Master of the End Times - Chapter 352

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:30:42 AM

Chapter 352: A Matter of Life and Death

Chapter 352: A Matter of Life and Death

“I’ll use my Dark ability to kill Xue Jinkuang!”

With that set in mind, he planned to act on that idea as soon as possible .

However, what he did not expect was that Xue Jinkuang had changed his mind as well!

“Qin Feng has too much advantage at night, I’ll fight him during the day!”

After fighting for a day, both of them were tired!

When Qin Feng ended up waiting thirty minutes for Xue Jinkuang, he also realized what his opponent had come up with .

He did not try to find Xue Jinkuang, instead he hunted ultra beasts to replenish his energy and restore his body .


The sun rose from the horizon, and another day of the morning light once again enveloped the North Sea Desert .

Qin Feng was looking quite haggard by now . Because of the previously damaged combat uniform, he had not replaced it with a better one . It had been completely destroyed after an entire night of fighting . He swapped into another set of clothes, but was unable to deal with the sand and dust in his hair and on his face .


The dark fog gradually retracted back into his consciousness .

On the ground in front of him was a pile of bleached white bones . His absorption ability had consumed everything his opponent had including its flesh and blood .

Although his body had not returned to his peak state, most of his injuries had been healed!

“Now, it’s time to fight to the death!”

Qin Feng had a murderous look in his eyes .

As he spread out his consciousness, he quickly locked onto Xue Jinkuang’s position .

At this moment, Xue Jinkuang was also on the move .

Ancient warriors could replenish their energies by absorbing the aura from their natural surroundings . After sitting down for two hours, he was recharged from an entire day’s exhaustion .

He looked like he had not changed much since they first encountered, the Xue family’s secret technique seemed to have completely healed him from the damage he suffered the day before!

Not only that, Xue Jinkuang’s hate toward Qin Feng grew as time passed .

A powerful and terrifying aura wafted in from the distance .

“Qin Feng!” Xue Jinkuang immediately realized who it was . “The nerve . I haven’t gone to find you yet and you show up at my front door!”

Qin Feng did not respond, pouring his internal force into the Verdant Emperor Saber as it ignited with a threatening fiery glare .

Xue Jinkuang readied himself at the same time .

After fighting for a day, the two had a basic understanding of their opponent and had already planned out their moves ahead of time . Both of them had a concept in mind of how the other used their moves and just how strong their opponent was .

With just one attack, both parties struck hard .


Qin Feng’s internal strength burst out .


Xue Jinkuang struck out a palm toward Qin Feng’s head .

“Phantom Motion Steps!”

As Qin Feng retreated he continuously swung the Verdant Emperor Saber at Xue Jinkuang’s body .

“Asura’s Sanguine Palm!”

The last bits of Xue Jinkuang’s patience had been worn away . The moment he unleashed his internal force, the moves he pulled out would be unique skills .

Numerous red hands began to fall down from the sky, cascading down like a bloody rain with each of them slamming into Qin Feng’s after images .

Then Xue Jinkuang suddenly felt a chill coming from behind him . After so many years, the life and death situations he had been in had trained him to quickly dodge .

From his shadow, a figure began to emerge . It was Qin Feng .

“Dark Shroud!”

Qin Feng appeared behind Xue Jinkuang .

“Dragon Slam!”

A blow of internal force exploded outward, colliding with Xue Jinkuang’s own .


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Xue Jinkuang’s internal force aura was broken at that instant .

A chance!

Qin Feng pointed a finger toward him .

“Dark Ray!”

The ray of darkness travelled at astonishing speed!


The Dark Ray struck Xue Jinkuang’s body and all he could feel was the malignant energy seeping into him, burrowing inside .

Then he suddenly felt a wave of weakness wash over him .

“What is this?”

He had never seen such an ability before and was confused for a moment . The Dark Ray was like a poison, draining away his vitality .


He roared in frustration, internal force bursting through his body and scouring away the dark rune .

Dark runes were still a kind of energy, it could still be brushed away by a huge wave of internal force!

Not only that, Xue Jinkuang once again pulled up a shield of internal force around himself .

“Xue Jinkuang! You’re getting old!” Qin Feng exclaimed .

He was not just referring to the man’s age . He was talking about the damage that the Dark ability just caused .

From his originally twenty year old appearance, he looked like he had begun to age, wrinkles began to appear at the corner of his eyes and from the looks of it, he was looking like he was thirty now!

His Blood Secret Art was being reversed .

Qin Feng’s Dark ability was meant to reduce someone’s life force after all .

Xue Jinkuang was furious .

“Qin Feng, you’re only just struggling on your deathbed . You think by having this ability, you can kill me? A thought from an idiotic dreamer!”

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This entire thing had driven Xue Jinkuang into an unending state of anger .

He was a C-tier and he had spent an entire day’s time chasing after Qin Feng .

The most important thing was not just Qin Feng escaping, but the fact that Qin Feng had fought him seven to eight times .

His hard bones and thick skin were driving Xue Jinkuang insane .

His murderous intent was overwhelming, Qin Feng was like an annoying and hard to kill cockroach . He looked damaged before but now he looked like he had everything still intact!

There was a trace of doubt in Xue Jinkuang’s heart .

Qin Feng naturally noticed this doubt and his eyes lit up with an astonishing eagerness .

“Then we’ll see who wins and who loses and just who is the idiotic dreamer!”

He chopped forward with the Verdant Emperor Saber .

Xue Jinkuang’s attack flowed down like a bloody rain .

Boom . Boom . Boom!

The force put out by the clash between the two turned the area around them into a terrifying aptitude user’s battlefield, sending rocks and sand flying . Lower rank ultra beasts dared not approach the area at all .

With his internal strength being rapidly consumed, Qin Feng’s dantian ended up becoming empty!

A C-tier powerhouse, his internal force was too overwhelming!

Xue Jinkuang had twice as much strength as Qin Feng did, but he did not have the Asteroid Assimilation move or the absorption ability . As such, he would not have been able to recover his internal force as fast as Qin Feng did after one night .

Before, he only had sixth tenths left of his internal force, which was two groups bigger than Qin Feng’s .

Now, Xue Jinkuang was also out of internal force .

At the end of the fight, both sides were left completely depleted .

He was suffering from all kinds of wounds and his body was wracked with pain .

But victory was close .

“Xue Jinkuang, the time of the Xue family has passed!”

He raised his weapon and rushed toward his opponent . The Verdant Emperor Saber no longer carried internal force, but Qin Feng’s beast emperor level body contained tremendous power .


As Qin Feng slashed, one of Xue Jinkuang’s arms were lopped off and sent flying .

There was a sinister look on Xue Jinkuang’s face .

The man did not even look like he was in pain at all . Instead he pointed his remaining arm at Qin Feng and a red glow appeared from under his cuffs .


Qin Feng suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his heart!

His heart suddenly contracted!

He looked down and realized that on his chest, where his heart would be, there was a blood red snake biting into him .

This little snake was not high level, only E-tier and it was just a Beast King .

If it were before, Qin Feng would have easily crushed this thing .

But now, he was out of internal force and had mobilized his consciousness so much that he was getting a splitting headache . After battling Xue Jinkuang to this point, there was no more oil in the lamp and this little snake had just seriously injured him . Qin Feng only felt all the strength in his body suddenly collapse away .

“Bloody Jade Snake!”

He did not expect Xue Jinkuang to also rear ultra beasts .

“Hahaha!” Xue Jinkuang let out a mad cackle .

Right now, he looked like he had advanced into his fifties, his body shriveling up from the effects of Qin Feng’s Dark ability .

It seemed that Xue Jinkuang had paid a heavy price as well .

But the price was worth it! It was two hundred billion!

“Qin Feng, you’re dead!”