Master of the End Times - Chapter 378

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Chapter 378

Chapter 378: Qin Feng Gets Mobbed

Qin Feng planned to visit the planting site tomorrow, he just was not sure if they would sell it to him in large quantities .

As he walked out of the store, he saw that there was a beautiful blond woman leaning against Silver Bolt .

She was indeed a sight to behold, flawless skin with an astounding appearance . Not only that, she had an impressive figure that did not have the restrictions that Easterners had with a plumpness that seemed almost ready to spill out at any moment . There were also passersby who were sneaking covetous glances .

Qin Feng approached and said, “Excuse me, please move!”

“An Easterner?” The woman looked at him with a pair of wintry eyes before lighting a cigarette and started smoking . “You’re just my type, would you like to spend a nice evening with me?”

That was said with a flirtatious tone before a puff of smoke was blown Qin Feng’s way .

But Qin Feng was faster .


His internal force burst out, forming a layer of light that covered his body .

The woman’s thick smoke was immediately blocked out, but the internal force shield was dyed black from the smoke .

She did not expect Qin Feng to react so quickly, laughing as she raised a hand that shimmered with darkness .

This was also a person with the Dark Ability .

The darkness spread over the internal force . Then, as if alive, it flowed downward across the internal force and rapidly sank into Qin Feng’s shadow before the attack connected with his body .

“Shadow Bind!”

The woman then exclaimed: “What are you boys waiting for?!”

Then several more people appeared out of seemingly nowhere .

This woman turned out to be a D-tier aptitude user .

“Say your prayers kid, cause that money you’ve got is gonna get me a new gun!”

A scarlet beam was shot out by a gunner that had suddenly appeared .

A termination ray!

An evolved form of a decomposing blaster .

It was a signature weapon of many D-tier gunners as this kind of blaster could puncture through the internal force shield of most D-tier ancient warriors .

The most notable thing would be its price .

Qin Feng felt a little bit annoyed by the premise . If they had so much money, why would they still want to rob someone, could it be that they only got money through robbing people?

They were both D-tier aptitude users, were they not worried about collateral damage if they actually fought?

But seeing their unscrupulous faces, it probably meant that they were not afraid .

Qin Feng sneered, if so, then it was not his fault if he acted cruelly .

His form instantly disappeared and instantly reappeared right behind the gunner .

“Psionic Impact!”

The gunner was surprised by his speed, but quickly unleashed a counterattack .

A telekinetic force stabbed into Qin Feng like a sharp arrow .

He did not react to it . Instead, he mobilized his own consciousness .

“Psionic Impact!

If his opponent’s attack were like an arrow, then Qin Feng’s was like a lance .

When the two consciousnesses met, the opposing force could not withstand Qin Feng’s attack and crumbled away like a clay pigeon being hit by a bullet .


Qin Feng’s consciousness slammed into the gunner .


Then the gunner let out a scream of pain as blood seeped from the corner of his eyes, mouth and from his ears . If that attack did not kill him, it would have mentally shattered him!

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Qin Feng grabbed the gunner by the wrist and flipped him onto the ground, the sound of bones breaking could be heard upon impact as the termination ray was pried out of his hands .

The other three people, including the blonde beauty, stared in Qin Feng with a cross of shock and amazement .

Without hesitation, Qin Feng pointed the blaster at the group and fired .


A physical user of the group could not run away in time, the beam scouring his skin and ripping off a portion of where he had been hit as his body was hit by the light .


A mortified scream rang out as the physical user collapsed to the ground from the pain, stumbling away from Qin Feng’s range of attack .

“Watch out for the gun and waste him!”

The blonde woman did not know how Qin Feng had broken free of her attack but she had to do this the hard way now .

“Go to hell!”

A burly man that looked to be about two meters tall, built like a tank, rushed toward him with great force .

The fist that collided with him carried with it a thunderous force .

Qin Feng, unwilling to show weakness, parried the blow .

The two fists collided together with Qin Feng’s wrapped in internal force . Western physical users used a similar kind of power, it was cruder than internal force but it was stubborn force .


Just from a single punch, the victor had been decided .

Crack, crick, clack!

Bits of bones burst out from the user’s elbow and he was sent flying backward!


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On the opposite end of the street, the sound of a storefront window shattering could be heard .

The other injured physical user rushed over, the stones cracking with every step forward .

Qin Feng punched again, and this physical user also suffered the same fate as his companion .

In an instant, the people who tried to jump Qin Feng ended up with two heavily injured and one dead . They had lost all of their combat effectiveness .

The blonde woman glared at Qin Feng with a subdued rage and mobilized her consciousness .

“Come out and play, my little darlings!”

She pulled out a small pouch and instantly a spatial passage appeared in front of her before a torrent of skeletons was sent flying out .

Qin Feng was not surprised, his opponent was a Dark ability user . It would have been normal for them to use these kinds of moves .

His consciousness spread out, cutting through the skeletons .


He pointed at the blonde woman and the skeletons stopped mid-rush, turned around and began to charge in her direction .

“Aaieee! A demon! It’s a demon!”

The woman let out a panicked cry . Qin Feng just robbed her of the creatures she summoned using her Dark ability, which was also a massive blow to her morale .

She was not crazy, she knew when it was time to run .

It was at this time, a piercing siren was heard and countless people in uniforms blocked the street .

“Who said you could make a move, how about you show some respect to Mr . Kaelin!”

Among the people in uniforms, there actually was a D-tier physical user .

That must be Kaelin!

He was also surrounded by six more D-tier aptitude users!

They seemed strong .

They unleashed their volley of attacks, blasting through the wave of skeletons like they were made out of paper, crushing the tide into ashes .

The blonde woman hid behind Kaelin, pointing at Qin Feng with a face mixed with fear and anger .

“I don’t give a damn about respecting the people I want to kill!” Qin Feng said before disappearing again .

Dark Shadow .

The woman was a Dark ability user herself, she was taken aback for a moment before her face paled dramatically .

Qin Feng did not even give her a chance . In the blink of an eye, he appeared behind her and slammed a hand into the side of her neck!


The internal force in his hand exploded upon impact, instantly killing his target .

Kaelin was furious!

This brat did not just ignore him but he also just up and killed a subordinate in front of him!

“Bring him in for interrogation! He must be from the Dark Coalition!” Kaelin roared .

Qin Feng’s expression fell .

Obviously, a foreigner with a different appearance and skin color would have been a target for these kinds of people .

“We’ll see about that!”

He let out a chilly chuckle before revealing his aura!