Master of the End Times - Chapter 369

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Chapter 369: Organization Z’s Chimera Corps

Chapter 369: Organization Z’s Chimera Corps

“Did you think you could get away?”

Qin Feng’s tone was cold and mocking . He had let Guo Geng escape earlier because he wanted to follow him out of town . Although he could have asked Bai Li to do it, doing it himself felt more justifiable and reasonable .

Also, seeing Guo Geng’s pride crumble away into despair was entertaining .

Guo Geng was still in a frantic dash forward, but Qin Feng appeared next to him in an instant .

“Dragon Steps!”

His internal force wrapped around him to form the face of a dragon as he rushed forward .

He raised a hand and struck out with a palm .

“Dragon Slam!”


Guo Geng’s internal force shield instantly shattered .


He watched as Qin Feng struck another palm out . If this second attack were to hit, even if it did not kill him it would probably rip his skin off .

“You’ve forced my hand!”

There was a flash of madness in Guo Geng’s eyes, his body began to go through rapid changes as scales began to form over his skin .

Qin Feng’s hand struck against Guo Geng’s body .


He sent Guo Geng flying again, but his opponent’s body was still changing as it soared through the air . In the blink of an eye, he had transformed into a monster plated with scales .

It was in fact a Scaled Tiger .

Not only that, Guo Geng’s aura was not like the aura of the beast generals that the D-tiers in Shadong Town were forced to transform into . On the contrary, he had the aura of a Beast King!

In an instant, Guo Geng’s power had increased exponentially .


He launched himself forward with hands that have become tiger claws . The claws seemed to have been mutated as well, each of them being thirty centimeters long and were as sharp as the daggers he wielded .

As Guo Geng launched his attack, Qin Feng did not dodge . The two instantly clashed with one another .

Boom! Bang! Boom! Clang! Boom!

He was planning on taking this head on .

So what if he was fighting a mutant beast king, he had the physical power of a beast emperor . Qin Feng did not even need to draw his saber .

Physical clashes were in his favor .

By then, because of the waves caused by this battle, the people from the passenger plane had already come down!

It was Yan Shuo and more than a dozen D-tier aptitude users .

Qin Feng’s consciousness automatically detected them and these people had also locked onto Qin Feng .

He ended up grabbing Guo Geng by the neck .


“Asteroid Assimilation!”


A huge pulse of energy was sent out at an odd angle which tore through Guo Geng’s neck . This wave of force ended up literally blowing the once-man into pieces, a large blood splatter was all there was where Guo Geng once stood . The people watching the cruel scene were terrified by this act .

The remaining mutants of the Organization Z were all taken aback .

Guo Geng was a rare beast king mutant, but he was torn apart by this D-tier person with their bare hands .

This filled their hearts with the fear of Qin Feng .

But for the C-tier, what he saw was Qin Feng trying to provoke him .

He knew he was coming and he killed his henchman to intimidate him .

“You wretch!”

Yan Shuo’s eyes were filled with sullen anger .

He took a step forward and was about to order his underlings to shoot Qin Feng .

But all of a sudden there was a flash of silver light that appeared over the battlefield .

The flash of silver light beamed toward Yan Shuo .

His pupils shrank as his senses told him that he was in a very dangerous situation .

In an instant, the light made him feel like he was standing in a hurricane as it rapidly revolved around him and caused black spatial cracks to appear .

These cracks directly hit his body .


His internal force shield was instantly ripped apart!


He quickly took a step back out of sheer shock .

The attack was too fast for him and the scratches from the silver hurricane began to show . His chest and thighs had rips in them that were bleeding profusely and in some places, the flesh on his body looked like they had been cleanly gouged out .

Then came the severe pain .

When the hurricane ceased, a girl with a silver whip and a devastatingly beautiful face revealed herself!

Bai Li had arrived .

Not only that, behind Bai Li was the hum of multiple hover copters . There looked to be seven to eight of them .

They were not flying in one direction, instead they were all scattering in different directions .

Even the C-tier Yan Shuo felt his heart skip a beat when he saw the scene .

This had gone completely out of hand, this was not part of his plans!

How was he going to conduct experiments if all of the subjects managed to escape?!

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What was more, if the news got out, the Human Alliance would likely not be showing any mercy .

“Destroy them!”

Killing these people was a priority, Yan Shuo did not plan on letting them go .

Upon hearing this, three of the mutants near him began to pull out their artillery cannons to take aim at the fleeing hover copters .

“Do you think I’m already dead?”

Qin Feng pulled out the Verdant Emperor Saber .

The blade burned with blue flames as Qin Feng’s body got covered by black runes .

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from where he was .

“Dark Shadow!”

“Seize him!”

The gunner mutant had a bad feeling, like death was just around the corner .

When facing Qin Feng, the others were not confident in beating him and because of that they decided to take this seriously .

In the next moment, they all began to transform!

In the blink of an eye, all of the aptitude users who had the ability to maintain a human form had transformed into inhuman monsters .

A Mountain-Shaking Bear, a Golden Python, a Crystalline Steel Ant—these were all beast kings .

A Bloodthirsty Jackal, a Black Plague Cat, a Thunder Wolf, a Sand Lizard, these all had the auras of beast generals .

With a troop of men with this kind of power, there was no enemy on the field that could be a threat .

Unfortunately, creatures of different species did not have human hearts . These people no longer thought that they were humans anymore!


They all launched themselves at Qin Feng .

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It was a pity that their combined attacks would not be enough against Qin Feng’s unpredictability .

The Dark Shadow allowed Qin Feng to instantly appear beside the three gunners who had raised their guns, standing back to back with their guns raised .


Qin Feng violently erupted upon his arrival .

A blue flame instantly pierced through one of the gunner’s bodies . In that blue flame was an extremely sharp saber .

It was the Verdant Emperor Saber .


The hand cannon that the gunner held fell to the ground before it could be fired .

It was the other two that managed to pull the trigger .

Boom! Boom!

Energy bombs were shot out of the cannons’ muzzles, flaring with a bright fluorescent light .

Unless there were high intensity weapons on the hover copters, there was no way they would be able to have a counterattack . There was no way for them to withstand the blast too .

The two bombs chased after the hover copters!


Qin Feng’s consciousness burst out and caught up with the two bombs, causing the bombs to shift awkwardly in one direction before colliding into the ground .

Ka-Boom! Ka-Boom!

Two huge explosions came one after the other and there was a strong tremor that rocked the ground!

At this time, the two gunners looked very pale with Qin Feng being so close . Fortunately for them, Qin Feng was focused on the bombs and did not pay attention to them . They took this opportunity to jump back, evading Qin Feng and quickly transforming .

An Aurora Eagle and a Poison-Pack Toad!

Qin Feng was completely surrounded by the Chimera Corps!