Master of the End Times - Chapter 353

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Chapter 353: Bai Li Returns

Chapter 353: Bai Li Returns

Qin Feng felt that he had already done his best to survive this long .

Although reviving gave Qin Feng a sufficiently huge advantage, it was not significant enough for Qin Feng to challenge someone above his tier .

Hypothetically, if Qin Feng had reached D8-tier or D9-tier, then even Xue Jinkuang was no match for him .

Unfortunately, this was merely a hypothetical situation . In reality, Qin Feng was only at D1-tier .

With Xue Jinkuang’s attacks getting closer and closer, Qin Feng sighed before a piece of jade suddenly appeared in his hand .

Battlegod Token!

Since Qin Feng was unable to defeat his opponent, he could choose to escape .

Not only were secret territories very rare, they also involved more than the issue of having enough resources .

Anyone who had mastered the secret territory ability could choose to enter it at any moment to arrive at safety during a crucial point in time .

Although Qin Feng had been bitten by the Bloody Jade Snake, it was only a skin-deep wound and the bite had not pierced through his heart .

After all, Qin Feng already possessed a beast emperor’s body . A mere E-tier beast king like the Bloody Jade Snake could not possibly bite through Qin Feng’s flesh .

However, the poison which seeped into Qin Feng’s body through his wounded skin still posed too significant a risk to his life .

Amid the battle, every minute and every second could make a difference between life and death for Qin Feng .

Meanwhile, Xue Jinkuang would not let him off the hook . The attacks came at Qin Feng one after the other .

After triggering his conscious energy, Qin Feng’s body was now enveloped by a layer of silver light .

However, right then, a ray of silver light suddenly appeared next to Qin Feng .

In the next moment, an alluring female appeared next to Qin Feng .

She seemed to be very out of place on the battlefield .

Now, on the battlefield, on one hand, there was a heavily wounded young man who was also covered with sweat and mud .

On the other hand, there was a mad-looking old man with a broken arm .

It was a horrendous scene to behold .

Meanwhile, this young lady seemed to have appeared out of a painting .

“Bai Li!” Qin Feng exclaimed gleefully .

Right then, Bai Li had a stern expression on her face . With the lift of her finger, a silver ray of light instantly exploded . The little snake, which had its teeth sunk into Qin Feng’s chest, was cut into segments of one centimeter long .


The Bloody Jade Snake was naturally not a tiny being . It only turned into its current form using a shapeshifting ability . Now that it had been killed, its body expanded into its original size .

Meanwhile, Xue Jinkuang, who had originally been right in front of Qin Feng, was now pushed away by this humongous snake’s body . He had missed the golden opportunity to kill Qin Feng .

As such, Xue Jinkuang’s face became twisted and appeared extremely terrifying .

The Bloody Jade Snake had always been Xue Jinkuang’s favorite pet . Now, it was killed by someone else with the snap of a finger .

Even more so, Xue Jinkuang felt a chill in his heart .

The young lady, who had appeared suddenly, was so capable that she could kill an E-tier beast king with the lift of one hand .

Even Xue Jinkuang himself would not have been able to do it with such ease .

“You! You are Bai Li!” Xue Jinkuang exclaimed with his eyes wide open as he stared at Bai Li .

Meanwhile, Bai Li appeared to be in a fit of anger .

All she did was leave to train for a while . As soon as she woke up, she could sense Qin Feng’s weakening conscious energy . In fact, there was an instant when she felt that he was at the brink of death .

After only being away from her master, Qin Feng, for one day, Qin Feng was already being bullied by others .

Bai Li felt that someone was intentionally provoking her .

Right then, Bai Li was emanating a terrifying aura without being aware of it .

This kind of aura certainly did not belong to a human being .

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Xue Jinkuang was stunned because he could sense the aura from Bai Li’s body .

“C-tier beast emperor!” The pitch of Xue Jinkuang’s voice had changed .

“You are actually an ultra beast!”

Xue Jinkuang was in a state of disbelief .

However, he very quickly recollected himself .

“Did Qin Feng give you all the crystal cores he bought?”

As Xue Jinkuang got closer to the truth, his blood began to cool down . All that remained in him was a sense of fear .


Xue Jinkuang activated his internal force to generate an incredible speed in order to retreat .

He knew that if he did not escape now, death was the only thing which awaited him .

“Are you still thinking of escaping from me?”

Who could possibly escape from a spatial beast?

Bai Li’s silver eyes turned into a bright galactic stream which instantly surrounded Xue Jinkuang .

Meanwhile, Xue Jinkuang could feel that he had entered a weird space . It felt like a sealed box which entrapped him .

This was a kind of advanced spatial ability which only existed in a secret territory . It had trapped Xue Jinkuang inside with no hopes of escaping alive .

A more terrifying thought occurred to Xue Jinkuang .

“Bai Li is actually a spatial beast on top of being a beast emperor!”

She was such a rare being .

Xue Jinkuang was wildly jealous .

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How could Qin Feng possibly be this lucky?

Meanwhile, Qin Feng, who had been rescued by luck, sighed in relief .

With the death of the Bloody Jade Snake, energy now began seeping into Qin Feng’s body, resulting in a slight recovery of his wounds . Qin Feng had now been saved from the brink of death .


As Qin Feng activated his ability, the flesh of the large Bloody Jade Snake rapidly shriveled and eroded away . All that remained was its weak bones which gradually turned into dust as wind blew against them .

“Bai Li, kill him right away!”

Qin Feng feared stalling when facing this kind of enemy .

More importantly, his opponent had already found out about Bai Li’s identity .

Qin Feng was anxious that Xue Jinkuang might announce Bai Li’s identity right before his death .

If that were to happen, never mind a C-tier back-up . Even a B-tier or A-tier back-up might come to rescue Xue Jinkuang .

When Bai Li heard what Qin Feng said, she immediately nodded .

She extended her tiny, fair hand and gripped it tightly into a fist .

All of a sudden, the space around Xue Jinkuang compressed violently, causing him to implode right away .

In reality, Qin Feng did not know that, despite being visible to the naked eye, the sealed space Bai Li had created was no longer actually there .

Naturally, the communicator could only carry out a scan for danger alerts but not send out signals .

More importantly, the signal sender which detected the vitality from within his body was not triggered .

Despite being the chief of the dark ancient warrior family, nobody in his family would even know of his death which occurred in the wilderness .

After Bai Li retrieved the spatial rune, the only thing left in the air was a pile of bloody flesh .

With the lift of one hand, Bai Li summoned a silver bracelet .

It was Xue Jinkuang’s spatial rune equipment .


After coughing out the congested blood in his chest, Qin Feng very quickly absorbed the energy which leaked out from Xue Jinkuang’s body after his death .

His injuries recovered significantly after doing so .

“Let’s go . We’ll rest for awhile in the Battlegod Shrine . ”

For the time being, Qin Feng was still feeling very weak . Due to the intense battle, he felt dizzy after exhausting too much of his conscious energy .

“Are you alright? Let me see if there’s anything good in this old man’s ring that you can consume and recover faster!” Bai Li said worriedly as she searched within Xue Jinkuang’s spatial rune equipment .

“Don’t worry . I’ll recover very soon . I just need to take a nap!” Qin Feng patted Bai Li’s head . After a bright silver light appeared in his eyes, the two arrived within the Battlegod Tomb .

Meanwhile, things were in a mess in Shadong Town .

The news of Qin Feng being hunted by Xue Jinkuang had been spread from tens to hundreds of people .

After a day, Qin Feng had yet to return .

Two days later, nothing changed .

Everyone was beginning to feel that something bad must have happened to Qin Feng .

As of now, Han Nuan, who possessed Qin Feng’s resources, had become everyone’s target .

Xue Yumang, who had done a detailed investigation on Qin Feng, now showed his true colors .

Several houses built from sandy clay materials had all collapsed as a result of the battle which took place in Shadong Town .

Dozens of citizens who lay dead in the pools of blood would perhaps have no idea what had caused their horrible deaths .

“Xue Yumang, you have gone too far!” Hu Liang shouted angrily .

Meanwhile, Han Nuan’s pupils began to dilate a little as she stood behind Hu Liang .