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Master of the End Times - Chapter 366

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:30:13 AM

Chapter 366: Conspiracy Uncovered

Chapter 366: Conspiracy Uncovered

“How did you know?” Yan Fang stared at Qin Feng .

Qin Feng snickered at the question . This time, there was no need for him to use his internal force!

Qin Feng felt that before his rebirth, Shadong Town’s unsuspected disappearance was probably related to the C-tier aptitude user outside .

But that would not be the case now .

With Qin Feng here, he might not be able to kill the C-tier user, but at least he could hold him off .

The news regarding the destruction of Shadong Town would have probably spread to the Human Alliance by now

If that were the case, what was there to hide?

Qin Feng felt that by now, it was getting harder and harder to uncover the truth about the Z Organization . There were too few clues, so it was better to let the Human Alliance handle it .

“You guys really got ahead of yourselves, huh? You have so many labs located in the Three Cities along the Sun, and now you’re stirring up trouble in the Four Cities of the North Sea . Did you really think that you didn’t leave any traces behind?”

Yan Fang’s face turned pale .

He now understood that Qin Feng knew what their plan was .

“Qin Feng, I regret my actions . I should’ve warned them to only carry out the plan after your departure from the city!”

“Yeah, without me, you guys might have actually succeeded!”

That was because before his rebirth, their plan had really succeeded .

“Qin Feng, don’t you think that we’ve failed now! We still have cards to play, and we’ve power that you can never imagine!”

“Power that I can never imagine? You mean your trump card is a C-tier aptitude user?” Qin Feng replied blandly .

Yan Fang was shocked!

Just then, he laughed out loud .

“Qin Feng, since you already know, why don’t you start running? I do have the key to open the Spatial Blockade with me, but I can only allow one person to leave . How about you take it and leave, and I’ll ask my bosses to leave you alone!”

“Do you think it’s possible?”

“Qin Feng, don’t forget, our organization is very strong . Even if you’ve killed Xue Jinkuang, do you really think you can kill a C2-tier beast king aptitude user?”

Qin Feng’s pupil shrank for a moment once he heard what Yan Fang had said .

A C-tier king user!

Such a strong and powerful user .

No wonder Yan Fang was acting so arrogantly now .

A mutant with such strength was indeed not easy to deal with .

However, all of this had changed because of one person .

To be more precise, it was because of an ultra beast!

Bai Li!

Bai Li’s current strength just so happened to be a C-tier beast emperor!

As such, Qin Feng was feeling confident .

“Just because I’m not able to kill him now, doesn’t mean I won’t be able to do that later in the future . As for you, it’s better for you to become my prisoner!”

Qin Feng locked his consciousness onto Yan Fang, dragging the half-dead opponent with him .

Hou Yangsheng and Tieh Xin looked at each other as they watched Qin Feng walk away .

“We should follow Qin Feng . Now, it seems that there will be an ambush outside!”

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“It’s not necessarily safe to go out now, maybe they are killing every witness to this catastrophe . If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to follow Qin Feng . ”

“We should go now so we don’t get left behind!”

These people had also returned to the plaza of the mall that Qin Feng had chosen .

This time, there was a group of mutants that had been laid in front of the mall, and with just a quick glance, there were already more than thirty of them!

Bai Li happened to be there too .

“Bai Li, come over to interrogate him!”

Qin Feng pointed at Yan Fang .

The others came forward to see what was happening . After all, what happened before was simply too suspicious to them . Yan Fang had transformed into a mutant just by taking a sip of the water, and for this, they felt that something fishy was going on .

While these people were thinking of ways to interrogate Yan Fang, Bai Li already had control over Yan Fang with her consciousness .

Yan Fang’s internal strength was nullified, and his consciousness was weakened when he was in his mutant body .

Soon, every part of the plan from the poisoning, the mutation, and the plans afterward were all revealed .

Everyone took in a deep gulp of air .

Qin Feng was listening at the side in silence .

In fact, the more he learned about the Z Organization, the more he felt that it was no longer a personal matter .

The organization was very dangerous .

This time, the destruction of Shadong Town was probably just one of the organization’s many schemes .

The poisoning of Shadong Town’s reservoir was delayed for six hours . Moreover, there were accidents and many people had become experimental subjects .

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The experimental subjects the Z Organization were studying were getting stronger and stronger .

At the very beginning, the mutant that Qin Feng had encountered still required a lot of complex experiments to modify the gene structure of the mutant’s body .

Now, they did not require such processes!

“No wonder I’m fine . Last night, I ate some food outside, but nothing happened to me!” An aptitude user said in relief .

“I did drink some of the water, but it did not have any reaction to my body!” Another aptitude user said with a worried expression .

“I… I did have some reaction to it, but I did not completely lose my consciousness! Maybe, this is the type of positive result the organization was trying to achieve,” said another aptitude user .

When one person started to speak up, the others naturally followed suit as well . They were all like Han Nuan, who suddenly had the power to summon an energy ultra beast .

This success probability .

Was ridiculously low .

Surprisingly, there were ten of them among the group .

That amounted to a one in two hundred chance of success among these subjects .

The Z Organization had just taken human lives to fulfil their experimental research .

This kind of research was something only a dark organization would do!

“Earlier, what was the C-tier aptitude user going to do to us? Take us away?”

This matter had clearly started to worry them .

Qin Feng thought of the message he had gotten before his rebirth and made a guess, “Kill the witnesses, take those who should be taken away . ”

The expression on everyone’s face changed .

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“That means, we should unite, and with Brother Qin and Princess Bai on our side, there’s no need for us to be afraid,” said Chen Xiang .

“As for the injured, if they have regained their human form, quickly treat their wounds so after that they can have the strength to escape on their own!” Qin Feng said as everyone had their eyes set on him . Qin Feng understood that they were all waiting for him to make up his mind .

Qin Feng was the one in charge .

“Search the town and see if there are any hover copter’s left . Put the injured there, and once the people from the organization come in, you guys have to immediately split up and run!”

“Run out and be sure to report the case to the Human Alliance so they can send people here to deal with this matter . After all, the well-being of Shadong Town does affect the safety of the Four Cities of the North Sea, and safety is crucial to them!”

“Of course, you yourselves have to make up your own mind . After all, those who’re injured may also develop a little bit of mutation in the future, but I hope you do not use this power to do things that go against the Human Alliance in the future . When that happens, not just the Human Alliance, even I will never forgive you!”

There was a hint of murderous tone in Qin Feng’s words .

These people had their fate changed because of Qin Feng’s rebirth, and Qin Feng certainly did not want to have some kind of mutant alliance existing in the future .


At this moment, outside the town of Shadong, a large airliner was parked with hundreds of people being loaded up into the cargo area .

Inside the airliner, there were various weird-looking chairs, but all of them had chains and belts to restrain a human body .

Obviously, the Z Organization had come prepared .

“Lord Yan, I’m afraid things did not go as planned inside Shadong Town right now!”

“What’s going on?” Yan Shuo frowned .

As a C-tier aptitude user, he did not like having his plans ruined by surprises .

“We’ve not received any report from Yan Fang for quite a long time!”

Yan Shuo’s face changed .

The relationship between Yan Fang and Yan Shuo was not that simple . They were very close, because Yan Fang was his biological little brother .