Master of the End Times - Chapter 348

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:30:50 AM

Chapter 348: A Familiar Face

Chapter 348: A Familiar Face

“Qin Feng . ” Xue Jingkuang actually found the name quite familiar .

“That’s right, he’s the one who took the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor crystal core, able to do ancient martial arts as well as use abilities . Someone who isn’t easy to deal with!”

Xue Jingkuang sneered, “Can’t let someone like that profit from everything!”

“Yes, why is this kid the one reaping all the benefits? Not only that, he has the secret of the Overcast Dragon, which Bloodhunter probably sold to him, and not only that he has pristine lotus seeds too! And the things that Bloodhunter ripped from our household was also sold in that underground black market!”

Those things had even attracted a few D-tier powerhouses, but nobody dared to go to the Fengli colony to cause trouble . After all, Qin Feng was the one who obtained the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor crystal core and mutated his fire ability into blue fire, meaning that he was not someone to be trifled with .

“Oh!” Xue Jingkuang contemplated the issue, trying to figure out if it was worth it or not .

Xue Yumang got increasingly heated as he continued to speak .

“And I’ve heard from someone that Qin Feng had hunted and killed many beast kings, and made a deal with Wanzhong to exchange for two hundred billion worth of beast king crystal cores!”

That made Xue Jingkuang’s eyes instantly glint .

“Are you sure about this news?”

“Eighty percent, the trade is happening today . Until now, I still don’t know why someone would want so many crystal cores!” Xue Yumang said, looking very agitated . “But, that two hundred billion is in his account . If we were to kill him, we would receive nothing . Now, he’s using it to buy crystal cores…”

In other words, killing Qin Feng was basically having two hundred billion yuan drop from the skies .

Now that really got Xue Jingkuang’s interest .

A C-tier aptitude user’s income was not very stable . Between battling and adventuring, there simply would not be enough disposable income for half a year, and if there were enough, it would have been spent within a year .

According to the price of C-tier ultra beast materials, a C-tier ultra beast general crystal core would be around twenty million while a C-tier ultra beast king crystal core was about thirty billion .

Two hundred billion, that was close to seven C-tier ultra beast king crystal cores .

All he needed to do was to kill one person and that would save him years of hard work . That was like a free lunch .

Xue Jingkuang was very tempted by the idea and at the same time, jealous of Qin Feng .

“This Qin Feng must still have some special talent, if not, it would be impossible to obtain such a vast amount of wealth . This is worth my time to take action!”

Greed flashed across Xue Yumang’s eyes .

However, the Xue family was a dark ancient warrior family, tyranny and robbery were things all too common for them .

This time, they were merely aiming for a larger target .


In Shadong Town, Qin Feng and Lu Wanbao shook hands .

“Qin Feng, please take care of our business if you can in the future!”

“Naturally! Thank you too!”

As Lu Wanbao watched Qin Feng leave, he was thinking about how enigmatic the man was .

“If this guy grows up well, he’s definitely going to be a really, really important person!”

However, growing up in the end times was a difficult task, there were many dangers in the wilderness and people were not afraid of trying to kill each other .

Qin Feng was quite happy at that time, driving the Silver Bolt back to their apartment with Bai Li .

“Do you think you can become a C-tier in one go? After that I don’t need to worry about you!”

Bai Li became D-tier within a month, now Qin Feng had completely emptied out his account, even using the tens of billions he had brought over from before . He instantly became a pauper, but if Bai Li became C-tier that would be double insurance for him .

That night, Qin Feng let Bai Li enter the Battlegod Tomb . For the next two to three days, she would not leave the area .

Qin Feng did not sit around idling either, the next day he went out to hunt .

Beep beep .

His communicator began to ring loudly, realizing that it was an emergency signal from Shadong Town the moment he looked down .

“D-tier ultra beast general attacking Shadong Town . Calling all D-tiers to return . Calling all D-tiers to return . ”

Shandong Town really was a place that could be destroyed at any moment .

Qin Feng was not too far from Shadong Town and did not take out Cloud Nine . Instead he activated his ability, causing a pair of bright blue phoenix-like wings to burst out behind him as he soared toward Shadong Town .

Within three to four minutes, Qin Feng could see the town’s buildings, not only that, he could also see a group of massive creatures .


A mammoth was a megafauna from a distant ancient time, it looked like an elephant but had long, shaggy hair and larger tusks .

This kind of insectoid had similar traits to a mammoth, but instead of four legs, they had squirming bodies like that of a millipede, bearing large tusks and were covered in shaggy hair .

They had immense physical strength and an astonishing food intake, they also traveled in herds .

At a glance, there were about a hundred of them, one of which was a beast general .

Crack crack!

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The stones on the ground were getting cracked by their stampede . Each of them were the size of a minivan .

As for the beast general, it was the size of a truck .

“Tut tut tut tut!”

Countless artillery fire began to cover this group of ultra beasts, with decomposition blasters cutting into the creatures’ bodies .

A mammothpede locked onto a target and began to charge, countless insectoid legs pushing it forward like a freight train .

A tusk pierced through the body of a person who did not have enough time to escape .


The person was pierced through the waist, guts and all spilling out .

With a shake of its head, the body was flung into the stampeding herd, disappearing among them in the blink of an eye .

The battlefield was extremely cruel .

“Fire Dragon Art!’

Qin Feng was one hundred meters away from the insectoid herd, mobilizing his consciousness and unleashing a blue flaming dragon toward the ground .


The dragon wrapped itself around the beast general’s body and tightened its grip .


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Qin Feng pulled out the Verdant Emperor Saber and slashed down toward the beast general’s flank .


A tender white liquid spewed out from its body!

The beast general’s body was split in half by a single blow from Qin Feng!

The creature still wanted to fight back, but Qin Feng was too strong and it definitely was unable to defend itself in this situation . After another quick slash, the creature was taken care of .

That fight was over in the matter of seconds .

Then, Qin Feng began to wreak havoc upon the field, and within a few minutes, the only things left in the desert near Shadong Town were the massive bodies of the ultra beasts .

“Qin Feng! After you’ve arrived in Shadong Town, things have gotten a lot easier!”

Hu Liang walked over with a bright smile on his face, he had expected a hard fight but as soon as Qin Feng arrived, the load was lightened by a large margin!

“It’s what I’m supposed to do,” Qin Feng stated .

At this moment, Qin Feng could acutely sense that someone had locked onto him with a malicious gaze!

He was surprised!

He looked up and found himself looking at a familiar face!