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Master of the End Times - Chapter 360

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:30:22 AM

Chapter 360: Horrifying Experiment

Chapter 360: Horrifying Experiment


All sorts of noises began to arise within Shadong Town, as if there were howling from the wolves, and roaring from the tigers .

From the outside of the town, eleven people were dressed in pitch-black coloured combat fatigues, their presence was like fog clouds that had filled the area, and they were looking at the barrier at the centre of the North Sea Desert .

“Spatial Lockdown! Signal Interference!”

They were swift in their actions .

Shadong Town was immediately controlled as it went under lockdown .

Top tier aptitude users within the town were puzzled by the abrupt situation, and they were not paying attention to the situation that was ongoing at the outer part of the town .

At that moment, Qin Feng had just come out from the Battlegod Tomb .

As soon as he walked out, he was alerted by an ear-piercing screech from the next room .

Qin Feng heightened his consciousness and frowned .

There were only D-tier aptitude users that lived within the high-end apartment, and every household was equipped with their own designated lift facility, hence, Qin Feng did not know who his neighbours were .

Indeed, it was obviously an unusual noise .

However, the screeching only lasted for a short while and the surroundings resumed into silence .

Qin Feng instantly extended his conscious energy to “spy” on the situation next door .

He was surprised by a gigantic beast that had suddenly appeared next door .

It was incorrect to address it as a beast as it still had the facial features of a human on it, and it was the D-tier gunner that Qin Feng had met before .

At that moment, the body of the D-tier gunner was still experiencing enlargement, he was constantly swelling at an unbelievable pace, and it was like he was being injected with a large amount of liquid .

Moreover, his limbs seemed to experience deterioration during the enlargement .

His entire body was covered in fur, while an elephant tusk was extending from above of his enlarged skull .

The bizarre look was indeed horrifying .

At the same time, the insane beast had already crushed his housekeeper and devoured the bones and flesh of the dead body .

Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber was drawn out from his spatial rune equipment, he aimed toward the connecting wall to the next door and slashed across with an arc movement .

The wall instantly cracked apart, Qin Feng booted the round slab of concrete wall and it fell to the ground .


The round slab of concrete wall slammed onto the monster that was in the room .

Now, the monster was completely exposed before Qin Feng, and it looked familiar to him .

“Mammoth insectoids!”

Qin Feng felt that it resembled most of their physical features .

“Could it be a parasitic virus?”

Qin Feng did not have much time to figure that out as the horrifying beast that seemed to be a mammoth insectoid had begun to rush toward him, he was seen as the enemy and a prey to be feasted on .

Qin Feng knew it was impossible to save this person, with that, ending his life would be a better choice .

The Verdant Emperor Saber was swept across the air .


A giant piece of flesh was cut down .

The mammoth insectoid beast let out a miserable shriek in agony and was enraged, it became even more violent .


The beast had knocked down an entire wall!

Surprisingly, it was equipped with the shocking combat power of a D2-tier beast general .

Was it because of the parasitic effect that had increased its combat power?

The insectoid was unable to move around freely with its insanely enlarged body, furniture in the living room was trampled upon, and a grand feast on the table was also completely ruined .

Qin Feng had nowhere to hide .

Of course, he did not have to hide .

The Verdant Emperor Saber was immediately pierced into the body of the beast .

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Scorching fresh blood sprinkled out from the wound, and Qin Feng was surprised by the scalding blood .

Qin Feng slaughtered the beast with his continuous slashes .

Poof poof poof!

Fresh blood dripped from the exposed wounds, and it appeared that the internal core was disturbed and had resulted in a humongous wave fluctuation .


The explosion had obliterated the entire floor into ruins .

Qin feng was instantly trapped within the concrete ruins .


The surroundings underwent another round of collapsing, Qin Feng dashed out from the ruins while surrounded by his internal strength barrier .

Qin Feng realized that things had escalated into a dire situation .

He raised his head and observed from the windows of every floor, it was as if the entire building had turned into a chaotic scene that was filled with roaming demons .

Unrecognizable ultra beasts were constantly ramming and crawling out from the ruins .

Fortunately, some had survived from mutating into such beasts .

A shadow dashed out and appeared near him, it was Chen Xiang .

At that moment, Chen Xiang was very surprised to see Qin Feng there .

“Brother Qin, Ms Bai, are you guys alright?” Chen Xiang was constantly retreating while releasing clay walls, it was as if he was trying to restrain something behind .

“Brother Chen, what is happening?” Qin Feng asked with a deep voice .

Chen Xiang was clueless . “Why would you ask me, I was about to ask you the same question!”

“I do not know either, I am guessing that it might be parasites!”

“It is impossible!” Before Chen Xiang could continue, the clay walls were already destroyed!

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As soon as the walls were crushed, a gigantic shadow of about three metres tall appeared before them .

Obviously, it resembled the features of a gorilla, as its bulky body was packed with sturdy muscles that were covered with black-colored fur .

Only his face was left uncovered by the densely grown fur around his body, and it instantly revealed his identity .

“Gao Li!”

Surprisingly, he was the aptitude user that remained in a close relationship with Chen Xiang!

The Insectoids had the most powerful parasites known, and because of the D-tier aptitude user next door that had gone through the mutation of a mammoth insectoid, Qin Feng felt that it was parasites that had caused the mutation .

However, the appearance of Gao Li had showcased a different development .

Gao Li’s capability had spiked tremendously .

Chen Xiang was no longer able to go against him anymore .

Qin Feng drew out his saber and launched his attack toward Gao Li .

“Qin Feng, don’t kill him!”

Chen Xiang shouted and he seemed to be extremely worried .

Qin Feng stopped his attack and extended his hand that was accumulated with golden-colored internal strength .

“Dragon Slam!”

Gao Li who had turned into a gorilla did not know how to utilize his internal strength, and he had shockingly received the attack from Qin Feng with his bare hands .


One of his arms was instantly impaired .

“One more!”

Qin Feng’s internal strength gushed out as he appeared behind Gao Li in the blink of an eye, and landed another slam on his shoulder blade .


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Gao Li was instantly pushed forward and he slid on the floor for more than ten meters away, both of his hands were already fractured .

Qin Feng took advantage of the situation and continued his attack .

Crack! Crack!

Again, Qin Feng had impaired both of Gao Li’s legs .

“Roar!” Gao Li let out a roar as he suffered from the pain .

His blood-red eyes were staring at Qin Feng, he had become insane .

“Has he gone insane?” Chen Xiang looked toward Gao Li and did not know what to do .

It was at that moment, countless of unrecognizable half human half beasts crawled out from the building .

Their appearance had left Qin Feng and Chen Xiang in shock .

Every single one of the eyes of the beasts were red .

They began to hunt down the humans as soon as they realized that they were not the same kind as them .


A werewolf that stood up straight launched its deadly attack .

Without much hesitation, Qin Feng drew out his saber and slashed it across the air .


It was an instant death for the werewolf .

They were merely lifeforms that had been awakened with G-tier capabilities, and none of them came close to being a worthy opponent against Qin Feng .

It was then, Qin Feng had finally figured it out .

“All of them are the mutant experiment subjects!” Qin Feng clenched his teeth and explained .

“What?” Chen Xiang was in disbelief as he looked around, it had become a destructive hell, and he even began to doubt his own eyes . “How were they able to do this!”