Master of the End Times - Chapter 374

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Chapter 374: A Decorated General?

Chapter 374: A Decorated General?

Qin Feng scanned the area hastily . He knew how many came to attend .

Only four to five people had left last night after his speech . There were eighty two D-tiers in total at the hotel now .

The mood was a little gloomy . No one spoke a word .

A while later, a person came into the meeting room .

The man appeared very youthful, good-looking even . Most aptitude users saw thirty-five-year-olds as youths .

The man looked no more than twenty six or twenty seven . He had an air of nobility around him . He was tall and well-built . He did not hide his aura, which pressured the people around him .

Gao Yukang, a gold element ability user, C3-tier .

He strode to the stage in front and overlooked the crowd . His consciousness level was so powerful that people thought they were being locked on by his sight!

Qin Feng furrowed his brows . He then felt relaxed . He did not speak much .

However, Gao Yukang’s appearance made the rest uneasy . They dare not speak as well .

The aptitude users below became fearful .

“I’ve heard the news . The Human Alliance places great emphasis on this matter . We will deliver swift justice to the criminals that you have captured!”

Qin Feng and the rest did not say anything . It was obvious that Gao Yukang did not allow them to voice their opinions .

“What happened has already happened . What we must do now is to recuperate our losses and plan for the worst!”

“We must rebuild Shadong Town! That is of utmost importance . ”

Gao Yukang’s sight fell on Qin Feng unknowingly . Qin Feng furrowed his brows once again . He felt that something would happen .

Gao Yukang continued on . “Since we’re shorthanded for now, you might be sent out to the frontlines once again . There may be those of you who remain healthy here, there may be those who have undergone a positive genetic mutation here . The Human Alliance calls for your unwavering support!”

“Since there are so many wounded, the Human Alliance has sent in ten D-tier doctors over to help you heal . They will check up on your health at certain times . Of course, the venue will be at the newly-established Shadong Town . ”

“Now, let me announce your next mission!”

Gao Yukang took out a badge . It was a special medal given by the Human Alliance . The badge was of a rather high level, a D-tier at least .

An official D-tier General’s badge .

It was the badge worn by Hu Liang in the beginning .

The badge was larger than an ordinary D-tier’s badge . It was very distinctive . At critical hours, those who wore the badge could become a leader in the name of the Human Alliance .

“Now, as the Governor of the Northern Seas District, I declare Qin Feng as a General, the Commander-in-Chief of the New Shadong Town!”

“I now appoint Bai Li as the deputy general of New Shadong Town!”

“And now, I appoint the E-tier aptitude user, Gao Qing, as the mayor of the town!”

Both of them had been appointed as generals . The mayoral title was offered to a distant nephew of Gao Yukang .

Qin Feng was surprised .

He did not think that Gao Yukang would appoint him as general .

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In a town like Shadong, those with the bigger fist held the bigger authority . A general’s post was much higher than the mayor .

Furthermore, although the certified aptitude users were considered members of the Human Alliance, becoming a general meant getting into the official ranks of the Human Alliance .

Officials and normal members— the difference was stark .

As for Qin Feng’s role as the leader of Fengli colony, it was nothing more than a sesame-sized rank to be brutally honest . He would never make it into the core with a position like that!

There was another huge advantage by becoming the general of Shadong Town .

The army, the Human Alliance, and even the Four Cities of the Northern Seas would have to pay tributes every year to Qin Feng as war efforts!

Hu Liang had a bad temper . He was often frustrated by the workload of his position as the general . Yet, what made him stay?

What else if not for the money?

“General Qin, Deputy Bai, come up here and receive your honors!” Gao Yukang interrupted Qin Feng’s contemplations .

Bai Li looked at Qin Feng in a puzzled manner . She did not know if she should go up the stage . She was waiting for Qin Feng .

Qin Feng stood up .

It was a great move!

It even gave Qin Feng another idea .

As Qin Feng stood up, Bai Li naturally followed him up the stage .

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Gao Yukang awarded Qin Feng and Bai Li with the badges .

“The Alliance places great hope in both of you . Do not let us down, protect the final frontier of the Northern Seas Desert . The fate of humankind rests upon us!”

Qin Feng thought that Gao Yukang was a real schmoozer .

Yet, the Human Alliance needed the propaganda . How else would they get so many people to fight for them?

“I’ll never let you down, thank you Governor!”

Gao Yukang nodded in contentment .

In actual fact, he did not care for matters in the Northern Seas District . His passion was not here . Maybe after another thirty or forty years, he would come back and settle down in his land . By then, he may have become a B or A-tier . What else could this place offer him?

Thus, he had washed his hands off this place!

After appointing Gao Qing the role of mayor, it was a job well done!

The eighty two D-tier aptitude users breathed a sigh of relief when they heard the news .

“It’s good that Qin Feng is leading, at least we don’t have to be afraid of him being a sellout!”

“I thought the alliance people were going to capture us for research, I was worried there!”

“Don’t hold your breaths just yet, they’ve sent in ten doctors to watch over our movements!”

“We’ll see how it goes, maybe we’ll recover!”

All in all, the crowd was happy with Gao Yukang’s decision .

After the town hall meeting, Gao Yukang had another small meeting .

Gao Yukang still retained his strong presence . Gao Qing sat beside him . Bai Li was sitting beside Qin Feng . Gao Yukang’s side felt a little weak compared to Qin Feng’s .

He unbuttoned the collar of his battle suit and smoked a cigarette . “Let’s talk about Shadong Town . I know I’m giving you a burden by passing these matters to you, but there’s a lot in it for you . You can request for any military support from the Human Alliance and the four cities will help you out . You’ll be getting 30 billion every year as base salary!”

Thirty billion a year . You could get a beast emperor level crystal core every three years . Although Hu Liang rarely fought, everyone knew he was strong .

What a pity that he had to go like that!

“Don’t you have to collect tax from Shadong Town or something like that?” asked Qin Feng .

Even in Fengli colony, they had to pay a certain amount to Chengyang City . However, the amount was fixed . It was easy-peasy for Fengli colony now .

Geo Yukang chuckled . “It’s good enough if Shadong Town doesn’t lose money!”

Qin Feng nodded . He continued,” In that case, I want every share and rights of Shadong Town . I forfeit the 30 billion dollar salary, I’ll be accountable to my own profits and losses!”

Gao Yukang was a bit startled .

A dilapidated place like Shadong Town?