Master of the End Times - Chapter 370

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Chapter 370: It’s One Against Nine

Chapter 370: It’s One Against Nine

Meanwhile on the other side, Bai Li and Yan Shuo clashed against one another . Bai Li’s beast emperor strength ended up forcing Yan Shuo into a retreat .

When he saw that there were nine people surrounding Qin Feng, he let out a yell of anger .

“You’re all trash!”

With so many being held back by only one person, all the hover copters had escaped by then .

Since the situation had taken an unexpected turn, the plan had failed!

“Seize him and bring him back to me!” Yan Shuo ordered .

“Who are you planning on catching this time?” Bai Li said with dissatisfaction . He could not face her but still wanted to capture Qin Feng, that idea was enough to provoke her .

Yan Shuo’s eyes narrowed, he did not want to show aces he had in his sleeve but it looked to him that he had no choice in the matter .

He abruptly began to mobilize his own strength and in the next instant his body began to give off an intense and terrifying aura .

In the blink of an eye, he had turned into a giant .

Standing at the full height of ten meters tall, as big as a three-storey building .


A huge metal rod appeared in his hand, obviously this rod had been kept inside a space before .

This was his strongest mode of combat .

Different from the other mutants, Yan Shuo’s mutant form was human . It was dubbed by the Organization Z to be one of the purer bloodlines, known as the Titan Bloodline .


Yan Shuo’s body was massive, the damage caused to him before might as well be mosquito bites at this point . His skin was thick and fleshy and his muscles were tough, it was going to be hard for anyone to directly damage his organs .


He swung his weapon at Bai Li .

His new giant form naturally gave him an advantage against her .

Back at Qin Feng’s end, the nine mutants around him quickly launched their attacks .

The Giant Poison-Sac Toad started it off with a blast of concentrated toxin .

Qin Feng was well protected by his internal force shield and did not try to dodge .

“Tornado Cloud!”

He quickly did a spin, unleashing the Secret Overcast Dragon technique and kicked up a raging whirlwind .

His target was not the toad but the Golden Python . It was a creature that could use Light, which made it an immediate threat to him .

The whirlwind shifted, picking up the Golden Python .

Bang bang bang bang!

All the mutants were tossed around and sent flying .

“Asteroid Assimilation! Absorption!”

The Golden Python mutant was attacked by Qin Feng again, but it did not run away .

It felt surprised, it had not expected Qin Feng to attack first and used its internal force to rush toward him . There was fury in its heart as it coiled its body around Qin Feng’s .


The strongest ability from snake-like ultra beasts, this kind of crushing force was increased a hundredfold when used by the Golden Python .


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The internal force shield around Qin Feng began to make weird creaking sounds, like a balloon being tightly squeezed as if it was going to burst at any moment!

It was then Qin Feng stabbed forward with the Verdant Emperor Saber .


The tip of the blade pierced through the scales of the Golden Python mutant .

No matter how strong the Golden Python was, it did not have the same defensive capabilities as an actual Golden Python . What was more, even if it did, it still would not have been enough to deter the Verdant Emperor Saber .

The actual blade portion had not hit anything in a while since it was merged with the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor’s feathers as its flames could burn through almost everything .

And actually getting stabbed by the blade usually leads to expected consequences .

The blade continued to slide into the mutant until it was buried to the hilt .

He activated his consciousness and blue fire began to burst out from the blade .

In the blink of an eye, the Golden Python mutant’s skin was covered in flames .


The mutant let out a scream of pain, its tail loosening its grip around Qin Feng’s body as the mutant rolled around on the ground, kicking up dust and dirt when faced with such destructive power .

Qin Feng thought that it was a pity that he did not get to try out a move like that more .


He swung his blade out, stabbing at his target . This time he was aiming for the mutant’s head!

The mutant’s head was pinned to the ground before the blue flames turned it into ash

The Golden Python mutant had been slain!

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The remaining eight mutants all looked at Qin Feng with a mixture of awe and caution .

This time, Qin Feng had a grin on his face!

“You shouldn’t have transformed . Now, you don’t even have a way of sending out your last message!”

After these people became mutants, they had lost access to their communicators .

If so, who could stop Qin Feng?

At 2 o’clock in the morning, their surroundings were dark and the moon was shining brightly, along with the lights that everyone carried . Not only that, the night vision that they gained after transforming allowed them to see clearly in the dark .

All of that would soon disappear!

“Dark Shroud!”

Qin Feng’s entire body abruptly exploded with terrifying dark runes .

He had been carrying the Dark Stone for nine months!

When used, a large quantity of dark runes would send chills down anyone’s spine!

The mutants all lost their vision to the darkness .

“What happened?”

They could still hear noises, but their vision was pitch black and their senses felt a little delayed so it was hard to explore this new environment .

Before this, Qin Feng was only just twenty meters away from them . The other mutants might be even closer .

At this time, Qin Feng made his move .

“Dark Ray!”

A denser, more substantial bolt of darkness collided with the Poison-Sac Toad . In an instant, it felt like its body was deprived of its strength and had become extremely weak .

“What is this?!” The mutant exclaimed .

The limbs of the Poison-Sac Toad had not changed much . The main part was that its back had swelled up, giving it a hunch-backed posture and a hump that ripped out of its clothes . There were a number of multicolored poison carrying pustules on its hump and its eyes had widened and bulged out like that of a frog’s to give it a better field of vision . .

Qin Feng’s attack made it very uneasy but he ignored the feeling and began to send the toxins in all directions .

Pop pop pop!

The pustules on its back exploded all at once, sending toxins scattering everywhere around it . The toxins did not land on Qin Feng, instead it landed on everyone else .

“Decaying Rain!”

A terrifying dark vortex formed in the sky before a torrent of black rain started falling .


The Poison-Sac Toad that just released its toxins felt the black rain drip onto its back, feeling the severe pain as if its flesh was being melted away, and the dark energy was seeping into its body .

The sheer density of this black rain was like being in the middle of an intense tropical storm .

These eight mutants did not escape at all!

Screams came one after the other .

This drew Yan Shuo’s attention, he managed to witness all of this .

“Dark ability!”

Although he was shocked by this, he knew that if he did not help out the backbone of the Organization Z, it would get wiped out!

He swung his iron rod into the air in a spinning motion and sent out a powerful wave of force .

The overwhelming energy it carried abruptly stopped the Decaying Rain!