Master of the End Times - Chapter 375

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Chapter 375: Shadong Town’s Ownership

Chapter 375: Shadong Town’s Ownership

“If you really want it, you can have it, and I will not interfere!”

“Alright, let’s have an official agreement!”

“Are you serious?” Gao Yukang could not believe it .

It was obvious that no resources were available at the North Sea Desert, and it was surprising to have someone accept it .

Qin Feng nodded . “I am not kidding, and with my combat power, thirty billion is nothing to me, however, I would prefer to have my own territory that I can have absolute control over!”

Despite having the same goal, Gao Yukang’s governor position was restricted by the four major families, and even deaths of any family leader would not bring him any benefit .

Furthermore, profits from Shadong Town were too little for a C-tier .

“Alright, this will also be cost saving for me!”

Qin Feng signed an agreement with Gao Yukang to take absolute control over Shadong Town .

The support from the Human Alliance would still remain, however, they would not pay Qin Feng for his salary!

In return, Qin Feng would take ownership of every welfare of the town, while Gao Qing could only receive a fixed amount of salary from the Human Alliance and was not entitled to any bonuses .

With that, Shadong Town had become Qin Feng’s second colony!

As the negotiation came to an end, Gao Yukang and Qin Feng were satisfied with the outcome, both of them shook hands to bid their farewell and Gao Yukang left within the same day for Niumeng City .

On the same night, another person had also arrived at Niumeng City .

The best among Qin Feng’s henchmen, Xue Xingfu!

Xue Xingfu did not travel by hover copter as Qin Feng had opened an entrance from the Battlegod Tomb to allow him to enter directly into the city, and it was much more convenient .

Qin Feng would require a helping hand to take on the task of rebuilding Shadong Town, and Xue Xingfu was the best option he had .

“Mayor, oh, I should address you as a general! Xue Xingfu spoke .

Qin Feng gave Xue Xingfu a pat on his thick shoulder blades . “Come, let’s get planning, this time, things are more complicated than Shadong Town itself!”

“Actually, I am not convinced of this, Mayor, did you just make a bad move?”

It was obvious that Shadong Town was at an unstable location that could be easily demolished, furthermore, it was frequently hit by spatial rifts that formed around the area .

“Listen, if this piece of desert land were to be turned into grasslands or plantations, would you still think that I have made a bad move?”

“How could that be possible!” Xue Xingfu did not believe in Qin Feng’s suggestion .

He continued to observe Qin Feng’s expression and was even more puzzled .

“What are you trying to imply? Can you just reveal it to me!” Xue Xingfu answered .

“This is what I mean! We’ll continue on with this after your return from obtaining the items!”

Qin Feng replied as he opened up his communicator .

The surroundings of the North Sea Desert were shown on the communicator, Qin Feng marked a spot on the edge of the desert and answered, “Rebuild Shadong Town over here . ”

It was five kilometres away from the original location of Shadong Town .

Unfortunately, the North Sea Desert might have to be expanded for another five kilometres in size .

It was definitely an unfavourable news for human beings .

However, for Qin Feng, it was the exact location of Shadong Town in the future .

Qin Feng’s coordination had instantly initiated the rebuilding of the town to cope with the pace of the ongoing war, also, Shadong Town was not a colony, instead, it was a defense fortress that did not have high-rise buildings within the town . Most of them were low-rise houses surrounded by extremely thick city walls .

Also, Qin Feng was impressed by the defensive wall when he was at Sea City, therefore, he had ordered to build a small-sized city wall that extended from both sides of Shadong Town and was shaped like a semi-circle that surrounded the edges of the North Sea Desert .

In less than a week, a new Shadong Town was successfully rebuilt at the edge of the North Sea Desert .

As soon as the structure of Shadong Town had entered into its consolidation stage, all sorts of equipment had also been allocated accordingly . Perhaps the location was further away from the North Sea Desert, and also, Qin Feng had left no mercy when he was hunting down ultra beasts earlier, hence they were less seen around the area .

Bai Li had also been assigned with extra tasks, she had to scout around the ruins of the original location of Shadong Town to identify any rifts that were formed, once identified, she would have to take care of them and reduce the occurrence of accidents .

Certainly, Qin Feng had his own tasks as well .

“I might need to be away for some time, during my absence, Bai Li will take lead in every battle, and you shall focus on the developments, alright?”

Xue Xingfu frowned . “Any specific plans with your current trip?”

Qin Feng smiled . “Would you believe it if I told you that I am planning to do reforestation?”

Xue Xingfu waved his hand . “Forget about it then!”

Qin Feng did not explain further and left Shadong Town on the same day .

However, Qin Feng had only gone beyond the scouting perimeters of Shadong Town with his Sky Dweller .

After a short while, silver coloured lights appeared and formed into a permanent space stabilized passage, and it was Bai Li who walked out from the passage .

“We can begin now!”

Qin Feng looked at Bai Li .

Without any hesitation, Bai Li raised her hand and casted out silver coloured light rays, then, a spatial passage was formed .

The spatial passage was not connected with Shadong Town .

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Qin Feng had used the same method when he went to Niumeng City, where he utilized a spatial passage to arrive at another place .

“As I do not know the exact spatial coordinates, I have chosen higher grounds, you have to be careful!” Bai Li warned .

Qin Feng responded with a wave to indicate that he had understood, and immediately jumped into the spatial passage .

In the blink of an eye, Qin Feng was already devoured by the dark passage, and Bai Li closed up the passage!

At that moment, Qin Feng had already left the spatial passage, and as soon as he stepped out, there was indeed no landing ground for him .

Furthermore, Qin Feng was within a sea of clouds .

It was imaginable that he was at an extremely high altitude .

Qin Feng relaxed and allowed his body to dive at a high speed .

He passed through the layers of clouds and was able to capture the wide piece of land beneath .

It was a large piece of land densely covered with forests .

Bright green color from the scenery stretched and connected to the edge of the sky .


Qin Feng was alerted by a loud sound from behind .

As Qin Feng had only been there for seconds during his dive, the beast roar that came from behind was obviously a flying ultra beast .


Qin Feng came to a halt and immediately dodged sideways, he had also managed to take a look behind and identify what was after him .

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Then, he noticed that it was a gigantic bird that was extremely violent .

With its gigantic wings, extended abdomen and the feathers that were attached to its tail, it could most probably have the capability of a C-tier .

It was indeed intimidating .

Corrosive Vulture!

An ultra beast that was famous for its bad reputation .

Qin Feng did not want to deal with the ultra beast, however, he did not have the speed advantage to get away as he was travelling in the air .

“Dark Shroud!”


A pitch-black colored cloud instantly exploded in the sky, the scene was intimidating like a massive storm was about to come .

Of course, some were still able to recognize it as dark abilities .

It was only exposed when Qin Feng did not bother to hide it!

The Corrosive Vulture was instantly being captured within the dark shroud and was unable to escape from it as Qin Feng continued to dive at high speed .

As soon as Qin Feng descended to a lower altitude, he was able to clearly see the great piece of land beneath him .

Surprisingly, it was a tropical forest!

It was something that was absent from the Three Cities Along the Sun and the Four Cities of the North Sea .

Qin Feng also had no idea where he was .

The spatial passage that was opened by Bai Li had brought Qin Feng to the other side of the earth!