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Master of the End Times - Chapter 341

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:31:02 AM

Chapter 341: Worm Beast Tide

Chapter 341: Worm Beast Tide

In the following week, Qin Feng had teamed up with the Freemen Alliance and were fighting the golden sand worms .

The nest of the golden sand worms was in the North Sea Desert and was not far from Shadong Town, which was the reason why the golden sand worms frequently troubled Shadong Town .

As a result of their efforts, Shadong Town had become calm and peaceful . At least no large-scale invasions had occurred in the recent days .

The closer they got to their nest, the more the sand worms appeared, and the more powerful they became .

Among the golden sand desert .

There was a sea of flames .

Qin Feng fought hard to kill the sand worms .

As the flames continued to spread every second, the sand worms’ death toll began to rise . Qin Feng’s body continuously absorbed the energy left behind by the beast corpses .

Qin Feng had killed at least one hundred thousand sandworms in the past few days .

And the number only continued to increase every day .

The humongous sand worms had also provided Qin Feng with immense power and increased his strength .

After absorbing the D-tier beast emperor crystal core, his base strength had increased exponentially . Besides that, he had gone on several emergency missions and finished off the sand lizardfolk and their queen .

Now, his powers had grown even stronger .


The strength of Qin Feng’s physical body flesh suddenly skyrocketed .

An intimidating and paralyzing aura began to spread from within his body .

It was the aura that only a beast emperor could possess when it was at the peak of its limit .

The aura spread so fast that even if Qin Feng were to withdraw his saber, the aura would still spread at lightning speed .

The other people among the Freemen Alliance were slightly stunned . All of them looked in Qin Feng’s direction .

“Did Qin Feng just advance to the next tier again?”

“Does that mean he’s a D1-tier now?”

“Isn’t that too soon? Maybe before he received his certificate for D-tier, his body had already accumulated so much energy that he was about to reach the next tier!”

As human beings, they were not quite able to carefully distinguish the power between kings and emperors . They only knew that Qin Feng’s aura was powerful and his strength was explosive .

And at this time, it was not just the human beings that were able to sense Qin Feng’s aura .

Their current location was already close to the golden sand worm’s nest . Due to the mass massacres over the past few days, it had upset the Golden Sand Worm Queen and it could no longer sit still!

Qin Feng’s ascension was a signal .

A signal of rivalry .

Although the sandworm queen knew that Qin Feng had the strength of an emperor, a human emperor, it was still not enough to terrorize the other tribes .

On this earth, there were many powerful invaders .

But in regards to a tiny puny human being, their strength and physique were still too far behind .

Suddenly, everyone’s communicators began to emit a sharp alarm .

“Warning, warning! A large-scale beast tide is approaching!”

“The aura of a king-class beast has been sensed nearby!”

“Emergency retreat!”

On the screen of the communicators, red dots began to appear on the map wildly . In the blink of an eye, the entire screen turned scarlet .

One aptitude user looked up abruptly and saw dust and sand rising up at the edge of the desert, followed by a golden flash of light .

Under the sunlight and with the yellow sand as the backdrop, it was easy to make out that the shadows were clearly a tide of densely packed sand worm beasts!


The aptitude user was too close to the tide . He dared not stand there any longer and turned around to flee .


With one foot landing on the ground, he activated his qinggong, giving him three extra pairs of legs so he could run faster .

“Combat hover copters, quick, come and get them!”

“The worm tide has broken out, and it’s a medium-sized tide!”

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While they were screaming for their lives, a combat hover copter appeared in the sky .

It was Sky Dweller!

At the frontline of the battlefield, Qin Feng was the first to notice the air disturbance!

He immediately unleashed Dragon Steps and found Bai Li .

Sky Dweller had always been inside Bai Li’s space, and the two quickly boarded the hover copter . Qin Feng sat in the pilot’s seat and quickly revved up the engine .

Before Qin Feng’s rebirth, he had a feeble physique and was weak compared to the others . Although he might have lost his consciousness, his conscious strength was still retained .

It could be said that he was half of a gunner, and he only truly became an ancient warrior once he had reached C-tier .

And now, his knowledge as an ex-gunner once again came into play .

The Sky Dweller began to accelerate sharply .

Qin Feng could see countless golden sand worms below the hover copter .

The remaining sand worms on the ground were already on the move!


Qin Feng maneuvered Sky Dweller to make a quick shift in direction .

Then, in the desert, a wall of ten meters in height and a hundred meters in length was erected from the ground!

“Great Earth Wall!”

It was Chen Xiang’s skill!

“Brother Chen, get up here!” Qin Feng sent out the message with his conscious power .

“Sky Barrier!”

Chen Xiang was calm and composed while forming a formidable fortress from the ground . In the blink of an eye, the fortress rose thirty meters into the sky .

He used his consciousness to control the sand and stone blocks, positioning it close to the Sky Dweller . With a single leap, he got on the hover copter .

Just as his front foot took off from the wall, behind him, the tall great wall was instantly swarmed by countless golden sand worms . The spot he had his foot on was engulfed by the sand worms .

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There were too many of them!

“Quick, rescue the others!” Chen Xiang shouted .


Two energy cannonballs were shot out, bombarding the sand worms .

At the same time, one F-tier aptitude user in the frontline was drowned by the sand worms!

“Brother Gao!” Chen Xiang could sense the situation outside with his consciousness . His heart was now racking with pain .

The Sky Dweller descended rapidly .

Soon, it was hovering twenty meters above the ground!

“Bai Li, do it!”

Qin Feng shouted loudly .

Bai Li instantly jumped out from the hatch .


With the flick of her whip, rays of silvery lights crackled within a hundred meters from her position, and tiny cracks began to fill up the air .

In the blink of an eye, all the worms that were within the whip’s range were crushed into pieces .

None of the worms survived .

A human figure was seen trying to shake off the worms and escape on the area that was left intact .

The internal force covering his body had not been broken!

“Brother Gao!” Chen Xiang was delighted to see him .

“Go!” Bai Li wrapped the ancient warrior with her conscious energy and flung him into the air, instantly returning him into the Sky Dweller .

“Holy sh*t! I thought I was dead!” Gao Li said as he tried to gasp for air .

“I thought you were dead too, but lucky for you, we’ve Miss Bai here!” Chen Xiang let out a sigh of relief .

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“Words can’t describe how thankful I am for your help! If you require any help in the future, I would gladly provide my assistance!”

“Keep that for later!” Bai Li waved her hand, not minding Gao Li’s gratitude .

In her opinion, it was just a small matter .

Qin Feng’s Sky Dweller was able to zoom through the air at lightning speed, and he even picked up four more people . Fortunately, nothing happened to the D-tier aptitude users .

They were the main forces of Shadong Town .


Shadong Town’s combat hover copters were dispatched .

The aptitude users who were frantically escaping from the battlefield were picked up by the hover copters .

This time, everyone was safe .


An ear-shattering roar was heard coming from the center of the beast tide .

Then, an extremely large, four-storey tall golden sand worm appeared .

This golden sand worm was different from the other worms . Its body was jade white, which was very beautiful and appealing, but the aura emanating from her body was frightening .

“It’s the Golden Sand Worm Queen!”

A king-level beast .

The Golden Sand Worm Queen finally made her move!

“Warn Shadong Town, prepare to activate wide-area assault weapons . Today’s harvest is going to be huge!” Qin Feng sent out the warning quickly .

“Message received, execute the order immediately!”

Hu Liang’s voice was heard

It was obvious that they were going big this time!