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Master of the End Times - Chapter 379

Published at 23rd of October 2020 03:15:05 PM

Chapter 379: 379

Chapter 379: Out of Blows Friendship Grows

Qin Feng was not just a D-tier, he was a D-tier Emperor .

Once his aura was revealed, these people felt a tremendous amount of pressure pushing down on them .

“Bastard, you’re just a kid . Let’s see just how powerful you are!”

A burly patrolman stared down at Qin Feng, he looked much too young . Even at the height of 1 . 9 meters, in their eyes, his appearance did not seem like an adult’s .

Maybe he just had some special ability that could release an aura that could upset them?

If not, why had he not taken action yet?

In the patrolman’s mind, he did not believe that Qin Feng held such strength .

Which was why this patrolman slammed his fists together, causing a loud bang as they collided together, and his body began to burn with a strange energy .

That man’s aura was enhanced and he stepped forward .

Qin Feng saw that this man wanted to fight and was not planning on giving up, naturally he responded in kind .


Two fists collided, causing a violent seismic wave as an unseen wave of energy was expelled from the point of collision . It felt like a blast of gale force winds, sending dust scattering everywhere .

The windows of the shop closest to Qin Feng shattered in an instant .


An energy explosion!


Qin Feng roared as he raised his fist .


This time, the internal force spread out like a fan . Even the patrol squad members in the back were affected .

For a moment, everyone could only plant themselves to the ground in order to not be blown away by this force .

Large ditches began to form on the tarmac road as it caved .

If a D-tier aptitude user really wanted to destroy something, a small town like this would not have been able to withstand the onslaught .

Fortunately, whether it was Qin Feng or the others around him, everyone was holding back and the force put into this battle did not spread out too much .

Regardless, the civilians had begun to evacuate, not daring to stay in the vicinity .

“Everyone, all at once!”

That burly and strong looking man called out, seemingly intimidated by Qin Feng!

“Kid, I’ll see you in hell!”

Kaelin roared, unleashing his own physical ability as his body suddenly grew in mass, reaching up to the height of 2 . 5 meters . He was more than two heads taller than Qin Feng, whose head just barely reached Kaelin’s chest .

A fist as large as a sandbag came rushing in like an avalanche .

Around Kaelin, the other people began to unleash their attacks . They surrounded Qin Feng so closely that he was unable to find any safe ground .

Four arms were better than two, maybe this was the right moment!

Qin Feng’s hands began to fill with a golden light .

“Tornado Cloud!”

Qin Feng did a spin, the internal force in his hands manifesting into a golden dragon that circled around his body . The dragon’s claws collided with and swatted away the enemy’s attacks .

Bash! Bash! Bash! Bash!

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Out of the seven that were hit, three were sent flying and three more decided to make their retreat . Only Kaelin managed to withstand Qin Feng’s attack!

He had a D5-tier physical user’s body after all, he was powerful enough to hold his ground .

Kaelin was still shocked, his punch was enough to instantly knock out D-tier giant bull-like ultra beasts, but it was deflected by Qin Feng’s martial arts . Meanwhile, Qin Feng managed to knock away all of his subordinates . In an instant, the tables had been turned!

Qin Feng looked calm and composed, this was not even the best he could do yet!

Otherwise, he would probably end up destroying Dawn Town!



“Boy, I’m going to teach you a lesson!”

Even though they were beaten up and down . These people still kept coming, unwilling to admit defeat as they tried again and again .

Qin Feng did not mind . He fought whoever came at him, one on one, two on one . He just did not kill anyone, allowing them a lease of life .

Even then, these people were beaten until they were crying miserably . Sort of like little girls .




Qin Feng defeated these people in three quick strokes .

In the distance were E-tier patrol members who had guns in their hands . They were trained on Qin Feng but did not dare fire . Whenever Qin Feng gave them a passing glance, they felt their legs tremble .

“Christ! Who the hell is that?”

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“Such an internal force! He’s an ancient martial artist from the East!”

“That’s impossible! How is someone so fast?!”

“General Kaelin is getting wrecked?!”

These people could not believe it, but it was the truth .

Kaelin was probably the one who received the most blows from Qin Feng . He was dizzy after a few punches, his abdomen receiving multiple hits from Qin Feng’s attacks .

Qin Feng’s internal strength really was emperor tier .

After a few more attacks, Kaelin actually retreated!

For a moment, both parties refused to budge!

Because of Qin Feng’s internal force shield, his clothes were not creased .

On the contrary, the two meter tall man he fought had a black eye and a swollen face .

These were all D-tier people, since when did they become children who were being taught a lesson?

Now, Kaelin knew that it was a bad idea to have provoked Qin Feng . The woman who attacked him before was dead and it was not like he really knew that person .

However, bullying outsiders was something he did often . Which was why he came over to assist .

Now, the situation was different . The woman had been killed and Kaelin could not get any benefits from Qin Feng . There was no need to fight to the death .

Thinking of this, he did not push the situation any further, deciding that the two sides had entered a stalemate .

When Qin Feng saw that the opposing side did not even dare look at him he knew that the battle was not going to continue .

It was not a fight to the death, it was just some rough-housing .

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“We’re done fighting?” Qin Feng asked in a low voice .

Kaelin cleared his throat, coughing before letting out a fake laugh, “Ahem, buddy, I think we may have gotten into a misunderstanding!”

“Misunderstanding indeed . I think the ones from the Dark Coalition are actually these people!”

He pointed a finger at the ones on the ground, two of them were injured and unconscious and the gunner was mentally scrambled .

As for the woman, her body was cold already .

Kaelin’s mouth twitched, these were people from his town . Of course he would know if they were actually Dark Coalition members or not .

Qin Feng’s words just allowed Kaelin to step out of this kind of conversation . Now, he could only just follow up on them .

“Yes, take them in for questioning!”

The rest of the patrol looked at Qin Feng with fear before stepping forward and carrying the three away, not daring to even make eye contact at all .

However, Kaelin did nott leave .

“Young man, I’ve never seen you in Dawn Town before . I’m really sorry for this misunderstanding!”

Qin Feng replied, “It’s my first time here . I didn’t expect the authorities of Dawn Town to be my eye-opener of the day!”

“Don’t be so serious buddy, it’s cool now . How about I invite you over for a drink?”

“Then I’ll count that as your apology!” Qin Feng answered .

“Friend, don’t think about any of that anymore!” Kaelin said hurriedly . The original tense atmosphere had been replaced with the feeling of being like post-brawl acquaintances .

Kaelin’s body reverted to normal, but his huge body was still a head taller than Qin Feng’s .

“Buddy, since this is your first time here I’ll definitely show you a good time! How about that? Cuisine, booze and beauties!” Kaeline said warmly .

Qin Feng’s expression remained indifferent . “Save the beauties, I’ve got a wife . ”