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Master of the End Times - Chapter 340

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:31:03 AM

Chapter 340: Bad Intentions

Chapter 340: Bad Intentions

“Would you like to have some?” Bai Li took the small crystal bowl and placed it right in front of Yan Fang’s face .

Yan Fang swallowed a mouthful of saliva, his throat dry and his heart beating wildly .

After all, these were pristine lotus seeds .

He tried to win over Bai Li by offering her a luxurious fruit, but now he felt that Bai Li had just thrown money right at his face .

Yan Fang was truly embarrassed, he could not lose face anymore .

“I… I’ll pass!” Yan Fang said .

Bai Li withdrew her hand firmly and dropped the humble act .

“Hmm, my hubby doesn’t like to eat these either . He says that a little bit of this is enough, anything more would be wasteful!”

Bai Li ate another lotus seed . It would be wasteful for Qin Feng to eat more of the seeds as there was a limit to how much a human body could carry the seeds’ power, and Qin Feng had reached his limits .

However, there was no such limit for an ultra beast like Bai Li .

Yan Fang’s face turned blue as he watched Bai Li devour the seeds .

At this moment, he stared at Qin Feng’s shadowy figure from afar . He could only imagine how difficult it was for Qin Feng to have a lady like her!

The price it took to please a beauty like Bai Li was too much!

Yan Fang would have to reconsider his plans .

At this time, Qin Feng was in the middle of the battle and he sensed the situation between Bai Li and Yan Fang from a distance .

“Why did he look for you?” Qin Feng used his consciousness to communicate with Bai Li .

Bai Li, likewise, replied with her consciousness .

“He wanted to treat me to some icy-flesh fruit, but it did not provide enough energy, and it was just the size of a fingernail . Stingy guy!”

“Yan Fang is not stingy,” laughed Qin Feng .

That was why raising a girl was a difficult job, and they could not be abducted easily by others .

Bai Li was a young bride raised by Qin Feng, but at the very beginning, Qin Feng raised her as his own daughter .

There was no way she could be so easily fooled and lured away by others .

“Hmph, I called him stingy as an excuse for himself, do you think that I didn’t know what he was up to? I knew it was just a Greek gift and he was up to no good, girls these days can’t accept anything from strangers, especially milk tea!”

“What else did you see?” Qin Feng’s face darkened .

“Nothing much . Moreover, my consciousness is telling me that Yan Fang has some bad motives!”

Yan Fang thought that Bai Li was just a sweet innocent girl . In fact, Bai Li was more sensitive than anyone else, and she could even clearly sense the aura of the people around her .

“Indeed, he’s planning on something bad . I guess he’s either trying to stir up trouble or buy people’s hearts! You wait there, I’ll be right there in just a moment!”

Qin Feng quickened his movements and cleared the surrounding worm beasts with lightning speed as he headed toward Bai Li .

Yan Fang’s eyebrows furrowed when his keen senses picked up that Qin Feng was approaching them . He quickly relaxed his face .

“Mr Qin, it’s better seeing you work in person than listening to the rumors . There is so much fuss over your side that I couldn’t help but to come over and observe a bit!” Yan Fang said .

“Alright then, finish up quickly . If you don’t mind, help out my girlfriend too . She doesn’t like to get her hands dirty . ”

“Haha, girls don’t like to fight, so we should protect them!”

“Yeah, but she’s not weak . If she gets into the fighting mood, I’m not sure if I would even be a worthy opponent to her!”

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Yan Fang did not know if Qin Feng was joking or not, but he knew Bai Li was powerful . Otherwise, he would not have been tempted to come here to steal Qin Feng’s girlfriend .

“It’s getting late, I’ll clear out this area and return later . Mr Yan, try your best too!”

After saying so, Qin Feng raised the hand cannon and fired it at the ground .

The worm beasts were enraged and crawled out of the ground .

The expression on Yan Fang’s face changed . “Huh, you continue with your work, I’ll leave first!”

Seeing that Qin Feng was so brazen, Yan Feng chickened out and quickly retreated . Even so, he was still ambushed by a D-tier golden sand worm and it took him ten minutes to defeat it, leaving him frightened with cold sweat .

On the other side, Qin Feng began his massacre once again!

In a day’s time, Qin Feng had killed nearly ten thousand golden sand worms, which was considered to be an over-achievement .


The combat hover copters arrived to greet the crowd, and one of them stopped above Qin Feng .

“Mr Qin, it’s me, I’ll bring you back!”

Qin Feng heard the person through his consciousness, then the figure appeared at the door of the hover copter .

It was Han Nuan, the E-tier gunner who he had rescued yesterday .

“Go check it out!”

Qin Feng held on to Bai Li as peacock flames appeared behind him, allowing him to take off into the sky .

The two of them got inside the hover copter and Han Nuan closed the cabin door . He maneuvered the hover copter back to Shadong Town .

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“Mr Qin, Ms Bai, thank you so much for yesterday . I had too many things to deal with yesterday, and today I finally found this opportunity to properly thank the both of you . Oh, and this, thank you Ms Bai!”

Han Nuan took out a compressed decomposing blaster, it was the same blaster Bai Li had given Han Nuan to save his own life .

Han Nuan was a little embarrassed . “I don’t have much money with me right now, so I’ve only filled the energy inside the blaster halfway . Besides, I’ve only found this job today, so I’m afraid I’m going to be poor at the moment!”

Han Nuan was caught by Deng Gong, and the spatial rune equipment he had on must have been taken away .

It could be said that he was back to square one .

However, Han Nuan had some other ideas .

“Mr Qin, if you don’t mind, I can pay off my debts by working under you . You’ve been clearing up the golden sand worms recently, so I can help you to organize the sand worm materials and I can guarantee you that my fee would be way less than handing the materials over to the Wanzong Organization, how about it?”

Han Nuan looked at Qin Feng expectantly .

“You want to be my agent for Shadong Town?” Qin Feng clanked the armrest and spoke Han Nuan’s mind .

“Yes, and I think I can handle the job well! That’s why I recommended myself!”

Qin Feng nodded . He knew Han Nuan would not lie to him as he dared not do so .

With Qin Feng’s current strength and the prestige he had obtained from several battles, it would not be difficult to believe that many people would want to be Qin Feng’s underling .

But they did not have the chance .

Han Nuan was the first to get this chance, and he definitely would not be the last .

“Sure, and I hope you won’t disappoint me!”

“Don’t worry, Sir, I’ll do my absolute best!”

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Qin Feng did not accept the blaster . “Since you’re now my underling, you can’t have no weapons at all, so keep this for self-protection . ”

“Ah, well, thank you, Sir!” This further ensured Han Nuan that he did not make the wrong choice .

Qin Feng was planning to have Xue Xingfu come to Shadong Town once he had advanced to E-tier, but now it seemed that there was no need for that much trouble anymore .

Qin Feng’s underling circle was gradually expanding as well!

Once the hover copter had returned to Shadong Town, Qin Feng gave all of the harvest for the day to Han Nuan .

Han Nuan was astonished as he tallied up the batch of goods .

Before this, Dacheng Organization had C-tier aptitude users to exterminate beast emperors . It took them a lot of effort and two months of preparation to round up the ultra beast pack and finally kill the beast emperor . The materials they had obtained from the mission piled up like mountains .

Dacheng Organization had at least four to five hundred members, all of whom were elites .

But Qin Feng was a one-man team, and he could outdo Dacheng Organization with just a day’s work .

This made Han Nuan extremely excited .

“For today’s statistics, it is estimated that there is two hundred forty million worth of materials . ”

“Alright, go deal with it, there’s no need to return this money to me!”

It was only two hundred million worth of materials . Qin Feng did not mind too much right now .

“Oh right, come to the frontline with me tomorrow and help me to collect the materials . Remember to come pick us up at eight o’clock!” Qin Feng instructed .

“Roger, Sir!” Han Nuan replied .