Master of the End Times - Chapter 343

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Chapter 343: The Golden Sand Worm Queen

Chapter 343: The Golden Sand Worm Queen


Once again, Qin Feng shot down another combat hovercopter .

Only one purple hovercopter remained . It was Lin Shi .

On the ground, the over twenty D-tier aptitude users who had crashed were unable to do much against the swarm of insects . They could only fight and run at the same time .

In the skies, the two were still in battle .

Inside the Sky Dweller, Chen Siang and the rest had tied themselves down to the ship as they feel the intense heat of the battle .

“How unexpected, Qin Feng could actually work the gunslinger interface!”

“It must be Lin Shi in the Leitang!”

“Lin Shi is one heck of a gunslinger! His consciousness energy is astounding!”

Bai Li gave a cold shoulder . “Well he’s not gonna beat my husband! Hmph!”

Of course he couldn’t . Qin Feng had absorbed the beast emperor crystal core . His consciousness level was almost abnormal .

Everybody knew Qin Feng was strong . They just did not know how strong he was .

At that moment, inside the Leitang, Lin Shi’s consciousness was wearing out fast . The battle had only gone on for a mere 10 minutes but he was already covered sweat .

“Bastards, why are you still fighting? An internal squabble at this moment? Stop right now, all of you!”

A hovercopter appeared . This craft was much bigger than both Leitang and the Sky Dweller’s . It was three times the size of the Leitang and four times the size of the Sky Dweller .

It was Hu Liang’s personal craft!

He had been screaming on top of his lungs at his communication device for some time now . Caught in the heat of the battle, the two men had both turned off their devices .

Since the beast emperor had appeared, Hu Liang would have been there personally as well . He was also there to stop Qin Feng and Lin Shi .

Or to put it more accurately, he was there to stop Lei Chang .

Qin Feng stopped pursuing . The Sky Dweller disengaged from the battle .

On the other side, the Leitang too held off its attacks . Lin Shi took down his helmet and took a long breath .

“Damn, that was impossible!” Lin Shi punched so hard in his cockpit that a depression appeared .

It was not a duel between ancient martial artists or ability users . It was a duel between gunslingers!

And Qin Feng won that round .

“Bring us down!” Lei Chang’s face was pale .

The three hovercopters almost landed at the same time .

They had no choice as well . Hundreds were already on the ground, fighting with the beast emperor!

The battle was at its most dangerous point .

As the Sky Dweller touched the ground, Cheng Siang, Gao Li, and the rest emerged . They glared at Lei Chang and his crews but they were not brave enough to say anything .

Qin Feng was the last to emerge from the Sky Dweller . Bai Li raised her hand . The Sky Dweller was tucked away into the space .

The two groups walked together .

Hu Liang was in the middle .

“No matter what grudge you have, put it aside! Get ready for battle now!”

Lei Chang sneered at Qin Feng .

“I still can’t forget that episode at the auction!”

Qin Feng’s eyes were cold as well .

“Didn’t you use up a lot of bandages? What a pity, such a waste!”

The two’s eyes were so fierce that knives could fly out from them .

“Stop bickering, get into the battle!”

Hu Liang roared once again .

Hu Liang had a bad temper . But since they were all D-tier aptitude users, he wasn’t able to persuade them .

Although they did not care for Hu Liang, they still respected the human alliance . They finally joined the fight .

The slight delay had cost the D-tiered aptitude users .

Two people died .

In the wilderness, death was all too common .

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However, D-tiers aren’t some helpless children . It takes ten to twenty years to train up to a D-tier . Dying just like that was a great loss to the humans .

Qin Feng’s expressions became more serious .

In a distance, the Golden Sand Queen’s sights locked onto Qin Feng as well .

She must’ve felt that the beast emperor came from Qin Feng .

How could a puny human become a beast emperor? For the insect Queen, it was unfathomable .

However, that did not stop her from making Qin Feng her biggest enemy .


The Golden Sand Worm Queen’s giant mouth began moving . She screeched in an enraged protest .

The Queen came rushing in with innumerable feet on both sides of her body .

Although her size was big, her speed was fast .


A D-tiered aptitude user could not move out of her way in time . He was crushed in the desert .


Blood spouted from the gaps between the bug’s feet . A D-tiered aptitude died, just like that .

The remaining D-tiered aptitude users were shocked . They quickly moved out of the way .

Only Qin Feng remained at his feet . Even Chen Siang and the rest did not dare to face the Golden Sand Queen head-on .

The Golden Sand Worm Queen was a D3-tiered beast emperor . She had no supernatural abilities but her physical defense was exceptionally high .

The insectoids consume energy from the sand to strengthen themselves . They could continuously evolve .

They were bugs that had a high defense point .

Their attacks weren’t weak as well for the humans .

They had razor-sharp teeth and fast movement speed . Once bitten, they could even consume internal hard qi as well .

The queen was only a hundred meters away from Qin Feng now .

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Finally, Qin Feng made his move!

Instead of retreating, he went forward .

A courageous charge forward .

With his current strength, he had no fear of the beast emperor .


The Verdant Emperor Saber came down in one fell swoop .


There was a flash of light as it hit the Golden Sand Worm Queen that vanished upon contact .

The light that was formed by the internal qis could not break open the queen’s carapace .


The Golden Sand Worm Queen raised her innumerable feet and swept her body at Qin Feng .

It was more of a crush than a sweep .


The two creatures collided .


Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber was stuck on the queen’s body .

At that very instance, the queen’s pure-white carapace turned into pieces of sharp blades .

The blades were slicing against Qin Feng as though he were about to be dismembered .


An ear-screeching voice came out from his internal hard qi .

Qin Feng stepped on the queen’s body and leaped out almost thirty over meters .

The flaming peacock appeared behind him to allow him to land .

“Fiery peacock!”

A wave of blue flame came pouring down .

The jaded-white carapace of the Golden Sand Worm Queen quickly moved about and formed a golden shield .

It was the same move that had deflected the D-tiered destructive round .

The Golden Sand Worm Queen was much stronger than the Sand Lizardfolk Queen .

At that moment, a person appeared on the other side of the Golden Sand Worm Queen .

Dressed in white, the person was wearing a fire crystal jewelry . There was a silver-colored whip in her hand .

It was Bai Li!


The silver whip moved about in a streak of silver light .

The spatial runes burst in the air .

Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof!

Several wounds soon tore open from the jade-white carapace of the Golden Sand Worm Queen . Gold-colored blood was oozing from the wound .


The queen was agonizing in pain . It turned around and glared at Bai Li .


The Golden Sand Worm Queen charged toward Bai Li at an explosive speed as she attempts to crush her!


Bai Li disappeared from where she was standing .

Qin Feng appeared once again .

“Hell Magma!”


A scorching hot magma pool emerged from the ground, spitting a huge column of lava which blew the Golden Sand Worm Queen into the sky .

Underneath the Golden Sand Worm Queen’s body was actually a gigantic mouth!