Master of the End Times - Chapter 349

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Chapter 349: Lei Chen and Interrogation

Chapter 349: Lei Chen and Interrogation

It turned out to be Sea City’s mayor, Lei Chen .

“Qin Feng, you’ve got a lot of nerve!”

Lei Chen looked furious, not even trying to hide the anger in his gaze .

“Hasn’t Mayor Lei already seen just how much nerve I have back in Tangshan Ridge?” Qin Feng gave him a coy smile .

If it were not for nerves, how could he take on beast kings?

If it were not for nerves, how could he have instigated a battle between the beast kings and the beast emperor?

If it were not for nerves, how could he have intimidated every D-tier that tried to force their way on him?

Lei Chen’s expression dropped like it was molten iron, he was fiercely staring at Qin Feng but could not find a single hint of a flustered look on Qin Feng’s face .

“Qin Feng, are you really not afraid of Leitang?”

Lei Chang was dead so Lei Chen came over to take over the Leitang Organization, the news he heard was of grudges and of revenge .

But when it came to facing down Qin Feng, he was not very confident . However, a man still needed to put on a front and do what should have been done .

“If you want to make someone scared, then you should have some power . You’re just a cat draped in tiger skin, nothing you have is worth my fear!” Qin Feng boomed .

As the sun set, Qin Feng’s tall figure began to glow with a murderous look, as scarlet as the setting sun as the sunset’s light shone on his face .

Clap! Clap! Clap!

A clapping sound suddenly rang out . A slow, sarcastic clapping sound .

Everyone subconsciously shifted their eyes in that direction . In the corpse-riddled wilderness, the sound of this applause was very ear-piercing .

A young man with white hair and piercing eyes caught Qin Feng’s attention . At that moment, Qin Feng’s pupils abruptly shrank .

“Oh how brave you are, looks like even the Xue family can’t put fear in you!”

Qin Feng’s heart skipped a beat .

Xue Jinkuang!

Why did he come here?

Did Bloodhunter’s identity get exposed?

His mind was reeling .

At this moment, Xue Jinkuang was already nearby . The distance between them was only about ten meters .

This was a very dangerous distance .

Qin Feng slowly straightened his back, like he was pulling a bowstring, making himself taut .

Facing a C-tier was something that Qin Feng did not want to take lightly .

“Qin Feng, everything that belongs to the Xue family are things not easily taken . Everything that Bloodhunter had, hand it over . Then, I’ll ask our head to spare your life!”

That came from Xue Yumang, who was standing beside Xue Jinkuang, who said it in a threatening voice .

After hearing that, Qin Feng concluded that the Xue family did not know Bloodhunter’s true identity . Xue Yumang’s words had another meaning, it was to introduce Xue Jinkuang’s identity .

Xue Jinkuang, the Head of the Xue family, a C-tier powerhouse .

Everyone around them started to chatter .

“He’s Xue Jinkuang!”

“What’s going on? Why is there a C-tier here?”

“What do you mean what’s going on? Isn’t it obvious? Qin Feng’s in trouble!”

Dark ancient warrior families would have been persecuted in the past, hunted down and killed off if that were possible . However, in the end times, human lives were worthless and nobody was willing to risk it to hold some desperate and lousy belief in justice .

Only when it was profitable, people would go after such families . When it was not, people would prefer to just avoid them .

Now that a strong C-tier had appeared, that was enough to make everyone nearby move further away and hide in a safe place!

At this time, Xue Jinkuang waved his hand . His movement was slow and graceful, it was at that moment that people could see that he had the air of a weather-beaten senior .

“Don’t say that . I’m not likely to go so far as to murder someone, as long as Mr . Qin is willing to give back the items!”

“Bloodhunter’s things? I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Even if Qin Feng knew, he would still act as if he did not know anything .

“Qin Feng, don’t pretend to be oblivious . Bloodhunter escaped to the Three Cities along the Sun and sold things in your underground black market . You have pristine lotus seeds, learned the Overcast Dragon technique and you drive around a Silver Bolt! That’s all the things that Bloodhunter gave to you!” Xue Yumang sharply retorted .

Qin Feng did not hide these things . He openly used them so people would not be suspicious .

Now that this was pointed out, Qin Feng understood the Xue family’s plan .

This was a good cop, bad cop scenario . Temptation and threats .

He replied, “I don’t know the guest’s identity . Our underground black market never asks about it . It’s just your standard transaction!”

“You don’t need to know! Just the Xue family knowing is good enough!” Xue Yumang said with a sneer . “Give us the items!”

Qin Feng’s expression became a slightly mocking one . “If you want to buy something, you could have said so . You give the money and I’ll give the items!”

Of course, he was not going to yield to them so easily . There was not a single hint of softening in his attitude!

“Haha!” Xue Jinkuang began to laugh . “It’s been a few decades since someone dared to ask the Xue family for money!’

Qin Feng had a smirk forming at the corner of his mouth . “That someone is right here!”

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Murderous intent flickered in Xue Jinkuang’s eyes .

“It seems that I need to remind people just who makes the decisions in the Xue family, otherwise they would think that any random person could threaten my family!”

Bloodhunter had already pummeled the Xue family’s reputation into the ground, but Xue Jinkuang did not expect his arrival to not shock this D-tier aptitude user .

He had no idea that this person in front of him was Bloodhunter, the very person that took on his family . Naturally, the person would not be afraid .

“Qin Feng, was it? I did say I wasn’t going to kill you . You’re Shadong Town’s hero of the day after all! But, today, I think I’ll just snap off one of your hands!”

Xue Jinkuang’s eyes were sharp and swept to Qin Feng’s hands . He noticed that he was wearing a silver ornament on one of his wrists .

Spatial buttons .

How could a C-tier like him not recognize this kind of item from the very beginning? If he were to remove Qin Feng’s hand, he would be able to get those spatial buttons as well .

Killing two birds with one stone!

With a cry, Xue Jinkuang was the first to make a move!

A sea of blood suddenly filled everyone’s vision .

He moved abruptly and boldly . A C-tier had a deep pool of internal force!

Qin Feng’s internal force was just liquid and only had around eleven groups, and was just a little bit above what could be considered as a deep pool . He was akin to an ancient warrior who had just recently reached C-tier .

Xue Jinkuang was a C2-tier ancient warrior . His internal force was double that!

He had Qin Feng beat in the internal force department .

Qin Feng turned and ran without hesitation!

Using qinggong, he frantically raced toward the direction of the North Sea Desert!

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“Hmph? Trying to run? You could have at least left me a hand!”

Xue Jinkuang’s form flickered . He was giving chase and was much faster than Qin Feng .

As the two started to move, they disappeared from the others’ view in the blink of an eye .

This caused an uproar among the people .

“Qin Feng’s going to die!”

“It’s the tallest trees that get their tops blown off!”

“I think it’s because they want his wealth and don’t want to expose their own!”

“What’s saying that going to do?”

At this point, Hu Liang also had a sullen expression .

Ever since Qin Feng came, he had been relieved of a lot of work . He even wanted to suggest to his superiors to make Qin Feng the new general of Shadong Town as the man would be an incredible force to be reckoned with in the war that the Four Cities were fighting .

Who would have thought that the Xue family would be so tyrannical!

The sun was setting and the sky was starting to get dark, but the cat and mouse chase between Xue Jinkuang and Qin Feng had just begun!

“Qin Feng, why bother struggling?”

Xue Jinkuang’s speed was incredibly fast and he was already ten meters behind Qin Feng .

In the next moment, a claw made out of blood swiped at him!