Master of the End Times - Chapter 347

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Chapter 347: Alliance Disbandment, Proposal Rejection

Chapter 347: Alliance Disbandment, Proposal Rejection

“It’s true!” Chen Xiang nodded and admitted to the fact .

It was totally accurate to say so, however, the plan where they worked together as the Freemen Alliance for the past few months had fallen apart on its own .

“What is your next move, Qin Feng? Form a team!’ Gao Li continued his question immediately .

Qin Feng barely smiled as he knew that Gao Li had wanted to ask about this .

Perhaps, this might be part of their plan .

A powerful figure to secure for themselves a reliable protection .

They had done the same thing when they got close with Yan Fang .

Battle in the wilderness would be less risky when there was reliable backup, especially when faced against another powerful opponent .

They were enjoying the assurance provided by Yan Fang; however, they did not want to bear the responsibility and be his henchmen .

Would things really go their way?

“I do not have plans for now, as I could easily harm others with my usual battle style, therefore, I would prefer to act alone!”

“That’s a great idea too!” Chen Xiang nodded and remained silent, as he was more familiar with Qin Feng than the others, he knew that Qin Feng only aimed for the beast king core during the last joint forces cooperation .

Joint forces were never about the amount of worm beast kills that could be secured, in another way, it was aimed to refrain the others from getting into Qin Feng’s way as he looted during the end of the battle .

This time, the Leitang Organization had encountered a rare and huge loss .

After all, Qin Feng had played a crucial role in decision making, while the others also had a certain amount of hidden dominance in the situation .

Everyone moved on to some other casual chats and ended up with nothing definite with the suggestion that they had .

Qin Feng was able to be more casually engaged .

However, the death of Lei Chang was also a show of dominance from Qin Feng to the others!

The others would have to think twice before acting against Qin Feng if they were to engage in a battle against him in the future .

After the battle, Qin Feng did not request any report plans from Hu Liang, and he went into the inner North Sea Desert with Bai Li .

There were countless ultra beasts within the desert and the majority of them were Insectoids .

Amidst the ultra beast tide, it was as if Qin Feng had become a dragon that was roaming freely in a wide ocean .

There would be killings repeated everyday to enhance his own capabilities .

However, it was a horrible situation for beast kings among the North Sea Desert .


A gigantic mutated cactus plant within the desert had collapsed .

It was a D-tier mutated plant king, however, Qin Feng had uprooted the entire plant as he sought after spines that were highly valuable, while the stem was also incredibly delicious, and it was even comparable with spirit herbs .

Moreover, a water-element-based D-tier beast king core was also within the body of the mutated plant .

Qin Feng had now claimed all of them for himself!



A brown beast-king-tier sand snake let out its miserable shriek, it was about fifty meters in length .

The snake that had always been an overlord was now faced with a powerful opponent .


Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber was glowing with blue lights while flames rained down a deadly hit onto the weak spot of the gigantic snake .

It struggled and suffered for a moment, and its movement began to slow down, until it lost its last breath .

Qin Feng skinned the gigantic snake and completely took away every single one of its tendons .


Horrifying screams were heard within a pitch-black underground tunnel, it was a gigantic black worm queen .


Under the night skies, hunters crawled out from a hidden spot and appeared in the dark, however, they were annihilated before they could even extend their sharpened claws .


Half a month had passed, Qin Feng was at his apartment while Han Nuan was reporting recent trades to him .

“…well, total income for the month would be 57 . 2 billion . ” Han Nuan had already gone through the numbers a hundred times to make sure there was not any mistake .

It was surprising that he had already taken care of such an unbelievable number of items within just a month .

Qin Feng nodded and answered, “That’s not bad, take this as your reward then!”

He handed out flesh from the worm queen, although it might be weaker when compared to any other ultra beast king, however, worm queens had high conscious energy, without any abilities, all of their conscious energy was embedded within their flesh .

It was indeed a beneficial reward for Han Nuan!

“Thank you, Boss!”

Han Nuan was instantly delighted with the reward .

“Alright, carry on with your tasks, I am about to head out now!”

Qin Feng had to meet with Lu Wanbao .

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While Han Nuan continued to sort out ordinary materials that Qin Feng had obtained from his hunts, the trade between Qin Feng and Lu Wanbao had never stopped .

Within half a month, Qin Feng had already taken down four beast kings and passed on the materials to Wanzong, and those items were worth about one hundred twenty billion .

Hence, Qin Feng had built up his credit limits at Wanzong to an extremely high amount, and he was also rewarded with premium services .

This time around, Qin Feng was going to trade for the D-tier beast king energy cores that he had gotten Lu Wanbao to collect!

Most of the items obtained from Qin Feng’s hunts were ability cores worth three times more than an energy core, they were all exchanged directly with cash .

Both of them were satisfied with their trade partnership .

Although Lu Wanbao had not found out the reason for Qin Feng to seek after such a huge number of beast king cores, he had profited a huge sum from the past half month .

“Before I forget, Mr Qin, I have news about the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor feathers that you were looking to sell, somebody has reached out to me, and I have it sorted out for you!”

Lu Wanbao spoke as he took out his communicator and sent across an image to Qin Feng .

Qin Feng took a glance and was rather surprised by it . “Sun steel?”

It was a fire element that was similar with the star steel, and it was scorching hot .

Upon melting, it could also be used in creating outstanding weaponry .

Furthermore, it was totally irreplaceable .

However, it was not an easy task to achieve its melting point, and the high cost of production was also unaffordable by many .

“That’s right, the sun steel is about 2 kilograms in weight, slightly larger than its average size, however, the seller has requested for every single one of your remaining Blue Flame Peacock Emperor feathers, and that would be worth about…”

It was not a fair trade; Qin Feng would definitely be at a loss if he were to incur the costs of manufacturing the outstanding weaponries!

However, Qin Feng had the Magical Tesseract with him .

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“Deal!” Qin Feng answered .

“Alright, I’ll make the contact now, hold on for half an hour for me!”

“Hmm, alright!”

Qin Feng waited in the special guest room along with Bai Li, they were entertained by films provided by Wanzong .


It was at that moment, within the Four Cities of the North Sea, the Xue family paid respects to their great ancestor, the family was now left with much fewer members, and they were living within a small ancient village .

Xue Jinkuang was the head of the family, a C-tier aptitude user .

He had a head full of grey hair, and without any proper attire, he still looked exceptionally young .

He looked as if he was only twenty years old .

The Blood Secret Art had successfully restored his youth .

Of course, Xue Jinkuang had to absorb a large amount of blood to maintain the secret art .

“How was the investigation?” Xue Jinkuang asked briefly .

“All sorted out!” Xue Yumang, the fourth elder of the Xue family, was standing before Xue Jinkuang .

As the search on the Tangshan Mountain had come to an end, Xue Yumang was able to return to the Xue family to take charge of the situation .

“That Bloodhunter that came earlier has already disappeared without a trace, perhaps he might be avoiding revenge from our family, however, before he left, he has sold every item to the underground black market at the Three Cities along the Sun, the influential owner behind it is Qin Feng!”