Master of the End Times - Chapter 350

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:30:45 AM

Chapter 350: Tier Gives Chase

Chapter 350: The C-Tier Gives Chase

In the air, the blood claw seemed to be blurry, but the scent of blood could be detected from the Sanguine Claw .

A terrifying wave of internal force was being emitted from it .

Qin Feng knew that he could not lose this time . If he were caught by his opponent, even if he did not die, he would at least have his skin peeled off .

He activated his internal force to surround himself with it . It was like a layer of glass as it merged together .


When the Sanguine Claw collided with this shield, it collapsed .

The shield around Qin Feng’s body collapsed as well . That attack took one tenth of Qin Feng’s internal force to resist .

“Hmm?” Xue Jinkuang naturally did not expect this to be the case . After all, Qin Feng was only a D-tier aptitude user and Xue Jinkuang had used one twentieth of his own power in that attack . That was like a D1-tier aptitude user going in at full force!

That did not even break Qin Feng’s internal power .

“Heh . Interesting . If that’s your trump card, Qin Feng, then you’re really underestimating me!”

Xue Jinkuang accelerated again .

But this time, a terrifying burst of magma rose out from the ground!

Qin Feng’s consciousness had surged!

“Magma Pillar!”


What felt like an earthquake was soon followed by a burst of flames . Xue Jinkuang did not stop, but instead stepped around this attack with a twirl of his form before once again chasing after Qin Feng .

But Qin Feng was already one hundred meters away!

Xue Jinkuang glowered but regained his composure . His white hair flowed in the wind as his internal force surged .

Once again his speed soared .

“Dragon Steps!”

Qin Feng did not want to use Dragon Steps as that would exhaust his internal force, and internal force was the best way to deal with Xue Jinkuang .

However, if he could not even put distance between himself and the man, the battle might as well be over!

The two were in a mad dash forward, Qin Feng’s consciousness was constantly being activated .

“Fire Dragon Style!”

The fire dragon burst out, but Xue Jinkuang did not even bother dodging and plowed through the dragon .

“Lets see what else you can do!” Xue Jinkuang cackled .

“Sanguine Claw!”

Xue Jinkuang attacked again .


Qin Feng’s internal force trembled again, and another layer was removed from that blow .

“Fiery Peacock!”

The blue peacock flame flared out .

Xue Jinkuang’s internal force was also being shaken time and time again under Qin Feng’s assault .

Qin Feng did not stop his attacks .


“Impacting Flame!”


He was constantly manipulating his runes with his consciousness, launching abilities one after another .

When the runes dispersed after the impact and returned to his sphere of consciousness, Qin Feng reissued the previously activated ability .

“Magma Pillar!”

“Fire Dragon Style!”

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“Fiery Peacock!”

Xue Jinkuang was being bombarded by an endless barrage of abilities and that was making him extremely irritable .


Another object was sent directly at him, and he still moved forward without thinking .


The black flat object instantly latched itself around Xue Jinkuang’s internal force shield . It was only then he realized what it was .



A purple light burned his eyes as his internal force shield was blasted with electricity .

What Qin Feng just threw out was an electromagnetic explosive .

That made Xue Jinkuang battered and exhausted . He had to drop his shield so that the electricity would stop, the clothes on his back had been scorched by the attack and his hair stood on their ends . He no longer seemed to have the elegance from before .

He was on the verge of being driven insane .

At this moment, Qin Feng suddenly appeared in front of Xue Jinkuang with a silver large caliber pistol in his hand .


The sound of the trigger being pulled was heard .

Xue Jinkuang instinctively dodged, but he then realized that the bullet Qin Feng fired was unusual and had a massive range!

Suddenly, some kind of a white object flew toward his face . He wanted to rip it away but the object quickly stuck to his body .

“What is this?” He roared in frustration .

Looking closely, he realized that this was only a spider web made out of F-tier materials!

It was the silk of the Steel-limbed Broodmother .

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This item was low-level but when used in crucial moments, it could be extremely effective .


Xue Jinkuang’s internal force emerged and the spider silk that shrouded him was drenched in blood before being eroded away . When he had his vision back, Qin Feng was gone .

He was seething with anger at this point . He was a C-tier, how could a D-tier manage to run circles around him?

If Qin Feng were to really escape, he would become a laughing stock .

Using his consciousness to detect the surrounding auras, he once again resumed the chase .

Qin Feng had sprinted for a kilometer and also shrouded his entire body in darkness, fading away into the night .


He disappeared from where he stood .

When he reappeared, his surroundings had changed . He was inside the Battlegod Tomb .

The first thing he did was go to a meditation room .

Without Qin Feng watching over her, Bai Li’s promotion area was exchanged for a meditation room . When he looked around, he found that she was asleep!

The box carrying crystal cores was empty, it seemed like all of the crystal cores had been eaten .

Bai Li had ranked up too fast and needed rest . From the looks of it, Qin Feng had to face Xue Jinkuang all by himself!

He found another meditation room and sat down .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

A whirlpool formed in his dantian, quickly picking up the energy around him in the meditation room and restoring him to his full strength .

He did not dare stay in the Battlegod Tomb for long . If Xue Jinkuang were to actually lose the chase, who knew what manner of madness the man would bring .

What if he was unsatisfied and went to the Fengli colony to massacre everyone there?

That was the colony that he had built up, no one should be able to touch it .

He picked up the Battlegod Token and exited the Tomb . In the next moment, he felt someone’s consciousness lock on to his presence .

That had to be Xue Jinkuang .

Xue Jinkuang’s consciousness was not strong, but ancient warriors had their own methods of detection . Little clues like the fluctuations of internal force and the shifting of runes could be targets of detection .

Qin Feng had originally disappeared nearby, and Xue Jinkuang searched his surroundings but was unable to find a trace of him . Naturally, he was not going to just accept that . Experience told him that it was not time to leave just yet .

As expected, Qin Feng reappeared .

Xue Jinkuang made a mad dash toward him .

Qin Feng put on a fierce look, pulling out the Verdant Emperor Saber .

“Blazing Sky!”

The third technique of the Sky Burning Sword Style had been activated .

A straight line of flames rose into the air, internal force being quickly taken away!

“Blood Boiling Finger!”

Xue Jinkuang also burst out a beam of terrifying internal force . It carried an unmistakable stench of blood, just a whiff of it would make anyone sick .

Qin Feng had seen Xue Yuheng unleash the Blood Clotting Finger before, and this had to be a stronger version of that .


The two internal forces collided with one another and a wave of energy suddenly burst out, washing everything around them with a wave of light .

Qin Feng only detected the smell of something foul .


He held his breath, covered his nose and quickly backed away .