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Master of the End Times - Chapter 358

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:30:27 AM

Chapter 358: The Extermination of the Xue Family

Now, only Xue Jinling and Xue Jinrui remained as the strongest members of the Xue family .

They were at the same level as Xue Jinkuang .

There were seven other E-tiers, twenty six F-tiers, around fifty three G-tiers, and dozens of youths who had yet to awaken their abilities .

In Qin Feng’s eyes, the remaining people were the true definition of old and weak!

He walked slowly in the darkness without concealing himself .

“Who goes there?” Xue Jinling yelled .

The crowd all turned toward Qin Feng .

“You sure saved me from dirtying my hands with blood, you’ve outed yourselves!” Qin Feng chuckled grimly .

“Qin Feng!”

There was not anyone in the Xue family who did not know him .

It was all because of him that the Xue family fell into despair .

The Xue family harbored deep contempt toward him .

But when Qin Feng appeared in front of them, fear consumed them to the bones .


Xue Jinling could only call out a single word . In the next moment, he had already run tens of meters away .

He could not care less about the Xue family members!

But Qin Feng would not let him escape .

“Get over here!”


Qin Feng raised and thrust his palm in Xue Jinling’s direction .

“Asteroid Assimilation, absorb!”

Xue Jinling was escaping at full speed . However, the suction force of Qin Feng’s Asteroid Assimilation was like a terrifying vortex that had captured Xue Jinling in an instant .

Xue Jinling could not escape from Qin Feng’s palm no matter how he tried . His body was being pulled back; his internal aura was being pulled away like a torrent of floodwater .


Qin Feng pressed his palm on Xue Jinling’s internal force barrier, sucking his internal force dry and causing his internal force barrier to collapse .

After a match with a great master like Xue Jinkuang, Xue Jinling was an easy feat .

Qin Feng had now pressed his palm behind Xue Jinling’s waist .


Qin Feng delivered a palm strike that instantly broke Xue Jinling’s spine . Xue Jinling merely twitched for a while before slumping down like a deflated balloon .

The patriarch of the Xue family, dead!

It all happened too quickly .

“Qin Feng! I’ll kill you!”

Xue Jinrui shrieked in rage as he delivered a bloodied palm strike .

Qin Feng did not even need to use the Verdant Emperor Saber . He raised his other palm .

“Dragon slam!”


The strike produced the wail of a dragon . The winds from the palm caused a vicious downforce . The bloodied palm became disintegrated . The huge claw mark from the Dragon Slam tore out the internal force barrier of Xue Jinrui and landed a direct hit on his body .

Xue Jinrui was knocked back into the crowd .

For a moment, there were cries and screams everywhere!

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Qin Feng radiated an aura that could only be found on powerful masters .

The Xue family members who were frantically trying to escape just now could not even move .


Some of the common folk who have yet to awaken their ability were dripping blood from all their orifices . They had been crushed to death by the powerful aura .

G-tier aptitude users collapsed on the ground . The F-tier aptitude users were kneeling on the ground . They could not even stand up .

Even the E-tiers’ legs were trembling as if they could give way anytime soon .

Each time Qin Feng stepped forward, the crowd struggled to take a step backward . As for Xue Jinrui, none dared to pick him up!

Qin Feng came near Xue Jinrui .

“The Xue family is destined for extermination today!”

Qin Feng stomped .


Xue Jinrui’s chest collapsed . His heart was mangled by Qin Feng’s stomp .

Qin Feng proceeded to absorb his internal force . Xue Jinrui turned his head to the side . Blood poured out from his mouth . He died with his eyes open!

The rest of the Xue family members looked at Qin Feng fearfully .

The hundred over people could not even put up a resistance in front of Qin Feng .

Qin Feng raised his hand . A terrifying flame engulfed the crowd .

“Hellfire Carpet!”

The blaze raged on .


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The Xue family members shrieked . But the remaining people were too weak . They were turned into ash in the blink of an eye .

Qin Feng raised his hand . A few runic spatial gears fell into his hand . He surveyed around . These were probably all that was left of the Xue family’s treasures .

Since they were leaving, they had probably brought all their stuff .

The total worth of the treasures was about a hundred billion . Nothing more .

From this day onward, the Xue family would be delisted from the four cities of the Northern Seas .

Qin Feng took out his Sky Dweller and started his journey home .

That night was never meant to be a calm one .

The three great ancient warrior families were planning to attack the Xue family’s territory . But what made them wonder was that none of the members of the Xue family put up a fight . They had even ran away faster than everyone else . Those who stayed back to fight previously had all ran away!

The Yang family caught a live one and immediately found out what happened!

The Xue family members had their own special device that reported on the death of their family members . About half an hour ago, the device reported that all blood descendants of the Xue family, from young to old, had died!

There was no one alive!

“Who could’ve done this?”

“We haven’t even planned to attack their base camp, since there were still D-tiers there and all!”

“The clan leaders have yet to return . If we had attacked we would have suffered an incredible loss . We could even get jumped by the Xue family! There’s no way we did it!”

The three families communicated with each other and denied responsibility . But once they thought of the Xue family’s wealth, none of them could sit still . They flew by copters into the small village which was the Xue family’s headquarter .

When they arrived, they saw the bodies of old women and children .

“Dead by their own hands, most of them by the Sanguine Palms!”


“Spread out and search!”

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Soon, they discovered the patch of burnt mound!

At that moment, all of them could only think of one person .

“Qin Feng, this must be Qin Feng’s work!”

No one had any doubts . After all, it was rare to find a Fire ability user in Shadong Town . It was even rarer to come across someone with Qin Feng’s ability!

Sheesh! The crowd took a deep breath .

“This Qin Feng is too scary!”

“Let’s look for Qin Feng after we’ve gathered the Xue family’s loot! Tally up the treasures and share our find with them!” The Hou family could no longer ignore Qin Feng .

If Qin Feng could wipe out the Xue family today, he could wipe out the Hou family tomorrow .

By then, Qin Feng had already returned to his apartment in Shadong Town . He fell asleep while embracing Bai Li .


The next day, Lu Wanbao contacted Qin Feng through his communication device . He wanted to buy Qin Feng’s loots .

Qin Feng expected his call .

Hence, the two of them agreed to meet in the apartment .

Lu Wanbao had raised enough capital . He executed the deal with Qin Feng immediately .

Qin Feng sold everything he took from the Xue family to Lu Wanbao .

Therefore, including the deal from the day before, Qin Feng’s wealth had reached a new height of over three hundred billion yuan .

“Manager Lu, how many Lifestream Pills do you have on hand now?” asked Qin Feng .

If pills and medicines were classified like ultra beasts, the materials that made up a Lifestream Pill would be of the emperor level .

Only a small amount of pills could be made from the rare materials . It was often sold in auction houses as a single item . One pill could fetch around two billion yuan .