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Master of the End Times - Chapter 356

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:30:32 AM

Chapter 356: The Ancient Warrior Families are Eager to Make a Move

Chapter 356: The Ancient Warrior Families are Eager to Make a Move

Although nobody knew if Qin Feng was telling the truth, they could observe his actions .

After killing Xue Yumang, Qin Feng did not depart from Shadong Town .

Instead, he stayed in the high-class apartment Hu Liang had arranged for him . Meanwhile, although the Xue family was in a fit, no one in the family dared to come look for Qin Feng .

That was because they were uncertain if Qin Feng was telling the truth either .

Most importantly, without Xue Jinkuang, anyone who came looking for Qin Feng was bound to die one at a time .

Under such circumstances, the rest of the ancient warrior families could no longer sit around in wait .

Naturally, the other families were the only ones capable of fighting against the Xue family .


In a secret room, D-tier individuals in the Hou family had already been in a meeting for half an hour .

“No matter what happens, won’t we find out as long as we try?”

“Yeah . If Xue Jinkuang isn’t dead, we still have Chief’s support . If he really is dead, nobody would trouble us!”

“In that case, let’s start with the Xue family’s underground bank in Niumeng City!”


All five aptitude users in the study were D-tier members of the Tieh family .

“Since we have decided, let’s take action!”

“But how do we deal with Qin Feng after we succeed?”

“We can offer him money or dividends!”

“Hmph . Aren’t we being too generous? Why should he receive dividends if he barely even helped?”

“If he was the one who killed Xue Jinkuang, do you think he hasn’t helped at all?”


Meanwhile, the Yang family’s D-tier aptitude users had all gathered in a grand hall .

“Regardless of whether Xue Jinkuang had died, the Xue family is no longer as powerful as they were before . At first, Xue Yuan was the pride of this generation . However, he was later killed by Bloodhunter . ”

“After Bloodhunter killed the younger generations, four of their elders were killed too . Now, another one of them has died!”

“Hehe . From seven elders to two pieces of trash . The Xue family won’t be in a glorious state for much longer!”

“Let’s annihilate them . Everyone will participate . It is time to get rid of the cancerous Xue family!”


The three families began to act . Even though the Xue family’s base camp was located in a village in the middle of nowhere, they were involved in manufacturing industries in the Four Cities . In fact, the amount of money they made and the rate at which they did so might even surpass that of the dukes and generals in the Four Cities .

Therefore, once Xue Jinkuang died, the Xue family was akin to a fat lamb waiting to be slaughtered .

Such a situation resembled that of when Qin Feng annihilated the Xin family’s elders in Chengyang City .

On the first day, the Xue family lost three of their medium-sized manufacturing industries in the Four Cities . Naturally, the Xue family was enraged and, as a result, sent people to fight with those who advanced against them .

However, this was a battle of one against three . While fighting against three families simultaneously, the Xue family was outnumbered . Although they managed to kill some of their foes, the Xue family was left with very few of their own people as well .

Therefore, the existing elders in the Xue family naturally announced their withdrawal from those manufacturing industries .

The Xue family seemed to have fallen into a deep abyss .

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“Is there any news about Chief?”

“No . We still can’t get in touch with him!”

“Has the vitality signal been sent?”

“Not yet . Perhaps this might be good news!”

“What good news are you speaking of? Qin Feng is only a D-tier aptitude user . What could he possibly have done to Chief?”

The First Elder and Second Elder of the Xue family could only make themselves feel better by saying such things .

However, there was still no news about Xue Jinkuang after four days had passed . Meanwhile, Qin Feng had already fully recovered from his injuries .

The conflict between the three big ancient warrior families and the Xue family was becoming increasingly heated .

The movement had already become a massive one!


In Qin Feng’s high-class apartment in Shadong Town, he was leaning partially against the couch as he rested with his eyes closed . Han Nuan sat across from him .

She was here to report to him about what was going on out there .

“Mr . Qin, are we going to just sit and observe while the three big families take action? The Xue family has a lot of industries which are worth getting our hands on!” Han Nuan explained .

If they could gain control over these industries, the profits each year would be sufficient for them to kill a D-tier beast king!

However, Qin Feng was not exactly tempted by such a thought .

A D-tier beast king? If there were so many of such beings, Qin Feng would not have minded killing one of them each day .

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Besides, within a year, Qin Feng had already developed unimaginable capabilities .

“It’s such a trouble!” Qin Feng exclaimed .

Han Nuan would not give up . “Mr . Qin, based on your current status and capabilities, many E-tier aptitude users would willingly serve you if you so asked . Your subordinates could solve these issues for you, and you wouldn’t have to be troubled at all!”

“I know you are not satisfied . Forget about gaining control over those industries . Once those ancient warrior families are done with the job, we’ll just take some money from them!”

Han Nuan pouted . “I’m just worried that they won’t even offer us money . The Hou family doesn’t seem to have that intention at all!”

“What about the other families?” Qin Feng asked .

“The Tieh family, despite being a little unwilling, are willing to give us 5% of the dividends . The Yang family, on the other hand, are quite sincere in offering 20% of the dividends . They also offered to make a deal of giving us a ten-year dividend of the total profits!”

With terms like these, Qin Feng would be able to obtain ten billion dollars if the industry was worth five billion dollars per annum .

It was indeed a very sincere offer .

Qin Feng chuckled coldly . “I agree with the Yang family’s offer . In the Tieh Family’s case, charge them 30% of dividend on top of a ten-year period buyout . As for the Hou family, I demand a twenty-year period buyout!”

Although Han Nuan was unhappy about Qin Feng not being greedy enough just moments ago, she was now a little intimidated by his sudden interest in monetary gains .

“I don’t think the Tieh family and the Hou family would agree to such terms!”

“Don’t worry . They will agree!”

Since Qin Feng had recovered from his injuries, he wanted to go out for a walk today .

It was the first time Qin Feng and Bai Li had left the apartment together . On their first trip outside, they arrived at the Wanzong Auction House at lightning speed .

The sixth floor of the Wanzong Auction House had already been renovated . Today was the beginning of a half-month-long conference .

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When Qin Feng appeared by the door, many D-tier aptitude users noticed him .

They wondered if they should even speak to Qin Feng .

In contrast to the worried looks on their faces, Qin Feng very decisively walked to the reception and began filling in a form .

Last time, Qin Feng did not end up trading these items when he filled in the form .

[C-Tier Emperor-grade combat boots, partially new, damaged, exchange price: 20 billion]

[C-Tier Emperor-grade combat vest, partially new, damaged, exchange price: 18 billion]

[C-Tier Emperor-grade trousers, partially new, damaged, exchange price: 17 billion]

[Natural Energy Stone Frost Jade Bed, exchange price: 10 billion]

[C-Tier concentrated ambergris, exchange price: 8 billion]

[D-Tier Beast-king-grade material, exchange price: 7 billion]

[D-Tier Ascension Pill, exchange price: 5 billion]

Qin Feng nearly filled up an entire page .

All these items belonged to Xue Jinkuang .

When Bai Li killed Xue Jinkuang, she ended up damaging all the items and equipment he possessed . Some of them were even severely damaged .

Otherwise, any piece of C-tier beast king’s equipment would cost sixty billion yuan .

In actual fact, Xue Jinkuang’s net worth amounted to at least two hundred billion yuan .

However, these were all illiquid assets to Xue Jinkuang .

Xue Jinkuang only urgently needed to steal from Qin Feng because he possessed very little liquid assets .