Master of the End Times - Chapter 368

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:30:10 AM

Chapter 368: Tailing Out Of Town

Chapter 368: Tailing Out Of Town

Qin Feng’s features made him seem like he was barely an adult!

Guo Geng believed that this person was not very strong .

Plus, Qin Feng had previously come back from meditating in the Battlegod Tomb and was wearing casual clothes, not his combat uniform . He was not even wearing his D-tier aptitude user badge .

Guo Geng did not hesitate, letting out a cruel chuckle as he quickly appeared right in front of Qin Feng with a single step .

In the next moment, his hand was already reaching toward Qin Feng’s neck .

Guo Geng compared killing this boy to be the equivalent of butchering a chick . However, he would soon realize that Qin Feng was not some new-born fledgling farm bird .

Qin Feng made his move as well, striking out with a fist wreathed in internal force toward Guo Geng .

The other’s smile faded, there was something in his conscience that told him that something was awry .

“Metal Arm!”

His internal force was quickly activated but in that rush, he was not able to activate his internal force barrier so he could only cover his arm in internal force and spread it over his palm before trying to intercept Qin Feng .


Qin Feng’s fist slammed into Guo Geng’s arm

It felt like hitting a piece of solid metal, even causing the sound when metal gets punched, but this metal would not have been enough to resist Qin Feng’s attack and instantly got bent .

A look of pain flashed across Guo Geng’s face .


His arm was broken .

The internal force in his body could not help him maintain his balance and he was immediately sent flying by this massive blow .


He crashed into an already shaky building behind him and caused it to collapse .

That looked like it hurt!


Since Qin Feng did not use his full power, Guo Geng did not realize how strong Qin Feng was . He only thought that he had underestimated this young person .

Click! His arm realigned itself before he radiated internal force in order to shield himself from additional attacks .

“Kid, you’re going to die today!” Guo Geng roared . “And if you survive, then what lies ahead is unending torture! After all, there must be secrets in you that are worth studying!”

Qin Feng sneered, radiating his own internal force and revealing that he was as strong as a D-tier ancient warrior .

Guo Geng’s expression fell for a moment before ferocity fervently reignited .

He pulled out his weapons . They were a pair of daggers .

Guo Geng was skilled in assassination .

Suddenly, he disappeared from where he was standing . This was ten times faster than when he tried to kill Qin Feng .

This was Guo Geng in his combat state .

In the blink of an eye, he had already flanked Qin Feng’s left side . His daggers flashed with a cold glint as he stabbed at his target .


The internal force shield suddenly vibrated .

Clank clank clank!

Guo Geng’s daggers moved quickly and left an afterimage behind as they danced around Qin Feng’s shield . Under such an attack, his shield was quickly shattered in the blink of an eye .

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That only took a second . That was fast!

By then, Qin Feng had already turned his head to look at Guo Geng . The daggers were going for Qin Feng’s neck and it seemed like his head was going to get removed!

He raised a hand and flames burst out from his palm .


This one meter wide Firebeam looked like it had been shot out by an energy cannon . After absorbing the fire diamonds, Qin Feng’s Fire ability had gotten even more powerful .

The Firebeam was quickly sent out but it had a strong explosive force and this was not even Qin Feng’s most powerful move .

It was like slaughtering chicken, all Qin Feng did was casually wave his hand!


The flames exploded, instantly shattering the shield around Guo Geng and colliding with his body . The violent burning sensation of the flaming attack seared through his combat uniform, destroying it instantly .

Guo Geng was sent flying again .

“An ability user!”

Guo Geng did not expect his enemy to be an ability user either . That punch just now was definitely an ancient warrior’s punch!

This time, Qin Feng gave chase .

“Fiery Peacock!”

A wave of blue flame rushed forward, like a pair of blue peacock wings spreading out to embrace Guo Geng .

But Guo Geng did not want to accept such a hug .

“Mutated blue flame, you’re Qin Feng!”

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He was shocked, but the pain from the Firebeam attack had not faded . His form flickered and he disappeared from the spot .


The Fiery Peacock attack slammed into the ground and caused a large pothole on the road .

Guo Geng was not planning on staying, already having turned around to escape .

Naturally, he had heard of Qin Feng .

Even if he was hidden in Wangbei Village conducting experiments, he knew about the news regarding Tangshan Ridge as well as the destruction of the Xue family . He just did not expect to meet Qin Feng here .

Since he had not seen it with his own eyes, he did not believe Qin Feng was as strong as they said .

Snatching away the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor at Tangshan Ridge was just good luck and killing the Xue family’s Xue Jinkuang might have been because Xue Jinkuang was old .

But now, he understood that neither of those were flukes .

He was facing Qin Feng himself and had no power to fight back!

Now he could only think of escaping! He did not even care about Yan Fang anymore .

He was good at stealth based ancient martial arts, it was a kind of diversion technique . He took advantage of the urban surroundings and quickly escaped Shadong Town .


He only felt relieved when he realized that Qin Feng was not behind him .

“I’ll report to Sir Yan, seeing Yan Fang being injured like that would definitely make Qin Feng a dead man!”

He might as well be seeking vengeance for himself!

“Ugh!” Guo Geng gasped . The injury on his abdomen was too serious . That was only just one Firebeam attack!

He pulled out a silver light rune equipment from his spatial rune equipment and tapped the spatial barrier . The barrier opened up a small door in the blink of an eye .

As Guo Geng walked out, a black shadow followed him out as well .

“Heh,” Qin Feng chuckled, revealing himself .

Guo Geng was shocked, turning his head to suddenly find Qin Feng only a meter behind him!

His eyes widened in fear, leaning back as he started to hop about ten meters away before sitting down on the ground .

If anyone else were to have seen this D-tier ancient warrior’s reaction, they would be rolling on the floor with laughter .

This time, Qin Feng ignored Guo Geng .


Another burst of fire . This beam of fire had a range of thirty meters and it was targeted at a barrel shaped machine .

The spatial runes inside this barrel were very precious and they were used to seal off spaces .


The machine suddenly exploded!

Under the night sky, silver light flashed again and again . It was hard to not pay attention to it .

Although there was also a signal jammer, Qin Feng had other methods of communication .

“Bai Li, tell the others to evacuate!”

“On it!”

The two had a contract that bound their souls together, the news was quickly transmitted .

Guo Geng was taken aback by Qin Feng destroying the machine . The noise was so loud that it was definitely going to attract other people .

“Qin Feng, just you wait!” Guo Geng flickered away, wanting to escape again!