slashed at the rock .


The rock exploded, turning into smaller rocks that rained down onto him as the sandstorm wrapped itself around his body .

“Stop this right now!” Bai Li was still in Qin Feng’s arms, and let out a frustrated yell before raising her hands .

In an instant, a pair of white claw slashes tore through the air . It was like a giant pair of hands that had burst out of the void, grabbing and tearing the sandstorm apart .

Qin Feng felt the turbulence around him coming to an abrupt end as the churning wind and spiraling sand was dispersed .

The Sand Lizardfolk Queen was taken aback for a minute or two, as if she could not believe what had just happened . Not even a powerful sandstorm could take care of these two .

Qin Feng raised his weapon and slashed down from top to bottom .

“Blazing Sky!”

A bright blue flame burst out from the blade .

The Sand Lizardfolk Queen’s pupils shrunk and she raised her hand, causing a huge wall of earth to burst out over her .


The Blazing Sky technique crashed into the wall’s surface and shattered it with an explosion .

It was then the Sand Lizardfolk Queen finally understood what fear was and quickly tore open a spatial passage with her whip .

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“Running away? I didn’t agree to that!” Bai Li slammed her palm downward and a giant white claw slashed down from the sky, cutting through the spatial passage in an instant .


The spatial passage shattered instantly .

The Sand Lizardfolk Queen did not have time to enter either!

Qin Feng was right behind her now, and when the spatial passage shattered, her body began to turn into sand, disintegrating into the desert .

How could he let her escape?

“Hell Magma!”

Within one hundred meters, everything instantly turned into a huge magma pool .

The Sand Lizardfolk Queen had nowhere to escape!

It really was an earth-shattering battle .

The large waves of sand, the twisting sandstorms, the ground turning into magma and the flames licking at the air were a shocking sight .

Qin Feng and Bai Li had long left their original point as they chased after the Sand Lizardfolk Queen . This battle startled many ultra beasts who were minding their own business in the desert .

It also naturally alarmed Shadong Town .

They had no idea what was going on .

“Chee! Chee!”

The Sand Lizardfolk Queen had been severely injured with wounds all over her body .

Naturally she would start calling for help .

Poof poof poof poof!

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A stream of sand lizardfolk burst out from seemingly nowhere, using their bodies to deter Qin Feng and Bai Li .

That was a useless attempt, even their combined power was no match for these two’s combined strength .

“If you’re going to die then get out of the way! I’ve got no time to deal with you!” Qin Feng laughed frostily, slashing through a Lizardman’s throat .

Along the chase, over a hundred meters, over a hundred Lizardfolk had died .

The Sand Lizardfolk Queen was getting weak, her body unable to sustain her transformation and she had resorted to crawling on all fours . Her body was either scorched or injured by claw marks .


Another white claw came out from thin air, Bai Li’s feet were not even touching the ground and she still quickly moved forward . These claws were naturally her masterpiece .

The Sand Lizardfolk Queen felt as if she sensed something and immediately tried to dodge the attack . She only managed to dodge one claw attack and could not react in time for the next one .



The Sand Lizardfolk Queen screamed as her arm was cut off . Not only that, it was the arm that held the spatial whip .

“My whip!”

She desperately tried to grab the whip with her other arm but by the time she reached out, it had already landed in someone else’s hands .

It was Bai Li .

“From now on, this whip is mine!” Bai Li inspected the whip for a moment before quickly swinging it .

A silver glow of light followed the whip’s afterimage and turned into a spatial crack in less than a millisecond that swept toward the Sand Lizardfolk Queen .

She had wanted to escape but realized that there was no possible way to avoid it . She could not even properly detect those spatial runes with her consciousness!

The space runes! There were too many of them!

By then, Qin Feng had already caught up . His body twirled as he caught sight of the ultra beast, with a gust of sandy wind blowing behind him, and the Sand Lizardfolk Queen’s body instantly collapsed .

Besides an intact head, the Sand Lizardfolk Queen had definitely been slain!