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Master of the End Times - Chapter 361

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:30:20 AM

Chapter 361: Destruction of Shadong Town

Chapter 361: Destruction of Shadong Town

At the very least, experiment subjects would be required to be handled precisely in order for them to experience change!

However, all of them had turned into beasts without any signs .

“I do not know either!” Qin Feng answered with his deep voice, he also had no idea how all these people mutated, however, he knew for certain who was the one who had caused such mutation!

Guo Geng, member of the Z Organization, it must be him!

It was at that moment, both Qin Feng and Chen Xiang sensed a suppression of horrifying presence that was closing in .

“Ah ah ah ah ah!”

It was a deafening scream of pain .

Qin Feng and Chen Xiang looked toward the direction where the suppression had come from .

In the blink of an eye, they saw a frightening shadow that had appeared from the gaps of the ruins of the building .

The shadow was constantly enlarging .

It was insanely blood-curdling .

Buildings around Shadong Town were averaged to be around six levels of moderate height, and they were about twenty meters tall, however, the giant had already grown to more than thirty meters, its gigantic skull was fierce and intimidating, and the frightening look could easily haunt anyone that encountered it .

“It’s Hu Liang!” Chen Xiang was stunned!

Undoubtedly, that person had the facial features of Hu Liang, however, it had undergone enlargement from an ordinary human body into a giant that was above thirty meters in height, and anyone could imagine how horrifying it would be .

It was at that moment where fear began to rise within Qin Feng and his heart began to pound at high speed!

“Be careful!”

Bai Li surprised everyone when she stood before Qin Feng and Chen Xiang and protected them, she lifted her hand, and a ray of silver light dazzled .

The silver light was semi-transparent and allowed clear vision from within, however, it was a total separation from the surroundings .

All of a sudden, Qin Feng caught a glimpse of a massive explosion from Hu Liang’s body that was insanely enlarged!

They had heard nothing as they were within the silenced space, and it was no longer the same space as before .

However, the deafening noise from the massive explosion had instantly destroyed every building within Shadong Town at a visible speed .

All houses collapsed instantly .

The energy dispersal had surrounded every G-tier mutant that was around Qin Feng earlier, and they were all annihilated into ashes .

The entire central part of Shadong Town appeared as if it was hit by the Destructive Blaster, and the magnitude might be even greater than that .

Within a split second, Shadong Town no longer exists .

Qin Feng was stunned as he opened his eyes wide to witness the shocking scene .

Memories were recalled, and it seemed that he had found the reason behind Shadong Town’s destruction .

It would be impossible for anyone to survive the explosion with such a magnitude!

For sure, there were none .

Only D-tier aptitude users could have survived the explosion .

Bai Li clapped her hands together and withdrew the silver light .

The intense heat wave of the remaining energy from beyond the barrier instantly swept through them .

At that moment, Gao Li, who was lying on the ground, let out a humming sound, his body gradually shrinking as his fur retracted .

Soon, Gao Li’s body had reversed to the features of an ordinary human being .

However, he had yet to regain his consciousness and wake up from the state of coma .

“Although I have no idea what has just happened, however, it’s not safe here, we should go now!” Chen Xiang was perturbed by the uncertainty and danger from the surroundings .

He performed some quick first aid on Gao Li’s broken limbs and applied his earth ability as plaster fixings to stabilize the limbs, Gao Li was then lifted up by conscious energy and was about to be brought away .

“Alright . ” Qin Feng agreed to it .

It was at that moment where Qin Feng was alerted by his ringing communicator .

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Beep beep beep!

Everyone from Shadong Town who had survived the disaster received the same message .

“Is anyone still alive?”

Surprisingly, it was a message from Yan Fang .

Qin Feng let out a sceptical frown .

However, before he could reply to the message, a trembling nose was heard from the ruins of the great tower, followed by a gigantic python that was undulating out from it .

Unexpectedly, the python still had limbs of a human attached to the upper part of its body .

Qin Feng was also able to recognize the person .

It was Colonel Yang!

The person who was fond of Hou Yangjiao, and he even had bad intentions toward Qin Feng .

His eye pupils had already transformed into a pair of vertical shaped pupils of a venomous snake, and the cold eyesight would horrify anyone who came into contact with it, he crawled out from the ruins while extending his tongue, as if he was tasting out the air within the surroundings .

Then, he turned his head toward Qin Feng’s direction .

Within a split second, Colonel Yang immediately turned around and escaped with several undulation of its snake tail .


Chen Xiang felt an instant relief .

“What had just happened!”

The unknown was even more horrifying .

It was the moment where it would only be safe when accompanied by comrades .

Chen Xiang looked down and reached out to his communicator for news broadcasting .

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“There are survivors over here!”

“I am still here!”

“Save me!”

“What had just happened?”

The communication channel was only meant for D-tier aptitude users of the entire Shadong Town, and Yan Fang’s message received responses from more than twenty people .

However, there were at least two hundred D-tiers within Shadong Town .

The number was horrifying .

What about the others?

It seemed to be an alert for Qin feng .

As soon as the news was broadcasted, replies were irregularly scattered, and surprisingly, there were twenty replies that had come in .

Obviously, they were all D-tier aptitude users .

Those who had lower capabilities would not have survived the explosion earlier .

“Although it was still unclear what had just happened, however, since the transformation did not happen on us, it would be best for us to secure our own safety by grouping up, and we will then have massive combined energy!” Yan Fang suggested .

It was at that moment where Qin Feng received a private chat on his communicator .

“Mr Qin, are you alright? You should be fine!”

Surprisingly, it was Han Nuan!

“You survived?” Qin Feng was equally surprised as he had never thought that Han Nuan could survive the explosion .

“I am with the ancient warrior family, and we are all safe!”

Han Nuan was still in the midst of negotiation with all three families, and even the Yang family who had already contributed their money was still there .

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Therefore, Han Nuan had managed to survive .

“I will come for you, stay there!” Qin Feng ordered .

“Alright, thank you Mr Qin!” Han Nuan immediately answered .

Qin Feng raised up his head and looked toward Chen Xiang .

“Are you planning to join Yan Fang, or do you want to come with me?”

Chen Xiang was shocked, “Brother Qin, during such times, it would be best for us to stay in a large group!”

Qin Feng shook his head . “This situation is slightly more complicated, it seems that everyone has experienced mutation, hence, the higher the number of people who gather in a group, the higher the probability of triggering other mutations . ”

Chen Xiang nodded . “Indeed!”

“Furthermore…” Qin Feng paused for a short moment and replied with his cold voice: “I do not believe in Yan Fang!”

It was the main reason behind it .

Chen Xiang was stunned, and after giving it some thought, it seemed that following Qin Feng would be the best viable choice .

“Alright, I will go with you!”

“Hmm, let’s go!”

Both of them rushed toward the location of Han Nuan, after all, Qin Feng was her leader, and it would be inappropriate for him to not save her, with Qin Feng’s capability, he would still be able to launch the rescue even if he had to go against D-tier mutants or even C-tier mutants!

In order to reach Han Nuan’s location, they would have to pass through the same ruins where Hu Liang had exploded, both of them witnessed the horrifying aftermath from the explosion earlier .

Furthermore, most of the sand had been crystalized .

“How could this happen!”

Chen Xiang could not figure out the reason behind it, and it was the fifth time that he had repeated the question throughout the night!