Master of the End Times - Chapter 337

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Chapter 337: The Mouthpiece of the Freemen Alliance

Chapter 337: The Mouthpiece of the Freemen Alliance

If he remembered it correctly, the battle net did not exactly have a definitive account of the destruction of Shadong Town .

Maybe it was because of curiosity or wanting recognition for his own strength, Qin Feng decided to investigate it this time around .

What was more, with Bai Li, if he wanted to escape, he could escape whenever he wanted to!

As he thought about it, his hands did not stop moving . Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber swung and swung again, killing everything in all directions .

“Burning Sword Glare!”

The Sword Glare spread out, reaching out to a full ten meters and instantly cleared Qin Feng’s surroundings .

He broke through the swarm, sweeping through the field and left corpses in his wake .

Easily overpowering everything that came at him like they were nothing but dried sticks and dead leaves, he made sure that every single insectoid that came within range did not make it out alive .

“Quickly! Secure the battle line!”

“It’ll be fine if there’s a D-tier aptitude user here! We need to move to the other side!”

“Help that side!”

The situation of the battle was gradually changing .

The originally collapsing frontline was being restored by Qin Feng’s arrival, wherever he went he did not need any assistance from other aptitude users .

With him basically killing everything around him, that brought some relief to some people so that they could help out others . Gradually, the encirclement got bigger and bigger and the insectoids also had a drastic decrease in their numbers .

Even so, the battle lasted for a full eight hours and the battlefield was left with bloody wounds, shattered limbs and brooding moods .


Qin Feng retracted the Verdant Emperor Saber and turned back . At this time, many D-tiers had retreated, being exhausted .

“Sir Qin Feng, thank you for your hard work . This way please, we’ve already prepared a special car to send you back . ”

“Okay, thank you!”

“No, you’re the one we should be thanking, Sir Qin Feng . You saved many aptitude users today and killed so many insectoids! Of course, Ms Bai Li too!”

Bai Li scoffed flippantly, “They’re just a bunch of bugs, too weak!”

Qin Feng covered her mouth with a hand before she could continue . “Shhhhh!”

She decided to shut up after that .

In the next moment, Qin Feng was stopped by a voice .

“Old pal Qin, let’s go together?”

It was Chen Xiang .

“Sure!” Qin Feng gave him a small smile .

Chen Xiang glanced at the D-tier aptitude user badges clipped onto Qin Feng and Bai Li’s chests . Even though they had just received the news yesterday, seeing it in person was a shocking sight for him .

“Look at the mess we are in right now . Why don’t we go to the hot springs, it’s a treat that only aptitude users get to enjoy!”

Shadong Town was built in a desert and near the frontlines, which meant that water was scarce, the very concept of a hot spring here would have been ludicrous .

“Sounds good, I could use some relaxing!” Qin Feng said .

While he said he wanted to relax, it seemed like what Chen Xiang meant by this invitation was that he had some things he wanted to say .

Qin Feng did not reject the idea, getting in the car that would take him to the bathhouse .

During the end times, being someone strong brought real enjoyment . It brought about a life of indulgence in luxury that the poor would never be able to see .

Separate bathtubs were prepared with warm water being injected into them through the use of pipes that provided a kind of water based massage that would relieve the body of its stress .

Chen Xiang’s face grew serious and did not have the casual tone that he used before .

“Qin Feng, you’ve been in Shadong Town for three days, what are your thoughts on the front line?” he asked .

“Intensive combat with danger around every corner!” Qin Feng replied .

Chen Xiang laughed bitterly, “Out of all the D-tier aptitude users that came to Shadong Town, you’re the only one who has it the easiest!”

Qin Feng mentioned that there were dangers, but obviously he did not hold the dangers with very high regard .

“In Shadong Town, because of its mobility, the number of D-tier aptitude users are fixed at about a hundred people . Otherwise the frontline would have collapsed!” Chen Xiang said, “There’s an endless amount of ultra beasts here, a constant stream of missions with E-tier and F-tier aptitude users constantly being transferred from the Four Cities of the North Sea, and not all of them make it back!”

Afterall, too many people died in the frontlines .

“If this goes on, Shadong Town is going to drag down the Four Cities sooner or later, and even if we don’t collapse today, we’re going to fall sooner or later!”

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“Well, sounds like it can’t be helped,” Qin Feng said off-handedly .

“No, there’s actually a way!” Chen Xiang said abruptly .

Qin Feng raised his brow, knowing that Chen Xiang looked for him for a reason, which was why he followed him .

“In the North Sea Desert, golden sand worms have the largest number, they multiply fast and are constantly absorbing energy from the land . They can turn the dirt into sand, it can be said that these golden sand worms are the culprits behind the desertification of the North Sea Desert,” Chen Xiang explained .

“So what you’re saying is, we need to exterminate them?”

The golden sand worms were not like the sand lizardfolk who had four to five hundred in numbers . These were insectoids, which meant that their numbers were in the hundreds of thousands .

Qin Feng pulled out his communicator and looked at the situation regarding the ultra beasts around Shadong Town and the number of golden sand worms was instantly displayed .

“There’s two hundred thousand golden sand worms?”

That number was terrifying!

With such a large number, if the sand worms were to attack in a large wave, it was not just Shadong Town, the Four Cities on the North Sea would also get buried!

Of course, the insectoids had their own territory and their migration was very slow .

It seemed that Shadong Town’s crisis was still quite severe!

“Yes, this is exactly what’s frustrating us!” Chen Xiang huffed .

This is a situation similar to the feeling of resting your head under a guillotine with a very weak rope!

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“You just came to Shadong Town, so I don’t expect you to know the situation . Hu Liang is the commander of Shadong Town designated by the Human Alliance, and he actively fights the ultra beasts and insectoids all the time, but in truth he does very little!”

Qin Feng did not speak, he still had a good impression of Hu Liang .

“People from the aristocratic families and the large groups hardly ever listen to him! He doesn’t have a lot of use really!”

Understandable reasoning .

“In order to maintain the social climate of Shadong Town, many aptitude users that come here have formed their own cliques so they can help one another . I’m from one such circle, it’s called the Freemen Alliance . Our current ringleader is called Yan Fang! A D8 ancient warrior!”

That made Qin Feng frown . Yan Fang? He knows that person from the world before his rebirth, he was an A-tier aptitude user .

That meant that their position was not in the Human Alliance, but the Dark Coalition!

Qin Feng quickly regained composure, not wanting Chen Xiang to think that something was wrong .

Chen Xiang continued, “A while ago, Yang Fang said that he wanted to gather enough manpower to exterminate the golden sand worms, but everyone was hesitant at that time . After all, everyone was too weak! However, yesterday I saw the video that came from the frontline and realized that this isn’t an impossible task!”

He looked directly at Qin Feng, speaking with an excited tone . “Qin Feng, after you have absorbed that beast emperor crystal core, aren’t you at the king level? I mean, how else would you have faced the Sand Lizardfolk Queen in a one-on-one battle, and kill her even!”

Qin Feng naturally would not have told Chen Xiang the truth, his consciousness, his current power level had reached the point of the emperor level .

“I wasn’t fighting alone yesterday, I had Bai Li at my side!”

“Huh! You’re a real formidable pair!”