Master of the End Times - Chapter 376

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Chapter 376

Chapter 376: West Hemisphere Neil Forest

The living condition in the North Hemisphere was much better as it was less crowded, and the available land was greater in size . During the end times, the wilderness was mostly dominated by plants and animals .

Qin Feng was at a location where an extremely huge forest was located, the Neil Forest .

Of course, it did not exist before the end times .

Qin Feng identified the directions and headed toward the west .

His first priority was to get to Dawn Town that was situated beside the Neil Forest, it was a town situated at the frontline and was similar to Shadong Town, however, there were not any frequent attacks by the beasts from the forest .

Therefore, Dawn Town had survived and lasted for about a hundred years!

Qin Feng walked within the tropical forest while minding every step he took as he had been trying to avoid other beasts .

However, it was nearly impossible to avoid every single one of the beasts within such a dense and complicated environment .

All of a sudden, a bright green viper appeared from the bushes and wrapped itself around Qin Feng legs .

It was a huge viper at about three meters in length, the widest part of its body was about the size of a palm, and if it were not because of the massive bushes earlier, it would not have hidden itself from Qin Feng .

However, it was merely an F-tier ultra beast .

Qin Feng raised his hand and pointed his finger toward the viper, a blast of flame that was about the size of a finger hit onto the viper and pierced through its head .

The viper fell on the ground instantly and twisted its body several times before it was completely dead .

It was indeed a worthless sacrifice for it to seek trouble with Qin Feng .

Qin Feng continued to move forward, and took down some other ultra beasts and insectoids that had dug their own graves .

All of a sudden, Qin Feng sensed something and looked down .

He had stepped onto a piece of dampened ground, and there was a fragrant odor that lingered around .

It was a smell that would never be forgotten .

Qin Feng looked around and immediately identified a special plant under a tiny seedling .

The plant looked similar to chrysanthemum; however, its pistil was pale blue in color while the petals were green in color, and the entire plant was merely the size of a palm .

“Tear flower!”

Qin Feng let out a smile .

Of course, the special plant was the reason for his journey there .

For the others, even with their D-tier capabilities, setting foot onto the West Hemisphere would be an impossible task for them, and even if they were to obtain support from the Wanzong Organization, they would still be unable to get their hands onto such items .

However, it was an easy task for Qin Feng that had Bai Li with him .

Qin Feng took out an ordinary F-tier dagger and cut across the tiny seedling .

Surprisingly, it was a mutated plant, and it began to wiggle wildly .

However, it was merely a tiny seedling with G2-tier capabilities, and the attacks from its branches did not cause any harm to Qin Feng’s body .

Qin Feng cut down the tiny seedling and dug out the tear flower .

Qin Feng lifted the tear flower that dappled under the sunlight and exposed the flower under the light rays, instantly, two openings were formed on the blue pistil and tears began to roll down from the petals .

It was the tear flower .

It had the special attribute where tears would roll down from it whenever it came into contact with sunlight, and it would never dry out as long as there was sunlight available .

The tear drops also had the special ability to repel ultra beasts .

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The first attribute of it was rather useless to be used within a tropical forest .

However, its tear drops could be very useful to keep ultra beasts away, and by applying it onto the body, it could be an effective way to secure the safety of its applicant .

Therefore, such a feature had driven the expensive price of the tear flower .

A tiny flower from it would cost a whopping five hundred thousand .

As Qin Feng was observing the flowers, he was alerted by a sudden booming noise .

Using his consciousness, he was able to identify a bullet that was closing in, and it was shot from a highly-powered sniper rifle .

As the bullet was about to penetrate into his skull, Qin Feng frowned slightly and the bullet was instantly stopped at its position!


Qin Feng activated his conscious energy control and repelled the thin and elongated sniper bullet in a reversed direction .

Furthermore, it travelled at a much higher speed than the speed it was travelling at when it was shot .

At the blink of an eye, the bullet had travelled five hundred meters away and was aimed toward a gunner that was crouching under a giant tree .

The gunner opened his eyes wide as he was alerted by it, while a conscious energy wave began to disseminate around him, his minimal conscious energy disallowed him to have the capability to react and dodge the retaliated shot, and it was impossible for him to identify the speed of the bullet .

After all, he was merely an E-tier gunner .

His body took the hit and was immediately pushed backward as he fell off from a giant tree branch, a silenced grunt was heard, and everyone that was sneaking around Qin Feng was shocked by the scene .

However, Qin Feng continued with his action within the next moment .

He travelled through the shadows and appeared behind an ancient warrior .

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Certainly, they were not called ancient warriors in the West Hemisphere, they were called the physical users .

However, the capability of the physical user was too weak to handle Qin Feng’s attack!

Qin Feng immediately raised his leg and kicked his opponent’s back .

He had only used one tenth of all of his strength on the kick .

However, his opponent was instantly sent flying, and he slammed onto a giant tree .


The physical users from the West Hemisphere prioritized enhancement of their physical capabilities, therefore, most of them were above two meters in height, and often had muscular bodies that were similar to the parallel ancient warriors .

Qin Feng had literally sent a gigantic and sturdy human-shaped bomb flying .


The tree that took the hit was immediately crushed, and the physical state of the western physical user was obviously in a dire situation .

His spine was destroyed by Qin Feng’s kick, and it had affected his internal organs and broken down his veins .


“Damn it!’ An enraged roar that was similar to a female Tyrannosaurus was heard, followed by a massive amount of flames that were being blasted out .

“Playing fire with me?” Qin Feng let out a cold sneer, he raised his hand and a large flame explosion blasted out .

The flame was much stronger and wilder, and even the rune allocations were more intense .

Flames collided with each other .

The flame attack from Qin Feng instantly shrouded the western female in drowning flames .

“Ah ah ah ah!”

Miserable shrieks were heard .

As soon as the flames died off, there was only a charred corpse left behind .

It was indeed a tragedy for a fire ability user to die under flames of an opponent .

At the same moment, Qin Feng sensed the presence of two others, however, both of them were shocked by the scene and began to cautiously fall back in silence .

Qin Feng’s conscious energy was able to “see” their movements, and one of them was drawing a cross sign from his forehead to his throat, and it seemed that he was praying to God .

Unfortunately, God would not be able to help them, and they should have realized that there would be such an outcome when they first decided to attack Qin Feng .

“Magma Pillar!”

His conscious energy shifted slightly, both of them did not know what was happening as the ground underneath their feet had already turned into magma, they were trapped alive within it; within a split second, they were charred by the insanely high temperature and turned into ashes .

Qin Feng raised his hand and took away their pouches .

Perhaps it was because of the difference in terms of location, the western spatial rune equipment was all shaped into pocket sizes .

Then, Qin Feng walked toward the aptitude user that had been kicked to death by him and took his communicator .

As soon as it was connected, Qin Feng instantly obtained the map of the location .

Surprisingly, it was still quite far away from Dawn Town .