Master of the End Times - Chapter 336

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Chapter 336: D Tier Badge

Chapter 336: D Tier Badge

The person behind the counter was the same person that tended to Qin Feng earlier . He obviously knew what task Qin Feng had taken .

Shadong Town was close to the frontline, even a little bit of trouble would have been a crisis that could lead to city-wide devastation .

That meant that the news here was almost transparent and available for all .

“Yes Sir, I’ll handle this right away! Right away!” The person, breaking into cold sweat, reviewed the video that Qin Feng submitted .

The feed was rolling quickly on the screen, the system automatically tallying up the number of creatures as a red box appeared to indicate how many ultra beasts Qin Feng had killed .


That was the final number displayed .

Qin Feng not only completed the D-tier mission but he had killed more than a hundred sand lizardfolk .

Since when was it so easy to deal with sand lizardfolk? They were D-tier intelligent ultra beasts, and there were not that many D-tiers in Shadong Town!

Being the person in charge of the review, in addition to a mechanical review, he could also flip through the video himself for a manual review of authenticity . He pulled out three clips from the video to look over before selecting a random one among the three to watch it .

What he saw was Qin Feng sweeping his sword in a horizontal strike, and the sand lizardfolk not reacting as their heads were shrouded in fire and cut off .

It was too fast!

The image had to be slowed down several times over before it could be properly seen by the attendant .

At this moment, the attendant was so scared that color had drained from his face .

Knock knock!

Qin Feng rapped his knuckle against the counter . “Are you done?”

The person quivered at the sound of the knocks before quickly pressing the ‘Complete’ button .

The system began to automatically sound out .

[ Beep beep . Certification passed . Congratulations, you have obtained the D-tier aptitude assessment, and have grown stronger! ]

A badge was reverently and respectfully handed to Qin Feng…

“Sir! This is your badge!”

By a pair of shaking hands .

Qin Feng took the badge and replaced his E-tier badge .

Bai Li was next, passing on her video and had a number of kills that was also above two hundred and successfully passing her certification .

Both of them were officially certified as D-Tier aptitude users .

“Oh yeah, I want to ask you something!” Qin Feng said casually . “Who was the one who set this mission?”

The attendant was sweating buckets by now .

Qin Feng just looked at the person, no longer pressing on with the issue .

But that attendant was too nervous . He envisioned Qin Feng bringing out the Verdant Emperor Saber and cutting his head off .

“Its Lei! Lei Chang!” The attendant said .

Qin Feng nodded . “You can go back to work, I won’t bother you anymore!”

“No, no bother at all! I’m not bothered!”

“Let’s go back!” Qin Feng smiled at Bai Li as he grabbed her hand, not giving the attendant any more attention as they left .

Once Qin Feng and Bai Li were out of sight, the attendant slumped to the ground . He did not want to stay in Shadong Town for long, deciding to up and leave in case Qin Feng came back to find him or that he got into trouble with Lei Chang .

This was a thankless job and neither side could be considered human .

The Silver Bolt took Qin Feng and Bai Li back to the hotel that Hu Liang arranged for them, where they began to divy up the day’s harvest .

Five boxes of fire diamonds, with one box worth up to seven hundred to eight hundred million, a total of forty billion in loot, even more than the Sand Lizardfolk Queen’s crystal core on its own .

The wealth of the sand lizardfolk was not the wealth of an individual!

There were also spirit herbs that grew underground, which had been plucked by Deng Gong from the Sand Lizardfolk Queen’s garden .

Qin Feng enjoyed a haul of spirit herbs that were worth about ten billion in total .

He was not going to sell them, but instead plant them in the Battlegod Tomb since the environment there was just right .

Bai Li took a few high quality fire diamonds and used the Magical Tesseract to make them into a bunch of necklaces and bracelets .

Qin Feng picked up a fire diamond, holding it in the center of his palm .

“Ability, Absorb!”


He suddenly felt a scorching heat pass through him, as if he was directly facing the sun’s intense heat .

From within the fire diamond, fire runes came pouring out one after the other and dug into Qin Feng’s consciousness .

The Hell Stone then changed the fire runes before they were integrated into the Diamond Starglobe .

As his level increased, the amount of fire runes needed for him to learn new abilities had increased as well and he did not have enough of them until the fire diamond solved the urgent issue .

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Wordlessly passing through the night, Qin Feng spent his time meditating .

The next morning, there was another wave of ultra beasts rushing toward Shadong Town . He and Bai Li did not delay, rushing to the frontline as fast as they could .

This time, there was an endless wave of bugs . They were a combined mass of constantly shifting darkness .

“Gunners, cover fire! Throw bombs into the air, quick!”

Hu Liang commanded in a voice that sounded more like a roar .

On the battlefield, there were sounds of gunfire finding their marks as the horde clashed into the defensive line made out of ancient warriors . Even with their defense, their line could be broken through at any moment .

They were fighting against an unprecedented crisis .

“Tectonic Split!”

An Earth ability user slammed his palms into the ground, causing the earth to rumble violently before a giant crack around ten meters was formed .

It was to give the people on the frontline a place to entrench themselves, but before anything could be done the trench was overwhelmed by countless insectoids in mere moments!


Unexpectedly, the ability user once again activated his power, closing the trench and crushing the insectoids within!

“Huu…huu…” Chen Xiang was breathing hard, he was the only ability user at the moment .

The other D-tier aptitude users were trying their best, frantically fighting against the tide to prevent the ultra beasts from reaching Shadong Town .


An E-tier aptitude user cried out as a huge beetle more than two meters long broke through the line, tearing right through the person .

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“Beast general! Golden scarab beast general!”

Everyone was suddenly afraid, and in that slight lapse, the line was broken .

At that moment, a blue light burst out of nowhere, like a huge peacock spreading its feathers .


The beast general was sent flying .

Then, a figure stood where the now dead E-tier aptitude user was and continued the fight .

The people around looked at the figure and suddenly a wave of confidence flowed through their hearts . Not for anything else, but they could all see the D tier aptitude user badge on the new person’s chest .

It was Qin Feng!

Qin Feng waved his Verdant Emperor Saber left and right, slashing through scores of insectoids like they were made out of wet paper .

The amount that he killed was just terrifying .

‘No wonder Shadong Town was wiped out in a month’s time!’

‘I don’t know if what Bai Li said was right or not, maybe the rifts in the North Sea Desert were opened by the Sand Lizardfolk Queen . ’

‘If so, now that the Sand Lizardfolk Queen’s already dead, disasters would happen again!’

Qin Feng moved with the knowledge of someone from the future . Although he was not clear on the exact situation in Shadong Town before his rebirth, he does remember that when he went to Shadong Town, the situation was not here but in fact closer to the Four Cities!

So that could only mean that Shadong Town had to move again .

On the battle net it was stated that Shadong Town’s entire army was wiped out . The date was March of this year, which would be one month from now .