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Master of the End Times - Chapter 363

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:30:17 AM

Chapter 363: Gao Li Awakens

Chapter 363: Gao Li Awakens

Mutant experimental subjects were divided into different stages of experimentation . After all, each subject carried different genes .

Whether it was a semi-beastly human, a full-beastly human, or the kind like Ling Wuyi that had mastered the toxin element, they were all the first stage .

After all, they had all maintained their beast forms, and Ling Wuyi was already the best subject result among their current research .

Yet, they were still failures .

It seemed that the Z Organization had proceeded to a different form of experimentation .

It was like what Ling Wuyi had said—it was the second experimental stage!

It was an experiment on complete human manifestation without the presence of human genes in the body .

Qin Feng did not understand what exactly that form was but then after seeing Han Nuan, he suddenly understood .

It was an energy form .

This was beyond belief!

Qin Feng really did not know if he was afraid of or admired the Z Organization!

“Do you think this energy form is containable?” Qin Feng asked .

If the form were unstable, there was a risk that Han Nuan could explode like a nuclear bomb, and it would be a threat to both Han Nuan and the others .

“I think it’s quite manageable, how shall I put it? It’s like having an innate ability!”

Innate abilities, it was just like Qin Feng’s devourment ability .

“Could this be some kind of a strange encounter?”

Having abilities was something that everyone dreamed of .

With abilities, the individual’s power would skyrocket, and there was no limit to what the person could do in the future .

If this power were stable, there was no doubt that Han Nuan had earned a great deal .

“Strange encounters have to be fated as well, and the chances of survival were very slim . Now that there’s still a spatial lockdown outside, it’s clear that we’ve become a turtle in a jar!” Qin Feng said .

Chen Xiang gritted his teeth . “Who the hell is that? He’s a wild one isn’t he, and he has destroyed the entire Shadong Town! Without Shadong Town, the ultra beasts from the North Sea Desert will definitely reach the Four Cities of the Northern Sea, and if that happens, the lives of thousands of ordinary civilians will be in danger!”

They were the foundation of humanity!

“We…we’ve become their test subjects!” Qin Feng said .

The others were silent .

Han Nuan did not say anything either . She had gained new abilities, but it was hard to tell if it was a blessing or a curse!

“How about we take a rest! We’ll work on our plan to get out in the morning!”


They woke up after only having four hours of sleep . After an entire night of fighting and escaping, it was now dawn .

“Ooh…” A yawn was heard, and it was actually Gao Li who had just woken up .

“Brother Gao, how are you feeling? Do you feel any discomfort?” Chen Xiang asked .

“I’m fine!” Gao Li had a splitting headache . Everything felt like a dream, but he could only remember bits and pieces of it . “Qin Feng, thank you!”

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If it were not for Qin Feng, Gao Li would have been dead!

“I was wondering, if Gao Li can recover, does that mean others can too?” Qin Feng frowned .

Back then in the Spring Hunting Ground, Chen Ming had also returned to his human form after he was weakened, but he was so badly injured that he could not be saved .

“Wouldn’t that mean that the others can still be saved?” Chen Xiang was pleasantly surprised .

“Well, there’s no harm in trying!”

If Shadong Town was really destroyed, it would be bad news for everyone . Besides, would that not be just like letting the Z Organization have their way?

Although Qin Feng did not know what the organization was plotting, the enemy was in a bad position, and Qin Feng felt great about it!

After having some food to satiate their hunger, they planned to go out and have a look, leaving Gao Li alone in the basement to recuperate .

As soon as the group left the basement, there was a sudden violent vibration .

Qin Feng and the others immediately quickened their footsteps .

Soon, the scene on the outside came into view .

In the middle of the ruins, a huge, five-meter long and three-meter tall tusked hog was snorting at a group of people .

Coincidentally, the people that were being chased by the hog were actually Yan Fang and his group .

Yan Fang had brought more than fifty survivors with him, twenty of them were D-tiers, only two or three were F-tiers, and the rest were E-tiers .

They were a strong group, and they were more than capable of handling that huge tusked hog .

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Soon, the huge tusked hog was heavily scarred and unable to move!

“Stop it!” Chen Xiang was unable to hold back any longer . He walked out, and with a raise of his hand, an earth wall erupted from the ground .


The earth wall was pierced by the long blade that was thrown out from Yan Fang’s hand . Even with his internal force infused into the blade, it was still unable to deliver another fatal blow to the tusked hog!

The group looked vigilantly in Chen Xiang’s direction, and there was surprise in their eyes .

“Brother Chen, it’s you!”

“What’s going on? Why did you interrupt my attack?”

Everyone was also surprised to see Chen Xiang .

At this moment, the other four people, including Qin Feng, walked up to Chen Xiang’s side . All twenty people were also delighted to see Qin Feng .

Qin Feng’s strength was evident to all . It was possible for him to defeat a beast king alone, much less a beast general .

“Everyone, regarding the disaster that struck yesterday, we suspect that it was due to a man-made experiment . We, all of us, have fallen into the enemy’s trap . ”

After Qin Feng had finished his sentence, the delightful expression on all of their faces from seeing Qin Feng had turned serious, yet they were still calm .

Naturally, they had also guessed the same thing .

Otherwise, there was no way the entire Shadong Town would have changed for no reason .

“Yeah, guys, these ultra beasts are our past allies . Yesterday, Gao Li was turned into one of these beasts, but Qin Feng managed to contain him and he finally returned to his human form after a while, so we might as well try to save as many allies as we can!” Chen Xiang tried to persuade the others .

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“But wouldn’t that be a little too dangerous?” Yan Fang frowned in disapproval .

Qin Feng’s eyes fell on Yan Fang .

Although he had no idea what Yan Fang had in mind, the more Yan Fang disagreed with his plan, the more Qin Feng felt that there was nothing wrong with it .

“Well, I’m here, so what’s there to be afraid of? If you guys don’t mind, you can hand this mutant to me and I’ll show you!” Qin Feng pointed at the tusked hog .

The group looked at each other, not knowing what to decide .

Qin Feng let out a sneer, “Based on the direction that all of you are heading, are you attempting to get out of Shadong Town? Don’t waste your energy, I already tried it last night . Shadong Town is currently under a spatial lockdown!”


“Who did this?”

“Is it really not a coincidence that all this is happening?

Everyone was shocked .

“What’s their purpose? What do they want? Trapping us here so we’ll finish each other off?”

After one of the men heard this, he had a sudden change in mind . “I agree with Mr Qin’s idea . Anyway, this tusked hog is also a mutant, and I believe none of us are lacking materials, so why not give it to Qin Feng?”

“Well, we can all help take care of it too!”

“Yeah, how about we go along for the ride?”

They were now all now staring at Qin Feng .

Because among the people present, they had no doubt that Qin Feng was the strongest .

That also meant that following Qin Feng would naturally guarantee their safety .