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Master of the End Times - Chapter 365

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:30:14 AM

Chapter 365: Catching Yan Fang

Chapter 365: Catching Yan Fang

The punch was so powerful that it almost broke Yan Fang’s intestines .

As the attack was too sudden, Yan Fang was not able to produce his internal energy shield fast enough to resist the attack .


Yan Fang spurted a mouthful of blood .

When he was about to control his internal force to resist Qin Feng’s attack, for some reason, he felt that his internal force was drawn out into Qin Feng’s fist .

For a time, Yan Fang felt the internal force in his meridians flowing backward, and his entire body twitched uncontrollably .

The eight water pools of his internal force were all siphoned off by Qin Feng .

Yan Fang’s liver and gall bladder began to break .

“You… what have you done!” Yan Fang did not expect Qin Feng to actually strike so viciously, and his moves were so unpredictable .

His internal force was emptied out!

Yan Fang clearly felt that the space in his dantian was actually shrinking, and his cultivation had regressed!

Yan Fang was shocked when he realized that Qin Feng had actually disabled his ancient warrior strength .

“What’ve I done? I just wanted you to have a drink of your own water!” Qin Feng snickered .

With a wave of his hand, the water battle that was previously placed on the ground by Yan Fang appeared in Qin Feng’s hand .

Yan Fang stared at it with his mouth wide open .

Qin Feng did not give Yan Fang the chance to refuse and grabbed hold of his cheeks so that his mouth would stay open .


Yan Fang tried to resist, but Qin Feng’s strength was too great!

With his internal force nullified, Yan fang was unable to shake off Qin Feng with his flailing arms even though Qin Feng did not have control over his body .

With Qin Feng having the strength and body of a beast king, and with Yan Fang’s lack of internal force, even if he took a knife out now, he would not be able to pierce through Qin Feng’s skin with it .


Water was poured forcefully into Yan Fang’s mouth to the point where he choked and spurted water through his nostrils . At least half a bottle of water was poured into Yan Fang’s tummy .

Qin Feng finally loosened his grip on Yan Fang’s cheeks .

“So, what’ve I done? Did I make you throw up?”

Qin Feng stepped on Yan Fang’s hand .

“If you’re not guilty, why did you spit out the water?”

Yan Fang was in a mess .

His body was trembling hard, and he was afraid that something might happen next .

However, some time passed and Yan Fang found that he had not changed much, and he became arrogant again .

“Qin Feng, I know you disliked me ever since the first time we met, you’re just deliberately screwing with me . Are you happy now that I’ve lost my internal force? I didn’t expect you to be this sinister!”

I was as though Yan Fang had poured a bucket of sh*t on top of Qin Feng, making everyone else slightly suspicious of Qin Feng’s action as well .

It was true that Yan Fang had not changed much, but this was because Yan Fang had made some genetic mutation on himself before this .

In fact, Yan Fang was desperately trying to maintain control over his body so his body would not change .

When Qin Feng let go of him, Yan Fang was thinking of leaving the scene with the excuse of being angry, and then he would think of other ways to suppress his transformation .

It was only that Qin Feng would not give him the chance .

“Is it because the effect is slower or the dosage wasn’t large enough?”

Qin Feng sneered as he raised his hand .

Using his consciousness, the water bottles that Yan Fang had previously distributed to the others now fell into Qin Feng’s hands .

The expression on Yan Fang’s face became distorted .

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“It’s just water, what are you so afraid of?”

Qin Feng sneered again .

Yan Fang let out a roar . In the blink of an eye, his limbs were covered in pitch-black fur, and his palms had turned into feline paws .

He might not have his internal force anymore, but he still had his physical strength .

Yan Fang forcefully broke away from Qin Feng’s grip and was about to make his escape in that instant .

After witnessing such a scene, the people around them were instantly confused .

It was too much of a change .

“The water had been poisoned?”

Chen Xiang instantly roared .

Moreover, this time there was no need for Qin Feng to issue a command to the people around him . All of them immediately intercepted Yan Fang .


Mutants did not need internal strength . After Yan Fang had become a mutant, his strength had skyrocketed to the level of a beast general . Besides, he was a D8-tier himself, so it would not be easy to stop him .

The people who impulsively chased behind him were ripped open by Yan Fang’s claws .


Their internal force barrier shattered following the claw swipe .

Qin Feng had his internal force set in motion and his Dragon Steps unleashed to catch up to Yan Fang .

Yan Fang was so taken aback that he could not care less about the others . With a single leap, he jumped high up and landed on top of a tall building .

Then, his moves were speedier and more agile, and he began to run frantically like a wild cheetah .

Did he really think it would be that easy to shake Qin Feng off his tracks?

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“Fiery Peacock Wings!”

Blue flames erupted from Qin Feng’s back and turned into two wings, propelling Qin Feng forward .

Yan Fang was clearly heading toward the town’s outskirts .

The walls surrounding Shadong Town were not any weaker than the other city walls . In fact, they were even sturdier, taller and wider . Yan Fang did not think about jumping over the walls to escape, so he headed toward the eastern city gate along the way .

Only at this time, there were seven or eight people at the eastern gate, studying the spatial blockade .

Yan Fang’s sudden appearance made them jump .

Then, a ball of blue flame struck the ground .


It was Qin Feng’s peacock fire!

The fiery peacock was so powerful that it exploded directly on Yan Fang’s body, knocking him out of the ground and causing searing burns all over his body .

His escape plan was ruined!

Qin Feng stepped forward with the Verdant Emperor Saber in his hand .

“Burning Sword Glare!”

A ten-meter flame blade erupted from the blade, swallowing Yan Fang whole .

Yan Fang stared with widened eyes as he rolled over to avoid the fire .

Only, Qin Feng’s sword glare was too quick . Although Yan Fang dodged the flames, one of his hands was still on the ground the moment he rolled over when the flames struck .

It was his paw, covered in black fur with sharp claws .

It was Yan Fang’s hand after his mutation .


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Yan Fang shrieked in pain as he watched Qin Feng slash toward him again .

Hou Yangsheng and Tieh Xin watched the entire scene, completely clueless of the situation .

“What’s going on? Wasn’t Yan Fang just fine earlier?”

“Qin Feng, what’s going on here?” Hou Yangsheng asked, frowning .

An idea flashed in Yan Fang’s mind . “Mr Hou, Qin Fang is a murderer! He poisoned my water, that’s why I turned out like this!” He shouted .

The expression on Hou Yangsheng and the others’ faces suddenly changed!

They looked at Qin Feng in disbelief .

But Qin Feng did not care about them at all, and he was closing in on the distance between him and Yan Fang!

“Yan Fang, since you’re heading outside, could it be that you’ve the key to the spatial blockade?”

Yan Fang shouted in panic and fear, “No, Mr Hou, save me!”

Desperation filled Yan Fang’s eyes as everyone took a step back . No one, not even Hou Yangsheng, came forward to save him .

Who dared to save him?

Qin Feng had killed a C-tier ancient warrior, who was the first-generation head of an ancient warrior family . A family that was passed down for hundreds of years in the Four Cities of the North Sea, whose ancestors had also survived the big catastrophe!

Hou Yangsheng felt that even his own family would not be able to stop Qin Feng, let alone himself .

With each step Qin Feng took, the flames on his saber began to die down .

He slashed horizontally with the saber .

“Argh!” Yan Fang screamed as his legs were completely severed .

“Yan Fang, tell me, are you in the same league with the Z Organization?”

Qin Feng approached a little closer . His voice was encased with his internal strength as he asked .

The twisted expression on Yan Fang’s face was frozen .