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Master of the End Times - Chapter 354

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:30:39 AM

Chapter 354: The Unbridled Xue Yumang

Chapter 354: The Unbridled Xue Yumang

Nearly every E-tier aptitude user in Shadong Town was envious of Han Nuan for becoming Qin Feng’s agent .

On top of possessing a lot of resources, Han Nuan could do anything she wanted with them since Qin Feng trusted her completely and did not get involved in the details .

Of course, Han Nuan did not embezzle anything which belonged to Qin Feng . Even so, the amount of reward she received was beyond the imagination of many people .

Within a month, Han Nuan progressed rapidly and came to possess many trump cards . Moreover, she improved significantly in her mastery of machineries .

This was the nature of a gunslinger’s profession .

With money, anything was possible!

This was also one of the reasons Han Nuan managed to escape from Xue Yumang’s deadly pursuit, and made her way to Shadong Town’s headquarters .

Fortunately, Shadong Town was not very large .

However, Han Nuan was not in a good shape now . With her conscious energy nearly exhausted, and one of her arms affected by Sanguine Palm, Han Nuan was in terrible pain and suffered from internal bleeding . It felt as if she would soon lose her life .

She was trying her best to stay alive .

“Hu Liang, stop pretending . Who are you putting on a show for?” Xue Yumang asked .

“I’m only going by the rules and regulations . Meanwhile, you are the rule-breaker!” Hu Liang responded angrily .

Xue Yumang was clearly looking down on Hu Liang .

It was all because Xue Jinkuang, a member of the Xue family with C-tier capabilities, had showed up . Within the Four Cities of the North Sea, he was indeed a terrifying existence .

“Hahaha . Rules and regulations? What kind of crap is that? Hu Liang, hand that woman over or you will have to pay for it with your blood!”

Xue Yumang was being extremely unbridled . Since Xue Jinkuang had already arrived at Shadong Town, there was a huge possibility that he might have already killed Qin Feng .

If Hu Liang did not do as he was told, he could be killed if Xue Yumang reported him to Xue Jinkuang .

Naturally, Hu Liang knew that this was the case .

He was in a dilemma .

“General Hu!” Han Nuan suddenly called out . There was a spatial button in her hand .

It contained the unused materials Qin Feng had given to Han Nuan .

As for the rest of the resources, Han Nuan had passed them all to Qin Feng a few days ago when she visited Qin Feng .

“General Hu, this belongs to Mr Qin . I hope you can hold onto it . If Master Qin comes back, return this to him . If he is dead, you can do whatever you want with it . How does that sound? It would be better than if it were to fall into the wrong hands!”

Although Han Nuan knew that she was incapable of protecting the item, she did not want Xue Yumang to snatch it away from her .

“Moreover, I believe that Mr Qin is not dead!” Han Nuan gritted her teeth so hard that blood nearly spilled out from her mouth .

In the entire Shadong Town, Han Nuan felt that she alone knew Qin Feng the best . Moreover, she knew what Qin Feng was truly capable of .

How could he possibly die so easily?

Qin Feng was bound to become an invincible expert!

“Take care of it? I would like to see who can take care of it!” Xue Yumang exclaimed as he reached out to snatch it .

However, Hu Liang stopped him from doing so .

Hu Liang still thought very highly of Qin Feng . Even if he was dead, Hu Liang still wanted to protect Han Nuan .

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“The Xue family has gone too far!”

As soon as the voice was heard, a sharp soil thorn appeared from the ground and was heading for Xue Yumang .

From afar, Chen Xiang had also appeared!

Of course, Chen Xiang was by himself .

As an ability user, he was very confident .

Meanwhile, those who had fought alongside Qin Feng did not show up . Perhaps, when Qin Feng decided not to form a group, or when he continued to sell beast king materials, most of these people had already become envious of him .

Chen Xiang was the only person who still stood up for Qin Feng without fear, just as he did from the beginning .

When Hu Liang saw Chen Xiang’s appearance, he felt much more confident . Hence, he proceeded to give Han Nuan some medicine to prevent her from dying .

Xue Yumang glared at the two men .

“You two won’t feel afraid until you see your own coffins . Once my family’s chief returns, let’s see if you can still protect this woman . By then, it won’t just be about Qin Feng’s possessions . Your stuff…”

Xue Yumang chuckled creepily .

By then, Xue Yumang would probably say the stuff Han Nuan possessed was not enough . He might even accuse Hu Liang and Chen Xiang of stealing some of it, thus justifying his will to take their possessions too .

It would not be the first time Xue Yumang had done such a thing .

However, right then, Hu Liang and Chen Xiang’s facial expressions had changed .

In fact, there was a glow in Han Nuan’s eyes .

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Sensing that something was amiss, and as if someone was staring at her from behind, she turned around to find two other people standing behind her .

They were Qin Feng and Bai Li .

Right then, Qin Feng had a horrible expression on his face .

On top of not having fully recovered from the previous battle, he was more upset because of what Xue Yumang was doing .

With Qin Feng still alive, Xue Yumang was already bullying his subordinates .

What if he had really died? Apart from Han Nuan, the entire Fengli colony might be absorbed by the Xue family .

On top of that, there were also others like Lei Chen or Yan Fang .

“Xue Yumang, we meet again!”

There was a terrifyingly powerful aura around his body which deterred anyone from getting close .

Even from looking at him directly, it sent chills down Xue Yumang’s spine .

Qin Feng’s imposing manner was too intimidating!

It seemed as if Xue Yumang had lost his ability to speak . His mouth was wide open while his eyes appeared as if they would fall out from his eye sockets at any moment .

“How dare you return!?” Xue Yumang exclaimed in disbelief .

Qin Feng chuckled coldly . “Why wouldn’t I? I am the Human Alliance’s formal aptitude user . You, on the other hand, belong to one of the dark ancient warrior families . How dare you bare your fangs here? Do you really think that nobody can kill you?”

A normal member of the Dark Coalition would naturally not have the guts to enter the city .

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Xue Yumang only did so because he was truly powerful .

Even a wanted criminal would maintain a low profile in an area with less powerful individuals because nobody could defeat him there .

Xue Yumang was only here because he believed nobody else could defeat him .

“Qin Feng, aren’t you afraid that my chief would kill you if you return? Shadong Town would be destroyed as well . The entire population in this town wouldn’t even be enough to feed my master!”

Xue Yumang began laughing grimly . If Xue Yumang could observe Xue Jinkuang killing Qin Feng personally, he would finally have closure because of how unkindly Qin Feng had treated him back in Tangshan Mountain .

“Xue Jinkuang? I have already returned . Do you really think that he is still alive and well?”

Qin Feng’s words sent the people around him into a state of shock .

Even Xue Yumang seemed somewhat surprised . However, he soon began laughing out loud .

“Qin Feng, you must have really gone mad . Don’t tell me you managed to kill the chief of my Xue family!”

This was impossible .

However, Qin Feng did not reply to Xue Yumang . With a calm look on his face, he looked at Xue Yumang as if he were looking at the Joker .

She resembled the Joker, who refused to accept reality once his fantasies had been destroyed .

Due to Qin Feng’s overly calm expression, Xue Yumang’s laugh faltered . In the end, he picked up his communicator and made a call .

The message which appeared caused Xue Yumang’s heart to go cold .

“Beep… Communication Device could not be found!”

The communicator had been destroyed!

If Xue Jinkuang had gone to an unknown region, it should have only been a missed call .