Master of the End Times - Chapter 346

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Chapter 346: Profit Distribution

Chapter 346: Profit Distribution

Everyone from the Freemen Alliance was feeling delighted and assured with their share of the loot .

Obviously, Qin Feng sounded as if he would favor them when it comes to distributing the loot .

In contrast, other aptitude users seemed to be dissatisfied with the outcome, however, they still had huge respect and reverence toward Qin Feng .

Qin Feng’s capability was indeed overpowered!

Without the presence of Qin Feng, they could forget about killing the queen and should be grateful that they were not annihilated by the worm queen instead!

Qin Feng had the absolute right with his actions!

Those who had understood the rationale behind would honor the decision .

“Without them, the number of ten thousand worm beasts would not be the maximum of what we encountered, it might have been up to twenty thousand . Although General Hu Liang from Shadong Town had the absolute right to segregate heavy combat forces that took care of the worms, however, there wasn’t much contribution in terms of facing the worm queen, am I right!”

Qin Feng looked at Hu Liang .

Hu Liang had obviously wanted items from the worm queen .

However, he was clear about his lack in power and knew that he had contributed too little to ask for his share .

Qin Feng continued, “Well, I will divide the items into ten portions, and General Hu will get to distribute two portions, what do you think? And you will have to decide how to distribute what you get!”

Hu Liang frowned and cursed at Qin Feng from the bottom of his heart for his cunning act .

It was indeed a disaster that had come out of nowhere .

The two portions from the items were worth about four billion, however, it had to be distributed to more than hundreds of people .

While Qin Feng had the remaining eight portions of the items, and he would only need to distribute it among forty people, hence, it was very obvious which side was getting the most out of it .

“Alright, I agree!”

Qin Feng then looked at Yan Fang .

“During the battle against the worm queen, I cooperated with the Freemen Alliance and contributed the most . If it weren’t because of everyone else, it would have been impossible to lure out the Golden Sand Worm Queen, therefore, I will distribute two portions that would be divided among everyone, agree?”

In other words, each person would only get a hundred million worth of flesh from the worm queen .

While Qin Feng had of course planned to save all of the energy cores for Bai Li!

“Alright, it is an easy hundred million, at least the beast king materials are worth much more than that, and each of it can be devoured or be used for rune equipment enhancement!” Chen Xiang took the lead to agree with the deal .

“Me too!”


“Of course, Mr Qin has the absolute right to totally exclude us from the distribution, as we were also assisted during the killings of the golden sand worms!”

The crowd began to express their agreement .

Yan Fang was left with no other choice but to force a smile and nod in agreement!

Being the manager of the Freemen Alliance, should he not be the one distributing the loot?

How could he allow even distribution of the items where everyone was only left with a hundred million each?

Yan Fang had the idea of getting Qin Feng to give half of the items including the beast king core, who would have ever known that it would end up this way .

He did not understand why everyone would conform to such an agreement, perhaps they were afraid of confronting Qin Feng .

“Since everyone has agreed, I’ll honor the decision then!” Yan Fang forced himself to conform .

Qin Feng nodded and replied, “Later on, I will get someone to itemize everything and pass them to General Hu and Mr Yan, and both of you shall do the distribution!”

“Alright!” Yan Fang had something in mind, he could still make use of the remaining items to his advantage .

“If there is nothing else, everyone shall dismiss now!” Hu Liang ordered and the crowd began to leave .

Hu Liang felt worried and looked toward Qin Feng . “Mr Qin, everyone saw that you were the one who killed Lei Chang, and it could mean trouble to you!”

Qin Feng replied calmly, “He was just too weak!”

He could not even withstand one hit from Qin Feng’s saber .

Hu Liang was left speechless and jealous as Qin Feng was indeed too powerful .

“You’ve got a point, however, the Leitang Organization would not accept such an answer for the death of their member!” Hu Liang warned .

“Well, then they can just come to me!”

Qin Feng had no fear toward the Leitang Organization .

Even if they were to send a C-tier aptitude user, he could still evade from the battle and escape .

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“Alright . I am just giving you a heads up to be more cautious, they might even assassinate you without any warning!”

“I can just leave this place and go somewhere else, I can be anywhere, why should I care?”

Qin Feng remained calm and smiled, he would rather have the three months for himself and not be required to fulfil the mandatory besiege that was outlined by the Human Alliance .

Furthermore, it was insanely taxing for the others to achieve tens of thousands of killings within eight days, and they might not even be able to achieve it within three months .

Qin Feng returned to the Shadong Town and handed over the items to Han Nuan so that she could take care of them .

The intense battle was exhausting, and Qin Feng needed to get some rest!

However, Qin Feng was only uninterrupted for a day before someone else came for him .

It was Chen Xiang!

Besides, there were also Gao Li and five others .

Qin Feng had known them briefly as they were once his partners, and he could still recall their names .

Qin Feng welcomed them into his apartment and served them drinks .

“What brings you guys here? Planning to throw a feast? For celebration?” Qin Feng asked .

“Pfft, what is there to celebrate? We wasted all of our past efforts!” Gao Li complained .

Qin Feng was puzzled and looked at them, as for the past seven to eight days, every D-tier aptitude users had been putting in hard work that could easily be rewarded with a hundred D-tier ultra beasts a day, while combined with other E-tiers, they would most probably end up with a hundred million, and that had yet to include the extra hundred million that was already distributed by him yesterday .

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After all, there should not be any losses .

Chen Xiang alerted Gao Li with a kick and continued to explain to Qin Feng, “It was Yan Fang, as you have outlined yesterday, everyone should have been allocated with a hundred million each, however, Yan Fang changed his mind as soon as he was handed over with the loots, it was then distributed according to level of contribution, and he favored those that have close relationships with him . ”

Qin Feng was shocked when he heard about it .

He had some water and continued to ask, “Brother Chen, are you trying to persuade me to redeem justice for the others?”

Gao Li seemed to agree with the statement, while the others had high expectations as they looked at Qin Feng .

It was only Chen Xiang that forced a smile and replied, “I do think that it is unnecessary to do so!”

After all, Yan Fang was a D8-tier ancient warrior, and it would not be easy to go against him .

Qin Feng let out a laugh and replied as he looked at them, “Well, it seems that the Freemen Alliance has also been disbanded?”

“It was merely a verbal agreement after all!” Gao Li replied .

Qin Feng continued, “I do think that you guys are trying to act dumb! With my current young age, I could already point out that there is something sketchy going on, and it would be impossible for all of you to be unaware of it, what are your intentions with me? Are you guys hoping that I would lead everyone to form another new alliance?”

It was rather awkward that Qin Feng already knew what they were up to .

Qin Feng chuckled and tabled out everything that they had in mind .

“Yan Fang has the capability of a D8-tier, and he could potentially achieve C-tier in the future, to be honest, the ultimate purpose for him to form the Freemen Alliance was only to recruit potential henchmen for himself, some may think that they might have a better future by following his footsteps, hence, they would rather get close to him, and he would reward them with favor . ”

Gao Li was dissatisfied and annoyed . “We wanted to serve him, however, at the very least, he should be fair in his distribution! It is totally unethical to bribe others with the loot that was given by you!”

“That is true, however, didn’t he just face the consequences? The alliance has already been disbanded!”

Qin Feng laughed and answered .