Master of the End Times - Chapter 362

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Chapter 362: Unusual Changes

Chapter 362: Unusual Changes

“Even General Hu Liang had…” Chen Xiang was unable to continue with his sentence .

Undoubtedly, Hu Liang was dead .

Qin Feng explained, “I have encountered some mutant experiment subjects from the Three Cities along the Sun!’

During the end times, most of the people were already used to seeing mutants around .

Looking back, a lot had happened throughout the entire span of ten years, and it was only the first year after Qin Feng’s rebirth, and the experiment subject count was still being confined within low numbers .

“As you have mentioned earlier, it would be impossible for the entire town to be involved as experiment subjects!”

Qin Feng answered, “Could it be a mass area infection? For example, air transmission!”

Chen Xiang instantly agreed with Qin Feng’s assumption .

“Some were successfully mutated, while some were unable to withstand the massive energy from the mutation, and they would end up exploding!”

For example, the D-tier aptitude user that was next door to Qin Feng .

Another example would be Hu Liang!

Both of them were unable to withstand the energy and ended up exploding, however, there was such a huge amount of energy within Hu Liang’s body, and it was indeed terrifying .

“When I was practicing earlier, were you together with Gao Li? Did anything unusual happen at that moment?” Qin Feng asked .

Chen Xiang nodded . “I was drinking alcohol with Gao Li, we were not doing anything else, and there wasn’t any unusual scent either!”

Qin Feng nodded, indicating his clear understanding!

As those were not his top priority, it would be best to first look for Han Nuan first .

Boom boom boom!

Deafening explosions echoed from afar, and another giant creature had appeared .

Surprisingly, it was an Imperial Elephant .

Furthermore, the Imperial Elephant was still enraged, causing destruction .

After several encounters with the mutated experiment subjects, Qin Feng was already able to conclude that most of the mutants had the ability of a beast king .

Hu Liang must have mutated into a beast king; however, he exploded as he could not withstand such a mutation!

The Imperial Elephant was indeed powerful, and it could hardly be identified as a mutant that was once a human, it had lost its rational mind and was wildly attacking .

Qin Feng did not wish to delve into more problems and went full speed ahead .

Chen Xiang and Bai Li followed closely behind .

By avoiding most of the gigantic beasts, Qin Feng was able to reach Han Nuan’s location within a short period of time .

“Han Nuan!” Qin Feng immediately identified her location with his conscious energy .

However, Qin Feng did not understand how Han Nuan could be left alone .

“Mr Qin!”

Han Nuan came out from a house that had partially collapsed, and she was followed by another person .

It was Yang Mao from the Yang family, he had a spear behind his back, and he seemed to be a courteous person!

“Nice to meet you, Mr Qin!”

“Nice to meet you!”

Qin Feng extended his hand for a handshake .

Then, Qin Feng turned toward Han Nuan and asked, “Where are the others from the Hou family and Tieh family?”

“They have gone to look for Yan Fang . ” Han Nuan explained .

Qin Feng understood the situation, and it was the same as Qin Feng’s distrust toward Yan Fang, the Hou family and the Tieh family had the same distrust toward him as well .

After all, both of the families had treated Qin Feng badly before, and as the negotiation could hardly be completed amidst such a dire situation within Shadong Town, both of them were also reluctant to agree in joining forces with Qin Feng .

However, Yang Mao had an opposite view on it, he was prepared to go around with Qin Feng .

“After all, they are also an extra burden for us, let’s move on!”

Qin Feng said as he took out his Sky Dweller .

All six of them boarded the Sky Dweller while Qin Feng steered it to ascend high up into the sky .

The surveillance system clearly displayed the situation of the entire Shadong Town .

There were less than a thousand people that had survived .

Moreover, the remaining survivors could hardly escape from the devastated town that was experiencing constant destruction from the D-tier beast generals!

Qin Feng did not intend to lend a helping hand, as the top priority was to first leave the dangerous place .

However, Qin Feng instantly sensed something unusual .

“The entire Shadong Town has been locked down intentionally!”

Qin Feng saw the silver light that was ahead of him .

Spatial Lockdown .

It would be impossible for Qin Feng to ram through the spatial lockdown with his Sky Dweller as he would be instantly brought back by spatial runes, and he might even be hit with Spatial Tearing and be torn into pieces!

Qin Feng immediately activated the Sky Dweller and released an energy blast .


A ray of light was shot out from the Crystal Energy Cannon .

The ray of light hit onto the targeted space and disappeared, it was as if the light was instantly intercepted by something else .

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Qin Feng knew that the hit had gone into a different space, and it would be impossible for such an attack to cause any disruption toward the Spatial Lockdown .

“Do you need me?” Bai Li asked as she sat on the co-pilot seat of the Sky Dweller .

Qin Feng frowned and responded, “Go on, see if there is anyone outside!”

“Alright!” Bai Li nodded and instantly disappeared from the Sky Dweller .

Within seconds, Bai Li had returned .

“There are eleven of them, one of them is a C-tier that has similar capabilities with Xue Jinkuang, the remaining ten of them are D-tiers!” Bai Li reported .

The ten D-tiers were not of much concern, however, the presence of a C-tier alone was already shocking enough .

When did Shadong Town become a spot to receive regular visits from a C-tier?

Before this, Xue Jinkuang was here to kill Qin Feng, and now, there must be something else that had caught the interest of a C-tier .

Qin Feng wondered why they had yet to come in, it appeared that they were expecting the results from the mutations, hence, Qin Feng had to find out what they were up to .

After all, had the worst not already occurred?

Qin Feng steered the Sky Dweller to descend immediately .

“What is it? Chen Xiang asked .

Yang Mao also frowned and answered, “Signals on the communicator have been blocked, there is no way out!”

Yang Mao wanted to make contact with his family members .

“What sort of enemy could have planned out such a stratagem to block the communication signals and set up the Spatial Lockdown, whoever it is, there must be detailed planning involved!” Qin Feng responded with his cold voice . “Regardless of what it is, let’s look for a place to rest and observe for our next action . ”

The central part of Shadong Town was already destroyed, and there were still some buildings left behind, they were near the city wall of the border and safe from the influence of the energy waves, Qin Feng found an underground bunker within Shadong Town and led all six of them to rest inside .

“It is beyond my expectation that my capabilities have led me here to seek asylum!” Yang Mao was frustrated and let out a mocking laugh .

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Who would have not thought the same thing?

Of course, being the only E-tier, Han Nuan was totally fine with it .

“Mr Qin, something happened to me, and I do not know whether I should tell you!” Han Nuan panicked .

“What is it?” Qin Feng looked at her .

“I have a feeling; I might have also experienced mutation!” Han Nuan felt nervous, and as she lifted her head, an energy object appeared out of nowhere and it was right above her head .

Surprisingly, it was a pitch-black feather from a swallow .

“Thunder Swallow!” Chen Xiang was able to identify the ultra beast .

However, Qin Feng’s concern was on Han Nuan’s body .

“Your capability has increased, and it is about three times more than what you had before!”

Han Nuan nodded . “Yes, I am able to summon this swallow, and I have faster movement speed, likewise my vision has improved! I could even feel…”

Han Nuan did not know whether she should be happy about such changes .

“I might have gotten an ancient warrior disposition, and have also mastered the Thunder Ability!”

Han Nuan raised her hand and a spark of lightning appeared .

It was indeed the Thunder Ability!”

Qin Feng was instantly shocked by it!

All of a sudden, he recalled the message from Lin Wuyi when they first met .