Master of the End Times - Chapter 371

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Chapter 371: Shadong Town Has Disappeared

Chapter 371: Shadong Town Has Disappeared

The Decaying Rain was dispelled, Yan Shuo spun his metal rod again and unleashed a blast of wind that carried enough force to disperse Qin Feng’s darkness .

The usage of a high level of power was how Yan Shuo managed to dispel the darkness .

Dark Shroud was not very effective when used against D-tiers, but in this scenario, Qin Feng had the Hellstone, and these D-tiers had turned into ultra beast mutants and lost their internal force shield .

With the darkness dispelled, the eight mutants were revealed to be a sorry sight, they looked miserable with parts of their body having been eaten away by the Decaying Rain .

Yan Shuo gritted his teeth so much that they would crack!

This loss was far too severe!

“Qin Feng, what a troublesome wretch!”

Yan Shuo began to swing his rod in that direction .

“You’re supposed to be fighting me!” Bai Li angrily called out in her crisp voice .

“Xiao Bai! No more hiding! We’re killing him!”

Qin Feng did not try to evade, his consciousness surging forth .

“Hell Magma!”

Dark red magma began to appear on the ground where the eight mutants stood before they were engulfed by it .

“Magma Pillar!”

Bang bang bang!

Four pillars of magma burst out from the ground, blasting the Bloodthirsty Jackal, Thunder Wolf, Black Plague Cat and Sand Lizard . These four were chosen intentionally .

After they had mutated, they were just at the level of beast generals . They were the weakest ones .

The Decaying Rain had nearly killed them just now . Hell Magma was just to finish them off .


The four pillars had completely covered them in magma .

“Aaah!!!” The Bloodthirsty Jackal screamed as its large body sank into the magma, and in the blink of an eye, all that was left after the Magma Pillar attack were bones, before those too sank into the magma .


This was the same for the other three, even if they tried to struggle, Qin Feng would knock them back down with his Fire ability .

Now, out of the nine mutants, only four remained of the Chimera Corps!

“How dare you!”

Yan Shuo glared at Qin Feng who had no intention of trying to avoid him and became even angrier . His attack was about to hit Qin Feng’s body, and there was a murderous intent in his eyes .

But suddenly, a loud beastial roar rang out, followed by the earth-shaking aura of a beast emperor .

Yan Shuo picked it up instantly, but before he could even turn around to see what had just happened he felt a powerful force and was pushed to the ground .


Giant claw marks began to appear on his body .

“Argh!” Yan Shuo cried out . As a Titan mutant, it had been a while since he had been injured while in his mutated form .

At this time, he found out that a similarly large creature had him pinned down with its legs .

It was a pristine and glamorous looking Silver Fox .

Behind it was five soft looking tails that glowed with a halo of silver light .

This halo began to glow brighter as it rushed toward Yan Shuo .

In the next moment, this bundle of silver light expanded to form a large spatial rip .

Yan Shuo’s pupils began to shrink, feeling that he was in great danger .

He let out an angry roar and tried to avoid the attack .

Of course, his weapon had been flung away by Bai Li when he tried to attack Qin Feng .

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On the other hand, now that Qin Feng was not threatened, he naturally engaged the four beast kings .

“Lets kill him!”

The mutants were worse for wear after being beaten down by Qin Feng’s torrent of abilities . None of their ancient martial arts techniques had managed to make a proper dent and five of them had just died!

The Giant Poison-Sac Toad’s back split open again . It had used all of its toxins before but this time it shot out black colored blood that carried a vile venom toward Qin Feng .

The Mountain Shaker Bear slammed its palms into the ground, causing multiple spikes made of earth to rush toward Qin Feng .

The Crystalline Steel Ant unleashed a flurry of sword swings and slashing attacks .

The Aurora Eagle burst out with incredible speed for a head on collision .

These were their most effective combat maneuvers, a dangerous meld of their combined forces .

It might have caused their target to flinch, but beyond that, Qin Feng did not suffer from any significant damage .

It was unfortunate that they learned that a bit too late .

He already had the upper hand in this situation .

“Dark Shadow!”

Qin Feng disappeared from where he was .

“Burning Sword Glare!”


The head of the Giant Poison-Sac Toad was removed with a swing of his blade .


“Fire Dragon Technique!”

The fire dragon instantly wrapped itself around the Crystalline Steel Ant . Its body had been damaged by the Decaying Rain and had lost its impenetrable metal defense .

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Being hit by the Fire Dragon Technique only brought it to its knees as the dragon completely engulfed its body .

The shell of the Crystalline Steel Ant had been completely melted .


“Fiery Peacock!”

“Blazing Sky!”


Another dead!

All four had been slain!

Qin Feng felt a massive wave of energy course through his body .


He had ranked up once again .

By then, Bai Li had also achieved the upper hand in her confrontation .

Even a mutant with Titan blood could not face something that had such powerful spatial manipulation . With her attacks, she managed to remove his arms and ended up breaking his legs .

“Kill him!” Qin Feng called out, having no intention of letting Bai Li stay her hand .

In the next moment, Yan Shuo’s eyes turned blood red and he unleashed a terrifying blast of energy .

“Then we’ll all die together!”

He let out a deafening roar!


The huge blast of energy, centered on Yan Shuo, spread outward and annihilated everything it made contact with .

Shadong Town’s city walls instantly turned into ash and countless buildings were swept away as the blast covered a range of up to ten thousand meters .

Shadong Town had been wiped out . If he had not seen this with his own eyes, Qin Feng would have thought that this place was originally a desert .

There were still plenty of small energy storms gathering in the sky, adding to the turbulent flow of things .

It seemed that even space was made unstable, in the blink of an eye, a massive, jagged rift was ripped open .

Then, a sliver of silver light flickered and two figures stepped into the rift filled scene of chaos .

It was Qin Feng and Bai Li .

Yan Shuo’s self destruction did not complete his final wish to take Qin Feng out with him .

Bai Li, being a spatial ultra beast, managed to grab Qin Feng and jump into the Battlegod Tomb without needing to use the Battlegod Token .

During that time, there were explosions happening all over!

After a battle that lasted for two days and two nights, Shadong Town ceased to be!

As the sun rose in the horizon, casting dawn’s light upon the earth, it only revealed the desolate desert as there really was only just sand and dust left .

“Control the rifts!” Qin Feng ordered .

“On it!”

Bai Li raised her hand and a beam of silver light locked onto the massive rift . In the blink of an eye, that rift was sealed .

The storm above was still brewing, Qin Feng did not know when but he was certain that new rifts would open up in this area .

But this no longer was something he could deal with!

“Lets go!”

He pulled out the Sky Dweller and flew out of the chaotic churning of energies with Bai Li .

When he tried to scan the area, he found no traces of living things where Shadong Town used to be .

“History might be difficult to change, but it’s a good thing a hundred people managed to survive . This isn’t a minor change!”

Qin Feng’s communicator began to ring at this time .