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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:36:24 PM

Chapter 34

“Never mind! One wheel costs at least hundreds of thousands of yuan! It’s simply too expensive for you to eat it! Get lost!”

 1Wang Kai was left speechless . After he exited the car, Qin Feng did not get into it immediately . Instead, the G3 ability user and a few other staff replaced the seats to new ones . They then cleaned the car thoroughly before they even let Qin Feng enter it .

 He fired up the hovercar once he got in and immediately turned on the hover mode . Its wheels started to morph, taking the shape of rocket thrusters that emitted a pulsing, green glow .

 Wind Rune!

 The Phantom’s hovering mode was powered by energy that was stored within it . Most of the cars in Chengbei Colony were not equipped with a hovering mode, managing to capture everyone’s attention the moment he fired up its engines . After climbing around three meters, if sped off blowing the hats off everyone, whooshing away from the shop with a mighty gust of wind .

 2“That’s so cool!”

 “Oh god, so that’s the combat hovercar?”

 “That . Was . Awesome!”

 1Everyone was obviously amused by the car, save for a dejected Wang Kai . His face had darkened to a strange shade of purple, mainly because he assumed Qin Feng had deliberately accelerated right above his head .

 … . .

 This was his way of teaching ill-mannered people like Wang Kai .

 When the hovercar had gained speed and altitude, he opened up his backpack, letting Xiaobai jump out . It curiously scanned at its surroundings before jumping to the co-driver seat .

 “What do you think about this, eh? From today, you don’t have to hide inside the bag anymore . ”

 Each time when Qin Feng hopped in any giant off-road vehicle, Xiaobai had to hide inside his backpack . To make things worse, the off-road vehicle would travel at high speed . These vehicles would almost certainly be crowded and was a less-than-pleasurable experience . Let alone the tiny Xiaobai that was cramped up in his backpack .

 With the purchase of the car, it was no longer necessary for Xiaobai to hide inside his backpack . The Phantom featured privacy glass, making it impossible for anyone attempting to look in . All they could see was a solid black . Considering that Xiaobai had only got the chance to catch a glimpse of the world from the window of Qin Feng’s room, everything they passed seemed like an incredible discovery to it .

 The passing scenery soon faded into a blur, causing the little creature’s eyes to droop . As quickly as it had intrigued it, it was quickly bored again . Jumping into the next seat, it fell asleep before anyone knew it . Qin Feng could not help but pat it lovingly .

 “Now that I’m in debt, I think I will need to head to the wilderness to earn some quick cash . ”

 After spending eight million to buy the car, Qin Feng was now left with only 500,000 yuan, an amount not nearly enough to pay off the equipment he had ordered earlier . As he drove on, he approached a vast slum . It was a cesspool of cramped, unimaginative high-rise flats that sprawled from every inch of available space . The place was somber and suffocating, but for the orphans, it was a place to live of their dreams .

 “Zhou Hao, come down for a bit . I brought something for you!” said Qin Feng .

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 “Ah! What thing? It’s a delight to see you Hang on; I’m coming down right now!”

 Zhou Hao kept his questions a minimum . Being best friends with Qin Feng, they both had meals together all the time at his place . As a return, Qin Feng would work hard to find some extra cash to buy food Zhou Hao’s family meals from time to time . The kindness they had for each other had strengthed their friendship through the times .

 Soon, Qin Feng saw Zhou Hao running out of his residence . He was now taller and more muscular . Sporting an oversized singlet and a pair of slippers made him look rather sloppy . Seeing the guy drenched in sweat, Qin Feng knew that he must have been working out .

 After looking around, Zhou Hao managed to locate Qin Feng .

 Getting off the car with a smile, Qin Feng waved to his friend .

 “Zhou Hao!”

 One look at the luxurious ride caused Zhou Hao to be at a loss for words . He could only open his mouth in amazement .

 “Did you go rob a bank or get married to some rich old lady? How did you manage to buy yourself a car like this? Hold on! This is a hovercar, right?!”

 Zhou Hao had a silent urge to kiss the car as a gesture of how much he liked it .

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 1“What are you talking about? Haha… you should head back now . I brought you some good stuff . Eat it immediately when you get inside!”

 “Let me see what’s in here!”

 There were two items inside the black plastic bag . The first was meat . Though Zhou Hao had no idea what creature the meat came from, he could feel that it was packed with energy . The second item was a glass jar with a piece of fruit inside it .

 His eyes suddenly bulged at the realization of what he had at hand .

 “This is a Talent…”


 I came across a bunch of it when I was in the wilderness . I sold some and saved one for you!”

 As a matter of fact, Qin Feng only told a half-truth to Zhou Hao .

 An individual could only consume a single Talent Fruit . Hence, it was logical for Qin Feng to sell the rest of them . That was why Zhou Hao was suspicious of nothing, thinking he had used the money from selling the fruits for the hovercar .

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 “How dare you? Got a new car, and you didn’t call me on an adventure, huh? You are one lucky bastard! Look at what you are wearing right now! Others might even think you are an ability user!”

 1“You should go back now before someone robs you! Remember to eat up the meat and fruit!”

 The meat came from a beast king and was able to fill one with a massive amount of energy after consuming it . Even if Zhou Hao failed to get his special ability awakened, he would at least acquire an Ancient Warrior disposition .

 1“Alright . I will head home and continue training!”

 Zhou Hao grinned widely, waving at Qin Feng while holding the plastic bag tightly . His anxious and suspicious looks made him seem like a thief who had just stolen something . Qin Feng giggled nonstop at his antics in the car . He then turned around and drove to the main road .

 “I remember this place . I’m afraid some unexpected event might just happen here soon!”

 This was the very event that had thrown Chengbei Colony into a dire crisis . The essential thing was that this event had a silver lining, and could actually solve his problems .

 4Soon, the car was back in the flow of traffic . Although he did not trigger any of the car’s cool functions, its exquisite exterior was itself enough to make heads turn . As he exited the colony, a truck full of people passed him . The truck’s occupants began teasing whistles . Of course, Qin Feng did not bother to look at them .


Soon, he rerouted and was now speeding into the wild wilderness with the Phantom’s hovering function activated . It was night, where threats opened their eyes at every nook and cranny .